Intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia is a manifestation of a pain syndrome on the course of an intercostal nerve. This state arises because of irritation or squeezing of intercostal nerves. As a rule, this illness affects people in the middle age, is even more often — elderly people, and here the illness is practically not diagnosed for children.

Reasons of intercostal neuralgia

This illness is a pain syndrome which has a reflex origin. As a rule, painful attacks of this illness are shown at people who have the started osteochondrosis in view of displacement of roots of intercostal nerves intervertebral hernias. However, other diseases — a spondylitis, Bekhterev's illness, a hormonal spondylopathy, emergence of new growths in a backbone, the progressing kyphosis become the reasons of display of intercostal neuralgia often also. Also neuralgia attacks often overcome after cold, strong overcooling, infectious diseases, poisonings, stresses, injuries. Too strong exercise stresses, unusual for the person or executed without due preliminary warming up can provoke intercostal neuralgia. Very often at statement of the diagnosis "intercostal neuralgia" the specialist draws a conclusion that herpetic defeats were the cause of a similar state.

Also the illness is shown because of preliminary irritation of nervous trunks which happened owing to pathological processes in bodies and fabrics which are nearby. So, backbone diseases, pleurisy, deformation of a thorax, a tumor, an aneurysm of chest part of an aorta, and also other diseases can provoke intercostal neuralgia. Sometimes neuralgia is shown owing to changes in a backbone which develop because of disturbances of hormonal balance of the menopause period at women. Provoke a course of a disease and regular abuse of alcoholic beverages, a diabetes mellitus, problems with an exchange of vitamins of group B. The last phenomenon rather often arises owing to gastritises, colitis, hepatitises, a peptic ulcer, both a stomach, and a duodenum when in nervous tissue process of a metabolism worsens. Generally intercostal neuralgia progresses because of influence of several factors at once.

Symptoms of intercostal neuralgia

The main symptom of a similar state is pain in the field of mezhreberiya. Pain can be shown pristupoobrazno. Generally she becomes stronger during the movement of a thorax when the person takes a deep breath, coughs, sneezes, speaks too loudly. The patient can stay in an antalgichesky pose when the body is involuntarily bent in the healthy party. Such position of people, suffering from pain, tries to keep. Generally localization of pain happens in the field of the fifth or ninth edges. Also symptoms of intercostal neuralgia are shown by feelings of pain in humeroscapular area or in a hand. When carrying out a palpation points of localization of pain easily are found. Such points are paravertebralno at a backbone, and also in the area of armpits – in the middle of a nerve and at edge of a breast. In the course of pressing or palpation pain becomes more severe.

Often pain is accompanied by numbness, a pricking, a burning sensation. Features of intercostal neuralgia are that that pain can give for a shovel and even to the area of heart. Thus, the person having this illness has assumptions of heart attack when actually symptoms of intercostal neuralgia take place. Very important at display of pains under a shovel at the left quickly to make the cardiogram and to pass consultation at the specialist.

But actually intercostal nerves have many branches. Independently to define the nature of similar pain, it is necessary to consider differences: if pain at intercostal neuralgia a constant, then at stenocardia attacks pain pulses, amplifies and sharply abates. At cardiac pain also pulse disturbance, low or high arterial pressure takes place. At the same time at patients with intercostal neuralgia both pulse, and arterial pressure stay in a normality. Also at neuralgia pain often gives to a waist, making impression of display of renal colic. Anyway at sudden emergence of a stethalgia it is necessary to address qualified specialists who will be able to establish the correct diagnosis immediately.

Treatment of intercostal neuralgia

межреберная невралгияIt is very important to begin treatment of intercostal neuralgia when only the first symptoms of a disease appeared. The main task which the specialist sets before therapy, this stopping and reduction of pain. After achievement of this purpose those medicines which can improve trophic processes in the struck fabrics are applied. If defeat takes place initially, then it is necessary to pay attention to use of reflex methods of therapy. So, the good result is yielded by acupuncture, vacuum therapy, a farmakopunktura. If the specialist considers expedient inclusion in the general therapy of treatment by medicamentous drugs, then means with antiinflammatory action, and also vitamins of group "B" are applied.

In the period of an exacerbation of an illness it is necessary to apply a high bed rest for, at least, several days. It is important that the patient lay on the equal and firm plane for what under a mattress of a bed it is necessary to enclose a strong board. The thorax in days of attacks is recommended to wrap up with a woolen scarf, and in near backbone it is possible to apply mustard plasters. Massage and grindings using the anesthetizing ointments having antiinflammatory influence is recommended. The patient has to remember that at continuous use of analgetics their influence some becomes inefficient a time later. Therefore before reception of any anesthetics it is necessary to get advice of the attending physician surely.

There are also many national ways of simplification of a state at intercostal neuralgia. So, put warm seeds of flax in a sack from fabric to sore points, grease painful points with juice of horse-radish and a radish and put to them a wormwood grass. Also special acupressure practices. If at the patient secondary character of an illness is observed, then treatment of intercostal neuralgia is carried out with use of symptomatic methods. It is important to limit accurately physical activity during treatment of intercostal neuralgia, however sometimes to the patient the physiotherapy exercises are appointed.

Prevention of intercostal neuralgia

The most important point in prevention of this disease avoidance of catarrhal diseases and strong overcooling is considered. If inflammatory diseases of bodies which are located near mezhreberiya are diagnosed for the person, then it is necessary to apply adequate therapy immediately. The following methods are actively applied to treatment and prevention of intercostal neuralgia. Several courses of acupuncture, the manual therapy directed to recovery of the correct position of a backbone, namely its cervical and chest departments will be effective. Also special massage with use of ointments or creams with the warming action is applied. It helps to relax muscles and to reduce pain.

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