Lamaz's method: childbirth without pain

What all women most of all are afraid at childbirth of? Of course, severe pain. How to cope with pain at the time of delivery? At this stage of development of modern medicine this fear can be excluded most that is in the estetsvenny way. For this purpose apply hypnosis. Now this method is used by doctors of different profiles around the world. These are psychologists, stomatologists, gynecologists, etc.

For example, psychologists from Great Britain recommend a new technique of preparation in use for childbirth. This method can quite provide painless and fast childbirth. Are very important for each mother the correct physiological and psychological preparation for this great event. It can also be reached an autohypnosis. Such equipment received the name of a gipnoroda.

Today the woman at the time of delivery does not carry out only a role of the functioning object. The medicine allows to take to the woman more active and conscious part in childbirth, without burdening her with a large amount of medicamentous drugs. The popular technique of Lamaz is also based on it.

According to this technique the autohypnosis eliminates excess fear and disorders during pregnancy and childbirth. Besides significantly reduces pain. All know that medicamentous anesthesia badly affects on health of the kid and mother, causing a puerperal depression. Of course, sometimes, as during hypnosis it is necessary to apply anesthetics, but their dose decreases to a minimum.

Thanks to an autohypnosis there take place very painful reductions of a uterus quicker, body resistance of the woman significantly increases, there is a recovery of the woman in labor much quicker. The autohypnosis allows to feel women all completeness of childbirth, to realize true importance of this process.

Метод Ламаза: роды без болиIn the USA Lamaz's method is applied from 50th years. Use the mechanism of a conditioned reflex to anesthesia. Very important part is assigned to relaxation and deep breath.
The fact of denial of Lamaz of use of an autohypnosis is interesting of course, but it is obvious to any person.

Begin autohypnosis lessons usually on the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, being engaged in not less than three-four weekly. Such famous doctors as Berta Roger, Eriksson, Golman and Kroger adhere to this technique. Berta Roger initially inspires in the patients that they since the birth possess all qualities for independent control of any processes connected with childbirth. Hypnosis helps them with regulation of breath and mitigation of any negative emotions.

Follows from everything that childbirth under hypnosis has a number of advantages which help to keep health of mother and her kid.

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