Methylprednisolonum atseponat

Метилпреднизолона ацепонат Constitutional formula

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  • Latin name: Methylprednisoloni aceponas
  • ATH code: D07AC14
  • Chemical formula: C27H36O7
  • CAS code: 86401-95-8

Chemical name

Тригидрокси-6альфа-метилпрегна-1,4-диен-3,20-диона 21 acetates 17 propionate

Chemical properties

Methylprednisolonum atseponat – an eurysynusic glucocorticoid for topical administration. Substance is a part of ointments and outside use creams.

Pharmacological action

Glucocorticoid, antiallergic, antipruritic, antiinflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Methylprednisolonum atseponat is the not halogenated steroid, with antiinflammatory and antiallergic effect. As a result of use of drug objective and subjective symptoms of an inflammation decrease.

After penetration on a skin surface active agent in the form of its metabolite 6 - alpha Methylprednisolonum-17-propionate enters interaction with the GKS-receptors located in cells. The formed complex takes up with certain sites of molecule DNA of cells of an immune response and initiates emergence of a series of biological effects. There is an oppression of processes of synthesis of mediators of an inflammation, lipoproteins, prostaglandins, macrocortinum.

If medicine is applied outwardly in the recommended dosages, it does not get into a system blood stream. At repeated drawing funds for big surfaces (50% of skin) and use of occlusive bandages of disturbance in work of adrenal glands are not observed. Also at topical administration cortisol level does not deviate norm.

When carrying out clinical tests with use of a corticosteroid at children and adults the atrophy of skin, a striya, teleangiectasias or ugrepodobny rash did not develop.

In epidermis and a derma substance is exposed to reaction of hydrolysis with formation of an active metabolite 6 - alpha Methylprednisolonum-17-propionate.

Absorbing capacity of medicine depends on a route of administration and the general condition of an integument. Extent of chrezkozhny absorption makes about 2,5%. Metabolites of means are removed through kidneys within 16 hours. The chemical compound and its metabolites do not collect in fabrics and bodies.

Indications to use

Substance is appointed:


Medicine is contraindicated:

Extra care is recommended to be observed to pregnant women.

Side effects

As a rule, medicine is very well transferred by patients.

At prolonged use can arise:

  • burning sensation, vesicular rash, erythema;
  • teleangiectasias, acne, integument atrophy (seldom);
  • hypertrichosis, allergy, folliculitis (seldom);
  • perioral dermatitis – in some cases.

Methylprednisolonum Atseponat, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Medicine is applied on the struck area once a day, rubbing a little.

It is possible to put means under an occlusive bandage. Duration of treatment makes no more than 3 months. The course of treatment for children should not exceed one month.

For a year it is possible to complete a course several times.


There is no risk of development of acute intoxication at single use of big dosages of medicine locally or accidental hit of ointment or cream inside.

If to use drug excessively long or intensively, then there is a probability of development of an atrophy of skin. In that case treatment by drug needs to be stopped.


Cases of medicinal interaction of this substance are not described.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

It is possible to store drug in the cool dark place, in original packaging if in the instruction it is not specified differently.

Special instructions

Ointment and cream on the basis of Atseponat's Methylprednisolonum is not recommended to be used if the patient has pink face blackheads.

Bacterial dermatosis and dermatomycoses assume simultaneous therapy by antifungal and antibacterial agents. It is not recommended to carry out physical therapy.

It is better not to use medicine on extensive surfaces of skin, to avoid penetration of means into eyes and on mucous membranes.

Drugs in which contains (Analogs of Methylprednisolonum of an atseponat)

The most widespread analogs of Metilprednizolona Atseponata: Methylprednisolonum, Advantan, Atseponat Metilprednizolona.


About medicine good, side reactions at observance of the due mode of reception are not shown. Ointments and creams on the basis of this substance are rather effective at dermatitis and eczema.

Section: Active ingredients
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