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  • Latin name: Mifeprex
  • ATH code: G03XB01
  • Active ingredient: Mifepristone (Mifepristone)
  • Producer: JSC Biokhimik (Russia)


Each tablet of Mifepreks contains active agent mifepristone.

Additional components: starch corn, calcium stearate, lactose, cellulose microcrystallic, silicon dioxide colloid.

Release form

Mifepreks in the form of the tablets packaged on 10 pieces in glass jars or strip packagings on 1, 2, 5 packagings in a pack cardboard is issued.

Pharmacological action

This synthetic steroid drug possesses antigestagenny action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This synthetic steroid antigestagenny drug is capable to block effect of progesterone at the level of gestagenovy receptors. At the same time Mifepreks does not show gestagenny activity and antagonism with GKS.

During reception of this means the sokratitelny ability of a myometrium stimulating release interleykina-8 as a part of horiodetsidualny cells increases, increasing sensitivity to myometrium prostaglandins, but it is necessary to consider that all these actions depend on a phase menstrual a cycle.

Desquamation of a decidua, and also removal of fetal egg is as a result noted. Drug slows down an ovulation, various changes of an endometria, without allowing implantation of an oospore.

At the same time key operation in a pathogeny of a leiomyoma of a uterus is performed by sex hormones, for example, progesterone. Therefore blockade of progesteronovy receptors is capable, both to slow down growth of a tumor, and to reduce the sizes of a uterus and myomatous nodes.

Indications to use

Tablets of Mifepreks are appointed at:

  • treatment of a leiomyoma of a uterus;
  • to preparation and induction of childbirth of the full-term pregnancy;
  • medicamentous interruption of a uterine pregnancy on rather early terms that can be confirmed with the test for pregnancy;
  • emergency contraception during 72 h from the moment of the happened unprotected sexual intercourse and also when the applied way of contraception is considered unreliable.


There is a number of contraindications to use of this means that depends on the indication to use.

Generally, drug is contraindicated to reception at:

  • hypersensitivity;
  •  inflammations of female generative organs;
  • acute or chronic renal, liver failure;
  • disturbances of a hemostasis;
  • hems on a uterus;
  • heavy extragenital pathology;
  • adrenal insufficiency, prolonged treatment by glucocorticoids;
  • porphyrias;
  • anemias, and also to the smoking women of 35 flyings.

Mifepreks it is contraindicated for abortion at:

  • suspicion on an extrauterine pregnancy;
  • not confirmed pregnancy;
  • the pregnancy which arose in a usage time of intrauterine contraceptives and also after cancellation of hormonal contraceptives;
  • to hysteromyoma.

Drug for preparation and induction of childbirth is not recommended at:

  • gestosis of heavy degree;
  • preeclampsias and eclampsias;
  • premature or postmature pregnancy;
  • to hysteromyoma.

Drug is not appointed for therapy of a leiomyoma of a uterus at:

  • lactations, pregnancies;
  • to leiomyoma which size exceeds 12 weeks of pregnancy;
  • tumors of ovaries;
  • endometria hyperplasia;
  • submucous arrangement of myomatous nodes.

Side effects

At Mifepreks's reception can arise: discomfort in the bottom of a stomach, strong weakness, a hyperthermia, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, an enanthesis.

During procedure of abortion development is also possible: bleedings, inflammations of a uterus and appendages, exacerbations of infectious diseases of a uterus or urinary tract.

At the combined treatment with Mizoprostol emergence is noted: vaginitis, dyspepsia, sleeplessness, adynamy, scelalgia, concern and so on.

Carrying out an emergency contraception can be followed by bloody allocations from a genital tract, failure of a menstrual cycle.

Against treatment of a leiomyoma sometimes there is an amenorrhea, disturbance of a menstrual cycle.

Mifepreks, application instruction (Way and dosage)

According to the instruction, for the purpose of medicamentous abortion a pill is taken inside under control of the doctor in a single dosage of 600 mg. Drug is recommended to be accepted after food – in 1-1,5 h, washing down with water. For strengthening of efficiency of procedure appoint in addition 400 mg of Mizoprostol, the being synthetic analog of E1 prostaglandin. After that it is necessary that not less than 2 hours the patient was under supervision of medical staff. Later 36-48 h ultrasonography control, in 1-2 weeks repeated ultrasonography and clinical inspection is carried out. Besides, the analysis on determination of level of a chorionic gonadotrophin which has to confirm the occurred abortion is necessary. If within 14 days from the moment of reception of mifepristone of an abortion it did not happen, then vacuum aspiration is appointed and histologic research of aspirate is conducted.

Preparation and induction of childbirth demands reception of tablets inside in a single dosage of 200 mg. Repeated reception of mifepristone in a dosage of 200 mg is recommended in 24 h. Then specialists estimate a condition of patrimonial ways and if it is necessary, can appoint Oxytocin or prostaglandins.

Carrying out post-coital contraception demands internal reception of 10 mg of drug, with an interval of 2 hours to or after the use of food. It is necessary to take a pill during 72 h from the moment of the happened sexual contact.

Treatment of a leiomyoma of a uterus is carried out using drug inside, in a daily dosage of 50 mg. Duration of therapy makes 3 months.


That reception of this drug takes place under control of the attending physician cases of overdose were not noted. Nevertheless, when exceeding a dosage adrenal insufficiency can develop. In such cases the symptomatic treatment is carried out.


Mifepreks's combination to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause the undesirable symptoms characteristic of side effects.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Tablets store in the place dark, dry, unavailable to children, at the room temperature.

Period of validity

3 years.

Mifepreks's analogs

It is possible to refer drugs to the main analogs: Agesta, Ginepriston, Mensofta, Ginestril, Zhenale and Mifegin.

About Mifepreks

As show About Mifepreks, this drug enjoys wide popularity. However in discussions of the woman often tell not the experience of use, but the girlfriends or acquaintances. In most cases use of this drug is connected with carrying out pharmacological abortion.

Usually, when such procedure is carried out in clinic under control of the specialist, the desirable effect is reached, as well as it is specified in the instruction. At the same time functions of reproductive system are quickly enough recovered, that is pains, disturbance of a menstrual cycle and other undesirable symptoms are noted.

Also often messages of girls who are interested, how much is of Mifepreks meet and its independent use is so effective?

It is established that ways of independent abortion with use of this drug were followed by various complications: exacerbation of infections of a genital tract, disturbance of a menstrual cycle, strong pain and so on.

Therefore, it is contraindicated to accept the drugs possessing similar action without control of the specialist. Any experiments with medicines can become the reason of disturbances in work of hormonal system and development of serious diseases.

Section: Gynecologic Hormonal Contraceptives
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