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  • Latin name: Mycozoral
  • ATH code: D01AC08
  • Active ingredient: Ketokonazol (Ketoconazole)
  • Producer: Quinacrine (Russia)


Active agent of drug – ketokonazol.

Tablets Mikozoral have the following auxiliary components: potato starch, low-molecular medical polyvinylpirrolidone, talc, lactose, aerosil, magnesium stearate.

Ointment the carboxymethylcellulose, monoglycerides distilled nipagin, water includes in structure such additional components as propylene glycol, castor oil, Lannete SX emulsifier, Dibunolum, sodium.

Shampoo Mikozoral contains the following auxiliary components: dye yellow-orange, propylene glycol, divorced Acidum hydrochloricum, sodium laureth sulfate, makrogolglitserol kokoat, water, oksipropilmetiltsellyuloza, sodium metabisulphite, imidourea.

Release form

Ointment Mikozoral, shampoo and tablets is issued.

Pharmacological action

Drug represents antifungal means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine is active in relation to dermatophytes, dimorphous mushrooms, barmy mushrooms, staphylococcus, to streptococci and eumitseta. Transformation is interfered by Candida albicans blastospor in invasive forms.

After single use of drug inside in a dosage of 200 mg during meal the greatest concentration in plasma is observed 1-2 hours later.

Extent of communication with proteins of plasma – 99%. The remained insignificant part of means comes to cerebrospinal fluid.

After absorption from a gastrointestinal tract active agent of drug biotransformirutsya therefore inactive metabolites are formed.

Removal from an organism is carried out in two phases: within the first 10 hours half-life – 2 hours, in the second phase – 8 hours. About 13% of drug are excreted with urine, from them 2-4% – in an invariable look. It is removed mainly through intestines with bile.

Indications to use

It is applied at fungal infections which are provoked by sensitive activators: dermatomycoses, folliculitis.

Shampoo is used at mold mycoses, a chromophytosis, dandruff, mycosis of hair, seborrheal dermatitis.


Contraindications to use of this means the following:

  • acute and chronic diseases of kidneys and liver;
  • hypersensitivity to medicine components.

With care drug is used at pregnancy, breastfeeding, age of 50 flyings, insufficiency of function of bark of adrenal glands and a hypophysis.

Ointment cannot be applied on places where there are wounds and grazes i.e. where integrity of integuments is broken.

Application instruction of Mikozoral (Way and dosage)

Pill is taken inside. The instruction on Mikozoral advises to do it during meals. The following dosages for adults and children weighing from 30 kg depending on indications are possible:

  • system mycoses, fungal infections of skin and gastrointestinal tract: it is necessary to accept 200 mg a day, if necessary it is possible to raise to 400 mg;
  • vaginal candidiasis: on 400 mg a day, only 5 days.

For children weighing 15-30 kg the dosage in 100 mg a day is shown. Therapy is expected not less than a week until results of researches become negative.

As a prophylactic patients with an immunodeficiency have to accept 400 mg a day (for adults). Reception of 4-8 mg on 1 kg of weight is shown to children, but it is no more than 400 mg.

The average duration of a course of treatment depending on the diagnosis:

  • system candidiasis — 1-2 months;
  • fungal infections of pilar part of the head — 1-2 months;
  • vaginal candidiasis — 5 days;
  • multi-colored deprive — 10 days;
  • fungal infections of nails — 6-12 months;
  • candidiasis of an oral cavity and integuments — 2-3 weeks;
  • the skin mycoses provoked by dermatophytes – about 4 weeks;
  • histoplasmosis, parakoktsidiomikoz, koktsidiomikoz – 3-6 months.

Ointment should be applied outwardly. Once a day is applied on the struck places and near them. It is necessary to use it, all symptoms of a disease will not disappear yet. Treatment of an inguinal epidermophitia on average continues 2-4 weeks, candidiases, a chromophytosis and mold mycoses — 2-3 weeks, dermatofitiya — 2-6 weeks.

At seborrheal dermatitis ointment should be applied 1-2 times a day. Treatment is expected 2-4 weeks.

For those who use shampoo Mikozoral the application instruction reports that it needs to be applied on the sites of skin struck with fungi and a hair, after that 3-5 minutes later means should be washed away water. For the purpose of therapy of mold mycoses it is used once a day by 5 days, for prevention – once a day 3 days.

To disposal of dandruff of 1% shampoo is applied by each 3-4 days for 8 weeks. For prevention to use only in case of need.

At seborrheal dermatitis apply 2 times in a week of 2% shampoo. A course it is expected 2-4 weeks. For the purpose of prevention it is necessary to do it time in 7 days every 1-2 week.

In case of a chromophytosis applitsirut on the struck and nearby sites of skin 2% shampoo for 3-5 minutes. On completion of procedure means is washed away.


At use of drug in the raised doses it is desirable to cause vomiting in the first hour and to carry out a gastric lavage. Besides, allow to accept Absorbent carbon. The condition of the patient needs to be controlled carefully. Symptomatic treatment. The specific antidote does not exist.


Together with Rifampicin, Carbamazepine, Phenytoinum, Rifabutin and the Isoniazid bioavailability of a ketokonazol decreases. And at interaction with Ritonavir, on the contrary, raises.

The drugs influencing acidity of a gastric juice can cause changes of a metabolism of active agent of Mikozoral.

Ketokonazol raises or prolongs effect of the drugs which are metabolized with participation of isoenzymes of P450 cytochrome. Such interaction should be excluded.

Also there is a number of medicines at a combination to which it is necessary to watch the level of active agent in plasma, side reactions and the mechanism of action: peroral anticoagulants, antineoplastic drugs, Cyclosporine, HIV protease inhibitors, drugs, metabolized with participation of CYP3A4, Digoxin, Buspiron, Alprazolam, Rifabutin, Carbamazepine, Sildenafil, midazolam, Methylprednisolonum.

Emergence of reddening, peripheral hypostases, a headache, skin rash and nausea is possible at interaction with ethanol. But all symptoms pass in several hours.

In case of the lowered acidity absorption of active agent of Mikozoral decreases. Between its reception and antiacid means it is necessary to observe an interval at 2 o'clock. To people who use the drugs suppressing secretion of hydrochloric acid in a stomach Mikozoral is recommended to take a pill, washing down with acid drinks.

At interaction with Amphotericinum In its effect it is weakened.

Besides, Ketokonazol reduces the stimulating influence of Corticotropin on adrenal glands. Increases toxicity of Phenytoinum. Increases probability of bleeding of "break" at reception of oral contraceptives with the low level of hormones.

Terms of sale

Is on sale according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Medicine should be held in unavailable to children and the dry place protected from a sunlight. Temperature is up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Two years.

About Mikozorale

About Mikozorale mainly positive. Patients note its efficiency in all forms of release. It helps even when other drugs do not cope.

However the people taking a pill sometimes note that therapy is quite painful. In the course of treatment of display of a disease could not only not pass, but also amplify.

About ointment Mikozoral, on the contrary, characterize it as means of fast action. The effect becomes swept up from the very first days uses.

In turn, About shampoo Mikozoral of patients and doctors characterize this means as good analog of more expensive means from dandruff, mycoses and dermatitis. Seldom to whom this shampoo does not suit. And available cost – one more plus.

Mikozoral's price where to buy

Mikozoral's price depends on a release form. Anyway its cost is considered very available. Price of tablets Mikozoral of about 350 rubles. The ointment price Mikozoral – about 170 rubles. To buy shampoo the same as tablets or ointment, it is possible in a drugstore. Its cost is considered very available in comparison with many expensive means from dandruff. Shampoo price Mikozoral about 300 rubles.


  • Mikozoral of 200 mg No. 30 tabletkiakrikhin HFK of joint stock company
  • Mikozoral of 2% 60 g shampunyakrikhin HFK of joint stock company
  • Mikozoral of 2% 15 g mazyakrikhin HFK of joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Mikozoral shampoo of 2% 60 g, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
  • Mikozoral tbl 200 mg No. 30, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
  • Mikozoral ointment of 2% 15 g, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
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