National methods of controlling with smoking

Nowadays there is a set of various techniques of disposal of tobacco dependence, exotic, technology, fashionable and expensive. However, many ancient national ways of fight against harmful addiction, do not lag behind by efficiency from ultramodern, but is much simpler and cheaper.

In old times smoking was not considered as special defect.  Women who were got by incessant cough (especially at night) and chronic diseases of the spouse were initiators of antismoking measures in the majority.

Methods of disposal of smoking can be divided on aggressive and sparing.

Aggressive ways cause extremely unpleasant or painful feelings connected with smoking process in the smoker. They are very effective, operational, but are connected with risk for health and even life. The sparing ways are safe and are even useful because they are capable to cure passing diseases at the same time, but are expected long term and do not give any guarantees.

Aggressive means are based on addition in tobacco of substances which at combustion turn smoking from pleasure into torture. For example, in old times used dried manure, the cut nails, wood ashes. The excellent result was yielded by the crushed bird's feathers and down. The result terrifying: smoking of such structure caused the most severe cough, vomiting, a headache and the most disgusting smack in a mouth.

The tobacco soaked in milk, and then dried up at a raskurivaniye will present an attack of severe nausea. Two-three attempts to drag on such "smoking mixes" – and cannot already even be looked at tobacco without shudder. Less terrible way – to chew a bird cherry branch before smoking of a cigarette. Smoking becomes after that just unpleasant.

Nevertheless grass therapy is more widespread. Many plants are capable to beat off thirst for nicotine at the correct use. First place among anti-nicotinic means in the people is won by cereals, but especially oats. Oat broths are actively used by persons interested to recover from harmful addiction still. It is simple to make broth: grains of oats are soaked in warm water not less than 4 hours (at the rate of 100 grams on water liter), then boiled about an hour. It is necessary to filter broth and to use three times a day before food 100 grams. The term of full disposal of dependence – from two weeks to one month, depending on an experience of smoking and force of addiction.

Except oats infusions of a camomile, caraway seeds, a peppermint are also often used. They help to reduce thirst for tobacco and to sustain the most unlucky first days without tobacco. Collecting these plants is just filled in with boiled water, drawn and consumed for an hour to food.

The most effective folk remedy was mikst from juice of potatoes and a burdock. Mixed in the ratio one to one, this structure in few days beat off any desire to smoke. The burdock gathered before blossoming, and juice was squeezed out from stalks and roots.

If it is difficult to cope with physiological addiction, then it is even more difficult – with addiction psychological. The person gets used to smoke under some circumstances and situations, without cigarette he feels very badly. For overcoming of psychological draft such folk remedies as grass simulators are recommended. "Cigarette" rolls down from leaves of a usual grass, but does not do harm. The best simulator – thyme leaves. To them nearly two hundred years escape from tobacco dependence.

National ways of destruction of an addiction great variety. But they act only at desire of the smoker to be through with her once and for all.

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