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  • Latin name: Metformin
  • ATH code: A10BA02
  • Active ingredient: Metforminum (Metformin)
  • Producer: Atoll of Ltd company (Russia)


As a part of drug there is an operating component Metforminum, and also additional substances: starch, magnesium stearate, talc.

Release form

Medicine is made in the form of tablets which are covered by a film cover. Tablets on 500 mg and on 850 mg are made. In the blister there can be 30 or 120 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Metforminum is a substance of a class of guanyl guanidines, its mechanism of action is shown due to braking of process of a gluconeogenesis in a liver, it reduces absorption of glucose from intestines, strengthens process of peripheral utilization of glucose, increases degree of sensitivity of fabrics to effect of insulin. Does not affect insulin secretion process with pancreas beta cells, does not provoke manifestation of hypoglycemic reactions. As a result, stops a giperinsulinemiya which is the important factor promoting a set of weight and progress of complications from vessels at a diabetes mellitus. Under its influence body weight is stabilized or decreases.

Means reduces the content in blood of triglycerides and linoprotein of low density. Reduces intensity of oxidation of fats, inhibits production of free fatty acids. Fibrinolitic action is noted it, oppressing RA_-1 and t-PA.

Medicine stops development of proliferation of smooth muscle elements of a vascular wall. Positively influences a condition of cardiovascular system, interferes with development of a diabetic angiopatiya.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After Metforminum is accepted orally, the greatest concentration is noted in plasma 2,5 hours later. People who receive medicine in the maximum doses the largest content of active component in plasma had no higher than 4 mkg/ml.

Absorption of active component stops 6 hours later after reception. As a result, plasma concentration goes down. If the patient accepts the recommended drug doses, then in 1-2 days in plasma stable constant concentration of active ingredient in border of 1 mkg/ml and is noted less.

If to take medicine in the course of food, then absorption of active component decreases. It Kumulirutsya, generally in walls of a digestive tube.

Time of its semi-removal is equal to about 6,5 hours. Bioavailability level at healthy people makes 50-60%. With proteins of plasma its communication insignificant. Through kidneys there are about 20-30% of a dose.

Indications to use of Metforminum

Such indications to use of Metforminum are defined:

  • diabetes mellitus of the first and second type.

Medicine is appointed as an additional tool to the main treatment insulin, and also other means against diabetes. Also it is appointed as monotreatment.

Use of drug is recommended if the patient has the accompanying obesity if the patient needs to control glucose indicators in blood, and it cannot be reached by means of a diet or exercise stresses.

Means is also applied at a polycystosis of ovaries, but it can be done only under strict control of the doctor.


The following contraindications for use of the medicine Metforminum are defined:

  • age of the patient till 15 flyings;
  • high degree of sensitivity to the operating component or other components of medicine;
  • serious illness of kidneys (dysfunction, insufficiency);
  • diabetic prekoma;
  • gangrene;
  • diabetic ketoacidosis;
  • dehydration (in case of constant vomiting and diarrhea);
  • syndrome of diabetic foot;
  • myocardial infarction in an acute form;
  • dehydration, infectious diseases in a severe form, shock and others a state which can lead to deterioration in function of kidneys;
  • insufficiency of function of adrenal glands;
  • liver failure;
  • diet at which the person consumes no more than 1000 kcal a day;
  • lactacidemia;
  • alcoholism in a chronic form;
  • diseases at which at the patient the hypoxia of fabrics is noted;
  • fever;
  • intravenous or intra arterial administration of X-ray contrast drugs in which there is an iodine;
  • alcoholic poisoning;
  • pregnancy and period of chest feeding.

Side effects

Most often at administration of drug side effects in functions of the alimentary system are shown: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, an abdominal pain, deterioration in appetite, emergence of metal smack in a mouth. As a rule, such reactions develop at first reception of means. In most cases they independently disappear at further use of medicine.

If at the person high sensitivity to medicine is noted, development of an erythema is possible, but it occurs only in rare instances. At development of a rare side effect – a moderate erythema – it is necessary to cancel reception.

At prolonged treatment at some patients deterioration in process of assimilation of B12 vitamin is noted. As a result, its level in blood serum decreases that can lead to disturbance of a hemogenesis and development of megaloblastny anemia.

Tablets Metforminum, application instruction (Way and dosage)

It is necessary to swallow of tablets entirely and to wash down them with a large amount of water. Medicine is drunk after reception of food. If it is difficult for person to swallow of a tablet of 850 mg, it can be divided into two parts which take at once, one for another. Initially accept a dose of 1000 mg a day, this dose, in order to avoid side effects it is necessary to divide into two or three receptions. In 10-15 days the dose is gradually increased. Reception of 3000 mg of medicine a day is as much as possible allowed.

If Metforminum is accepted by elderly people, it is necessary to control a condition of their kidneys constantly. Total therapeutic activity can be received after two weeks after an initiation of treatment.

If necessary to begin reception of Metforminum after reception of other hypoglycemic medicine for intake it is necessary to stop at first treatment by such drug then to begin reception of Metforminum in the specified dosage.

If the patient combines insulin and Metforminum, then in the first several days it is not necessary to change a usual dose of insulin. Further the dose of insulin can gradually be reduced under control of the doctor.

Application instruction Metforminum Richter

The dose of medicine is established by the doctor, it depends on the content in blood of the patient of glucose. At reception of tablets of 0.5 g the initial dose is equal to 0.5-1 g a day. Further the dose if necessary can be increased. The greatest dose in days makes 3 g.

At reception of tablets of 0.85 g the initial dose is equal to 0.85 g a day. Further, if necessary, it is increased. The greatest dose makes 2.55 g a day.

Application instruction Metforminum Canon

The application instruction of this medicine provides similar instructions. Individually the dose is established by the attending physician.


At overdose some side effects why a pill is recommended to be taken only in the specified dose can be shown. At reception of Metforminum in a dosage of 85 g the overdose case was recorded owing to what the lactacidemia at which vomiting, nausea, muscle pains, a diarrhea, an abdominal pain was noted developed. If help timely is not given, development of dizziness, disturbance of consciousness and a coma is possible. The most effective method of removal from an organism of Metforminum is the hemodialysis. Further appoint symptomatic therapy.


It is necessary to combine carefully Metforminum and derivative sulfonilmochevina in view of risk of manifestation of a hypoglycemia.

The hypoglycemic effect decreases at reception of system and local glucocorticosteroids, a glucagon, sympathomimetics, gestagen, adrenaline, hormones of a thyroid gland, estrogen, derivative niacin, thiazide diuretics, fenotiazin.

At a concomitant use Cimetidinaof  removal from Metforminum organism is slowed down, as a result, the risk of display of lactic acidosis increases.

Hypoglycemic action antagonists β2-адренорецепторов exponentiate, inhibitors of an angiotensin-converting factor, Clofibratum derivatives, monoaminoxidase inhibitors, nonsteroid antiinflammatory HP and Oxytetracyclinum, cyclophosphamide, cyclophosphamide derivatives.

At use vnutriarterialno or intravenously contrast HP with the content of iodine which are applied to carrying out a X-ray researches together with Metforminum at the patient the renal failure can develop, and also the probability of display of lactoacidosis increases. It is important to suspend reception before carrying out such procedure, during it and for two days later. Further administration of drug can be recovered when function of kidneys is repeatedly estimated as normal.

At reception of a neuroleptic of a hlorpropamazin in high doses the serumal indicator of glucose increases and insulin release is inhibited. As a result, increase in a dose of insulin can be necessary. But before it it is important to control the content of glucose in blood.

To avoid a hyperglycemia, it is not necessary to combine with Danazol.

At concomitant long use with Metforminum of Vancomycinum, Amiloride, Quinine, Morphine, Quinidine, Ranitidine, Cimetidinum, Prokainamida, Nifedipine, Triamterenum increases concentration of Metforminum in plasma by 60%.

Absorption of Metforminum is slowed down by Guar and Holestiramin therefore at a concomitant use of these drugs efficiency of Metforminum decreases.

Strengthens influence of internal anticoagulants which belong to the class of coumarins.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Means belongs to the list B. It needs to be protected from children and to store 25 degrees at t.

Period of validity

Period of storage of Metforminum – 3 years.

Special instructions

If monotreatment is carried out by Metforminum, the hypoglycemia is not noted. Therefore, the patient can work with exact mechanisms or to manage transport. However at a combination of administration of drug to insulin or to other drugs which are used for treatment of a diabetes mellitus the hypoglycemia can be shown that, in turn, leads to disturbance of mental reactions and coordination of movements.

Do not appoint a tablet to people after achievement of 60-year age if they physically hard work. In that case the lactacidemia can develop.

Patients who accept drug need to determine the content of creatinine in blood before treatment and further, in the course of treatment, regularly. At a normal indicator it needs to be done once a year, at the increased initial level of creatinine it is necessary to conduct such researches 2-4 times a year. With the same frequency similar researches to elderly people are conducted.

If at the patient excess body weight is noted, it is important to adhere in the course of treatment of the balanced diet.

After carrying out surgical interventions it is possible to resume treatment 2 days later.

Analogs of Metforminum

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of Metforminum are drugs of Metforminum the Hydrochloride, Metforminum Richter, Metforminum Teva, Bagomet, Formetin, Metfogamma, Gliformin, Metospanin, Siofor, Glikomet, Glikon, Vero-Metformin, Orabetum, Gliminfor, Glyukofazh, Novoformin. There is also a number of drugs with similar action (Glibenclamidum, etc.), but with other active components.

What it is better — Metforminum or Glyukofazh?

Glyukofazh – drug original of production of France, Metforminum – its domestic analog. What drug to prefer, only the treating specialist has to define.


  • Metformin-Tev of 1000 mg No. 60 tabletkiteva Pharmaceutical
  • Metformin-Tev of 850 mg No. 30 tabletkiteva Pharmaceutical
  • Metformin-Tev of 850 mg No. 60 tabletkiteva Pharmaceutical
  • Metformin-Tev of 500 mg No. 30 tabletkiteva Pharmaceutical
  • Metformin-Tev of 500 mg No. 60 tabletkiteva Pharmaceutical

Drugstore of IFC

  • Metforminum tbl 1000 mg No. 60, Ooorossiya's Ozone
  • Metforminum Richter tbl p / about 500 mg No. 60 *, Gedeon Richter-RUS Zaorossiya
  • Metforminum Richter tbl p / about 850 mg No. 60 *, Gedeon Richter-RUS Zaorossiya
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  • Metforminsalutas Pharma (Germany)
  • Metforminkutnovsky Federal Law "Polfa" (Poland)


  • Metforminum Sandoz of the tab. of 500 mg No. 120sandoz
  • Metforminum Sandoz of the tab. of 500 mg No. 120sandoz
  • Metforminum Sandoz of the tab. of 500 mg No. 120sandoz
  • Metforminum Sandoz of the tab. of 500 mg No. 120sandoz
  • Metforminum Sandoz of the tab. of 500 mg No. 120sandoz
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