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  • Latin name: Mycoflucan
  • ATH code: J02AC01
  • Active ingredient: Flukonazol
  • Producer: Dr. Reddy´s Laboratories Ltd. (India)


In 1 tablet of a flukonazol of 50 mg or 150 mg.

Release form


Pharmacological action

Anti-mycotic (antifungal).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Has high-specific effect on mushrooms, blocking fermental system of P450 cytochrome. Disturbance of biosynthesis of a membrane explains fungistatic effect. In higher concentration the death of a cell of a mushroom, that is fungicidal effect is noted. Practically does not oppress cytochrome enzymes at the person. Does not render antiadrogenny effect. It is active at mycoses which are caused by Candida spp., Microsporum spp., Coccidioides immitis, Trichophyton spp., at local mycoses.


It is well soaked up in a gastrointestinal tract. Tmax is defined in 1-1,5 hours. Concentration in blood depends on a dose. Equilibrium concentration is defined in 5 days. At reception of a "shock" dose this concentration is reached by 2nd day. Drug well gets into various liquids of an organism. In a phlegm, peritoneal and joint liquid, saliva, in breast milk concentration is similar that in plasma. In cerebrospinal fluid concentration makes 85% of concentration in plasma. In a vaginal secret necessary concentration is defined by 8 h and keeps days. In a corneous layer and a derma the selection accumulation is noted. Elimination half-life of 30 h. The pharmacokinetics of a flukonazol depends on a condition of kidneys.

Indications to use

  • generalized candidiasis at the patients receiving cytostatic or immunodepressive therapy (treatment and prevention);
  • systemic lesions Cryptococcus mushrooms (meningitis, sepsis, damage of lungs and skin at patients with an immunosuppression;
  • candidiasis of mucous;
  • mycoses of skin and nails;
  • genital candidiasis (treatment and prevention);
  • local mycoses (sporotrichosis, koktsidiomikoz, parakoktsidiomikoz and histoplasmosis).


  • reception along with Astemizol and Terfenadin (at continuous reception of a flukonazol of 400 mg/days);
  • hypersensitivity to drug;
  • lactation period.

Drug appoint with care at a liver failure, at patients with heart diseases and risk of arrhythmias, pregnancies.

Side effects

  • loss of appetite, locks or diarrhea, intestines swelling, nausea, abdominal pain;
  • headache, the expressed fatigue, dizziness, sometimes spasms;
  • skin rash, erythema, anaphylactoid reactions;
  • alopecia.

Mikoflyukan, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The dose of drug depends on weight of a fungal infection. Appoint usually adult:

  • at oropharyngeal candidiasis Mikoflyukan of 150 mg of 1 times/days 7-14 days;
  • at cryptococcal meningitis in the 1st day of 400 mg, and with transition to 200 1 times a day. Treatment lasts 6-8 weeks;
  • at the disseminated candidiasis and a kandidemiya of 400 mg in the first day with transition to 200 mg/days;
  • at atrophic candidiasis mucous a mouth which is tied with carrying prostheses of 50 mg of times a day, 2 weeks;
  • at vaginal candidiasis once 150 mg;
  • at an esophagitis, candidiasis of skin and mucous, kandiduriya of 150 mg/days of 14-30 days;
  • at mycoses of skin of feet of 150 mg weekly, month;
  • at an onychomycosis (damage of nails) of 150 mg weekly before substitution by a healthy nail, usually from 3 to 12 months.


It is shown by symptoms: paranoid statements, hallucinations. Treatment: purpose of sorbents, artificial diuresis. At an opportunity a hemodialysis which reduces concentration of drug in blood by 50%.


  • Drug strengthens effect of coumarinic anticoagulants (Warfarin).
  • At a concomitant use with sulfonilmochevina drugs their elimination half-life is extended that causes a hypoglycemia.
  • Reception with Phenytoinum leads to increase of its concentration in serum.
  • Increases concentration of a midozalam (risk of development of psychomotor reactions), a takrolimus (risk of nephrotoxic action), a zidovudine (its side effects amplify).
  • Numerous use of a flukonazol in a dose to 200 mg does not influence efficiency of contraceptives.
  • Use with Rifampicin leads to decrease in total concentration of a flukonazol.
  • The concomitant use with Terfenadin is contraindicated.
  • At a concomitant use with Tsizaprid reactions from heart are possible (arrhythmia like "pirouette").

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 25 Pages.

Period of validity

3 years.

Mikoflyukan's analogs

Flukonazol Teva, Flucostat, Futsis, Mikomaks, Mikosist, Diflucan, Diflazon.

About Mikoflyukana

Mycosis of feet the most widespread disease among fungus diseases. At this disease Flukonazol (Mikoflyukan) is considered highly effective. Patients note that prolonged treatment, demands patience and rather effective at observance of some hygienic rules (disinfection of footwear 1-2 in a month).

Also often occur among reviews of Mikoflyukana About treatment of vaginal candidiasis. In the most part of cases responses positive — this drug quickly and effectively works. Treatment has to be carried out only on doctor's orders.
This drug at chronic pharyngomycoses is not less effective about what patients report. The fungal adenoid disease at them was characterized by frequent aggravations — to 10 times a year. As a result of treatment at the most part of patients full treatment which was confirmed by clinical and mycologic trials was noted.


  • Mikoflyukan of 150 mg No. 1 tabletkidr. Reddy's lab.
  • Mikoflyukan 2mg/ml 100 ml fl.dr. Reddy's lab.
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