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  • Latin name: Metrogyl
  • ATH code: D06BX01
  • Active ingredient: Metronidazole (Metronidazole)
  • Producer: Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories (India)


Metrogil is a part of solution the operating component metronidazole, and also: sodium chloride, hydrosodium phosphate (anhydrous), citric acid, water.

Tablets Metrogil contain in structure the operating component metronidazole, and also: corn starch, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide colloid, the hydrogenated castor oil, Opadry II dye, water.

Gel Metrogil includes metronidazole and additional components: propilparagidroksibenzoat, methylparahydroxybenzoate, dinatrium edetat, carbomer 940, sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, water.

Release form

Now solution Metrogil is made for introduction intravenously, and also tablets, gel vaginal and gel for use outwardly.

  • Solution for intravenous administration can be colourless or pale yellow, transparent, is packaged in transparent ampoules on 20 ml (solution of 100 mg) and in in bottles from polyethylene on 100 ml (solution of 500 mg). Tanks are put in packs from a cardboard.
  • Tablets of 200 mg – pink, biconvex, with a film cover, round, are packaged in blisters on 10 pieces, in cardboard packs on 2 blisters.
  • Tablets of 400 mg – orange, biconvex, with a film cover, round, are packaged in blisters on 10 pieces, in cardboard packs on 2 blisters.
  • Vaginal gel Metrogil homogeneous, colourless or has a yellow shade, contains in tubas on 30 g.

Pharmacological action

Medicine of a broad spectrum of activity contains metronidazole, derivative 5 nitroimidazoles in structure.

Drug has antimicrobic and antiprotozoan effect. The mechanism of influence is based on recovery 5 nitrogroups of metronidazole by transport intracellular proteins of anaerobic microorganisms and protozoa. 5 nitrogroup of metronidazole enter interaction with DNA cells of microbes, inhibiting synthesis of their nucleic acids. As a result there is a death of bacteria.

Metrogil shows activity to Gardnerella vaginalis, Trichomonas vaginalis, Giardiai ntestinalis, Entamoeba histolytica, Lamblia spp. Also drug is active in relation to strict anaerobes and to a number of gram-positive microorganisms.

If metronidazole is combined with Amoxicillin, activity on Helicobacter pylori relation is shown.

Do not show sensitivity to metronidazole facultative anaerobes and aerobic microorganisms, however in the presence of the mixed flora synergy effect of metronidazole with antibiotics which are effective against aerobes is noted.

Provokes disulfiramopodobny reactions, under its influence sensitivity of tumors to radiation increases, there is a stimulation of reparative processes.

At use the antiacne effect which mechanism is not known completely is outwardly noted. Metrogil ointment probably shows antioxidant activity. Under the influence of this means development by neutrophils of active oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxylic radicals, that is potential oxidizers which promote damage of fabrics to the place where inflammatory process develops goes down.

The outside form of medicine is active concerning teleangiectasias at pink eels.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After to the patient Metrogil intravenously was entered, about 30-60% of substance are metabolized through a hydroxylation, oxidation and a glyukuronirovaniye. As a result the metabolite 2 oxymetronidazole which also has antiprotozoan and antimicrobic effect is formed. Semi-removal time — 8 h (on condition of normal work of a liver), to 18 h (at damage of a liver alcohol).

Through kidneys about 60-80% of the entered dose are removed, another 6-15% leave through intestines. Both metronidazole, and its metabolites, are removed from blood by a hemodialysis.

If the antibiotic was accepted orally, it is quickly absorbed, and its maximum concentration in blood is observed 2 hours later. It is noted ability of penetration of means into fabrics, organism liquids is high. For 10-20% contacts proteins of plasma. Through kidneys about 60-80% are brought, at the same time about 20% are brought in an invariable look. Semi-removal time – 8 hours.

At outside use of means its minimum quantity therefore in a shelter existence only of traces of active component is noted is soaked up. It is necessary to consider that the soaked-up active agent passes hematoencephalic and placental barriers.

Indications to use

In the instruction such indications to Metrogil's use intravenously are defined:

  • protozoan infections: (trichomoniasis, abenteric and intestinal amebiasis, balanthidiasis, giardiaz, skin leushmaniosis, lambliasis, vaginitis and urethritis mecotic);
  • the infectious diseases provoked by Bacteroides spp.: infections of an abdominal cavity, bodies of a basin, integuments, soft tissues;
  • the infections provoked by Bacteroides spp.: infections of a nervous system, joints, bones, including brain abscess, meningitis, endocarditis, empyema, abscess of lungs, pneumonia;
  • the infectious diseases caused by Bacteroides spp., including Clostridium spp., V. Fragilis: sepsis;
  • pseudomembranous colitis, as a result of treatment by antibiotics;
  • alcoholism;
  • gastritis or ulcer, as a result of action of Helicobacter pylori;
  • prevention of complications after operation.

It is reasonable to appoint tablets in such cases:

  • for prevention of development of postoperative complications ( in particular gynecologic);
  • at protozoan infections (lambliasis, trichomoniasis, amoebic dysentery, amebiasis, etc.);
  • mephitic gangrenes (those which were provoked by Bac.fragilis, and also clostridiums, fuzobakteriya, anaerobic cocci, eubakteriya);
  • the period after operations;
  • infectious diseases of respiratory tracts;
  • gas gangrene;
  • septicaemia;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • meningitis, brain abscess;
  • tetanus.

Cream Metrogil is appointed at such diseases and states:

Gel Metrogil vaginal is shown for therapy of vaginit which are caused by microflora, sensitive to metronidazole, and also for treatment of urogenital trichomoniasis.


Metrogil in/in is contraindicated for use at such states and diseases:

  • defeats of a nervous system organic (epilepsy , etc.);
  • blood diseases;
  • liver failure (it is impossible to accept high doses);
  • blood diseases;
  • lactation and pregnancy (first trimester);
  • the expressed sensitivity to metronidazole, to nitroimidazole derivatives.

Carefully injections are intravenously carried out to the people having a renal failure.

Pill Metrogil cannot be taken in the following cases:

  • at organic lesions of a nervous system, in particular epilepsy;
  • at blood diseases;
  • at a liver failure (high doses of tablets);
  • aged till 12 flyings;
  • at pregnancy (the first trimester);
  • high sensitivity to active agent, to other derivatives of a nitroimidazole.

Carefully appoint to people with diseases of a liver and kidneys.

Gel vaginal is not appointed at such diseases and states:

  • lacks of coordination of movements;
  • leukopenia (also in the anamnesis);
  • defeats of a nervous system of organic character, including epilepsy;
  • pregnancy (first trimester);
  • liver failure;
  • high sensitivity, also sensitivity to nitroimidazole derivatives.

Side effects

At use of means intravenously such side effects can also orally develop:

  • Gastrointestinal tract: deterioration in appetite, diarrhea, nausea, intestinal colic, vomiting, locks, dryness or smack of metal in a mouth, a glossitis, pancreatitis, stomatitis;
  • nervous system: the broken coordination, dizziness, disturbance of consciousness, an ataxy, strong excitability, irritability, sleeplessness, weakness, a headache, hallucinations, spasms;
  • allergy: rash, hyperemia, urticaria, fever, congestion of a nose, arthralgia;
  • urinary system: cystitis, a dysuria, an urine incontience, a polyuria, candidiasis, urine discoloration on red-brown;
  • local manifestations: thrombophlebitis, development of pain of puffiness, reddening in a drug injection site;
  • other manifestations: leukopenia, neutropenia.

At gel use Metrogil for local use in blood is soaked up insignificant amount of active component therefore system side effects are improbable. Development of allergic manifestations, dacryagogues, dryness and burning of skin is seldom possible.

Application instruction of Metrogil (Way and dosage)

Solution Metrogil, application instruction

Metrogil's dropper is shown in case of heavy course of infectious diseases and also if the patient has no opportunity to take medicine inside.

Teenagers are more senior than 12 years and children receive means intravenously kapelno (introduction duration – about 40 minutes), an initial dose — 0.5-1 g. Further each 8 h it is necessary to enter 500 mg (speed of 5 ml/min). If the person normally transfers introduction, then after 2-3 infusions it is possible to administer the drug struyno. It is necessary to accept pricks 7 days.

If there is a need, then practice longer introduction of medicine. An admissible dose in days — 4 g. In the presence of indications use of maintenance doses – three times a day on 400 mg is possible.

The similar scheme of use is practiced for children till 12 flyings, the single dose is equal to 7.5 mg/kg.

For treatment it is purulent - septic diseases to conduct one course of therapy enough.

For prevention to teenagers after 12 flyings and the adult enter before operation kapelno intravenously 0.5-1 g of medicine, in day after operation of 1.5 g into days, that is on 500 mg each 8 hours. 1-2 days later it is possible to transfer the patient to the supporting oral administration of medicine.

At abnormal liver functions and kidneys in days it is impossible to take more than 1 g medicine, the dose needs to be divided into 2 receptions.

Tablets Metrogil, application instruction

It is possible to take a pill as during meal, and later, they do not need to be chewed.

Dose for adults and teenagers of 15 flyings — on 200-400 mg two-three rivers in days.

Both the dosage, and duration of a course depends on an infection.

At trichomoniasis it is necessary to drink for 7 days on 200 mg 3 times at the same time of the woman accept in addition vaginal means with metronidazole. It is possible to raise a dose or to conduct a repeated course of therapy if necessary.

At an amebiasis adults receive 400 mg 3 ruble a day, children — on 30-40 mg on 1 kg/days, divide a dose into three receptions. It is necessary to accept Metrogil to 10 dn.

At amoebic abscess of a liver adults receive 400 mg or 800 mg three times a day, combine means with tetracyclines. Children — on 30-35 mg on 1 kg/days, divide a dose into three receptions. Therapy lasts to 10 dn.

At mephitic bacterial gangrenes adults receive 200-400 mg of 2-3 rubles a day, children have to receive on 7 mg on 1 kg of weight each 8 h. Therapy lasts to 10 dn.

For the purpose of prevention before operations it is necessary to accept once 1000 mg, is farther on 200 mg three times a day.

If Metrogil is combined with amoxicillin, then the metronidazole dose in days has to make 1.5 g, it is divided into three receptions.

Vaginal gel Metrogil, application instruction

Ointment is applied vnutrivaginalno, once in a dose of 2 g or on 500 mg twice a day, 10 days. At this time sex life is not allowed.

Gel Metrogil from the milkwoman is applied on doctor's orders.

Outwardly gel is applied on the cleared integuments twice a day, treatment lasts from 3 to 9 weeks, use of means longer time – till 4 months is possible. It is possible to apply an occlusive bandage if necessary.

Metrogil from spots

Often those who use for the person gel Metrogil From spots leave positive. In spite of the fact that the official instruction does not inform in detail on use of this medicine for the person, nevertheless Metrogil's gel from spots is applied very often as metronidazole exerts bactericidal and bacteriostatic impact. Respectively, helps to get rid of dermatological problems. If the patient had single spots, ointment is enough to be applied several times.

In case of acne rash treatment can be longer. However after the first use expressiveness of negative symptoms decreases. Means Metrogil is used as the main means for treatment of spots, and in a complex with other HP. It is necessary to apply gel twice a day on the places affected with spots.

Metrogil and Differin

Means Differin which is synthetic retinoid contains active component in structure adapalen. This drug favorably influences integuments, at its use with Metrogil users note more expressed effect.


At reception of high doses of tablets development of nausea, vomiting, an ataxy is possible, at a serious poisoning peripheral neuropathy develops, epileptic seizures are possible. There are no specific antidotes, carry out a symptomatic treatment.

At gel use Metrogil cases of overdose are not recorded.


The dropper with Metrogil should not contain other drugs – it is not recommended to mix means with other HP.

Metronidazole activates influence of indirect anticoagulants, time of formation of a prothrombin as a result increases.

Causes intolerance of ethanol. At use along with Disulfiramum various neurologic symptoms can develop. It is important to adhere to an interval between reception of these drugs not less than 2 weeks.

At reception of Cimetidinum there is a suppression of a metabolism of metronidazole therefore concentration of the last can increase that leads to development of side effects.

At simultaneous use of Phenobarbital, Phenytoinum, that is the HP stimulating enzymes of a microsomal oxidation in a liver acceleration of elimination of metronidazole is possible. As a result, its concentration in plasma decreases.

If to accept metronidazole along with lithium drugs, concentration of the last in plasma can increase. In that case symptoms of intoxication of an organism can be shown.

It is not necessary to combine Metrogil's reception with not depolarizing muscle relaxants.

The antimicrobic effect of metronidazole is strengthened by streptocides.

At topical administration of gel considerable interaction with other HP is not noted, but it is necessary to apply carefully it with Warfarin and other indirect anticoagulants as increase in a prothrombin time is possible.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Treats the list B. Temperature of storage of Metrogil – is no more than 30 °C. To protect from light, from access for children.

Period of validity

It is possible to store solution and tablets 3 years, gel Metrogil – 2 years.

Special instructions

Metrogil with amoxicillin to patients who were not 18 years old yet is not recommended to combine.

Long therapy demands a constant control of a picture of blood.

If at the patient the leukopenia develops, continuation of therapy depends on whether there is a risk of manifestation of infectious process.

It is necessary to stop therapy if at the patient dizziness, the ataxy and other symptoms testimonial of deterioration in the neurologic status develops.

Under the influence of drug there can be a treponema immobilization that leads to the false positive test of Nelson.

In the course of treatment urine is painted in dark color.

During treatment of a mecotic vaginitis and an urethritis it is necessary to abstain from sexual contacts. It is important that both sexual partners passed therapy at the same time. In the period of monthly treatment is not stopped.

It is impossible to allow hits of gel in eyes. If similar occurred, it is necessary to wash out eyes warm water.

The dropper Metrogil in gynecology is applied only to destination the attending physician.

In cosmetology Metrogil's gel for a face is applied for the purpose of treatment of spots and other defeats of integuments. It is possible to use it for the person only according to the recommendation of the specialist.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Now numerous analogs of gel, tablets and solution Metrogil are made. These are drugs Deflamon, Batsimeks, Klionum, Metrovagin, Metrolaker, Metron, Orvagil, Trikhobrol, Trichopolum, Siptrogil, Rozeks, etc. Also candles with active agent metronidazole are implemented.


  • Metrogil of a tent gum gel 20gunique Pharmaceutical Lab.
  • Metrogil gel 30gunique Pharmaceutical Lab.
  • Metrogil of 1% vaginal gel with the applicator 30gunique Pharmaceutical Lab.
  • Metrogil 5mg/ml solution for in/in introductions of 100 ml No. 1 flakonunique Pharmaceutical Lab.
  • Metrogil plus 50 g gel vaginal with the applicator (1 applicator) Unique Pharmaceutical Lab.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Metrogil solution for inf 5mg/ml 100 ml of N1, Unique Pharmaceuticalindiya
  • Metrogil of a tent gum gel 10mg/g 20 g, Unique Pharmaceuticalindiya
  • Metrogil gel 30 of, Unique Pharmaceuticalindiya
  • Metrogil vagin.gel 10mg/g 30 g with the applicator, Unique Pharmaceuticalindiya
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  • Metrogil vaginal gel 30 of with an applikatoromyunik (India)
  • Metrogil of Dentaunique (India)
  • Metrogilunique (India)
  • Metrogil1


  • Metrogil of levers. gel 30 of with appl. Yunik
  • Metrogil of levers. gel 30 of with appl. Yunik
  • Metrogil of levers. gel 30 of with appl. Yunik
  • Metrogil of levers. gel 30 of with appl. Yunik


  • Metrogil Denta of 10 mg/g 20 g gel in a tubeyunik of Pharmaceutical Laboratoriz (India)
  • Metrogil of 5 mg/ml 100 ml solution for inf. Yunik Farmasyyutikal Laboratoriz (India)
  • Metrogil Plus of 30 g gel of levers. Yunik Farmasyyutikal Laboratoriz (India)
  • Metrogil of 1% 30 g gel naruzhn.
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