The new method is developed for definition of consciousness at the paralyzed patients

Scientists of Belgium created a new technique of definition of consciousness at completely paralyzed people. Results of research work are published in the Science magazine.

The group of researchers of Liege university under the leadership of Melanie Boli developed a new method of definition of consciousness at the paralyzed patients. It is known that as a result of injury of a brain many patients fall into the vegetative state which is characterized by total absence of mental functions. According to researchers, about 40% of such cases are diagnosed incorrectly since the consciousness of such patients remains, but it is not capable to be shown because of paralysis.

With the low level of consciousness scientists suggested to apply the sound test to identification of patients. 8 patients with the diagnosed vegetative state, 13 people with the smallest level of consciousness and control group which part healthy volunteers were took part in research.

Examinees were offered to listen to a number of sound signals. During listening scientists fixed work of a brain, applying an electroencephalography.

By results of research, at patients in a vegetative state the nervous impulses proceeding only from the temporal cerebral cortex which is directly responsible for perception of sound signals were registered. Whereas at healthy volunteers and at group of patients with the low level of consciousness longer impulses which are carried out in both directions were fixed.

Thus, scientists drew a conclusion that this technique allows to differentiate more precisely patients with the low level of consciousness and patients in a vegetative state. Also authors noted that for implementation of a method more large-scale researches with attraction are necessary for participation of bigger number of examinees.

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