Popular method of disposal of spots

Spots not necessarily begin in youthful or as speak, in awkward age, they can be result of accumulation of toxins in an organism, in internals (and skin is our biggest body). Skin just does not manage to get rid of toxins which have a property to collect, weakens, and as a result it is shown, occasionally, by the whole scattering of the hated pustules causing the presence a set of problems.

All know that on face skin there are a lot of sebaceous glands, they are always open, and there easily get, bacteria, harmful to us. For example, when we squeeze out a heat-spot, from pressure the smallest capillaries of epidermis burst, and blood carries flora of contents of a spot in a radius of 1-2 cm. For this reason after expression of a spot next day around this place arise as mushrooms after a rain, still a two-three of newcomers. A conclusion – it is impossible to squeeze out spots!

How to get rid of spots? Both men, and women ask this question. Here our answer — we present to yours the most popular and checked method. Successful disposal of spots requires patience and aiming at result. To get rid of spots 2 months of patient treatment, Vishnevsky's ointment Unguentum Erytgromycyni, tar soap, gel Metrogil, and oil of grape seeds will be required. The effect will be noticeable in 2 weeks, completely they will disappear in a month, the second month will be required, as they say, for fixing of effect. Therefore, in a month we enjoy result, but a month more SURELY we consolidate result.

How to get rid of spots?

Wash warm water with tar soap in the morning, and on dry skin, except the place around eyes, put with a thin layer gel metrogit, even where there are no spots. Without washing, gently you pound skin a dry towel, and you grease it with a thin butter layer of grape seeds, including skin around eyes. In 3-5 minutes, we wipe a face with a soft napkin to clean undesirable gloss from oil. And on all this business perfectly lay down also powder, and it is ruddy, and foundation.

We wash warm water with tar soap in the evening, and we apply on skin Vishnevsky's ointment for 15-20 min. Hey yeah! It very badly smells. But beauty demands the victims. And it is only two months. The family will suffer. To wash away this ointment very difficult therefore stock up with cheap toilet paper. Having cleaned a face from "Vishnevsky", we wash warm water with tar soap, and we apply a thin layer Unguentum Erytgromycyni for 30 minutes. It also smells not really, but is tolerant. Then we wash with tar soap, and we apply on skin with a thin layer oil of grape seeds. It is not necessary to impregnate it any more. It does not leave fat spots on pillowcases, and easily washes off.

Since morning we repeat all over again, already every day, exactly 2 months. You will forget what is spots for quite long time. We wish good luck!


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