To alarm — NO! Methods of controlling with an alarming state

If you think of a question what state accompanies mankind for several decades, and today especially, then you will see that it is feeling of alarm.

The feeling of alarm became an integral part of modern life. It is possible to paraphrase the known proverb, and there will be quite actual a phrase: "All age are obedient to alarm". Offset or control, session in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, a campaign to the stomatologist, delivery of the quarterly report, preparation for difficult operation, and can just alarm in a tomorrow — it is possible to list infinitely long similar situations which lead us to alarming experiences.

The majority will be strongly surprised when learn that similar negative experience as alarm appears a universal psychophysiological phenomenon inherent in a human body. As it became clear, the alarm is necessary for us as the instrument of fast and adequate adaptation and mobilization of our organism which adjusts our behavior in sharply changing circumstances.

But everything changes if "the normal alarm", passes into pathological. Here already increased uneasiness does not correspond to the real situation. Life of such person, is continuous fight against ghosts. Doctors defined such state as alarming frustration.

In the late fifties tranquilizers were fixed assets of treatment of similar diseases. But afterwards it turned out that along with medicinal properties these drugs bore a number of serious side effects, such as — effect of dependence, drowsiness, disturbances of memory and some block.

But not to bring the matter to drugs, begin to fight against daily uneasiness, actually there are many methods of overcoming of alarm. You should choose the most suitable.

Try to lose previously in imagination a situation which leads to alarm or fear, but only in a positive bed. Imagine in detail and experience that you with success cope with the events causing concern.

When at heart it is disturbing, take paper, the handle or a pencil and represent everything that to you will want. If to you is more comfortable, you can draw blindly. Upon termination of crumple this leaf and send to a garbage can. Also you can break off or burn it.

It is worth playing the situation which is directly concerning a subject of alarm or fear. Try possible options of its permission, and then analyze the feelings.

Try to imitate the quiet, self-assured, consecutive person, for certain, such will be among your acquaintances.

Actively and actively live every day, solve current affairs in process of their receipt. The similar way of life normalizes a mental state.

Section: Psychology