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  • Latin name: Microlax
  • ATH code: A06AG11
  • Active ingredient: Sodium citrate, Sodium laurylsulphoacetate, Sorbitol
  • Producer: McNeil AB (Sweden)


The microclyster of Mikrolaks contains active ingredients of sodium citrate, solution of sorbite, laurylsulphoacetate sodium, and also auxiliary components — sorbic acid, glitserol, the water purified.

Release form

Drug is issued in the form of solution for rectal use. Solution contains in the special microclysters made of polymeric materials. Each enema of Mikrolaks has a seal which is broken off, and also a tip. In a pack from a cardboard — 4 microclysters, everyone contains 5 ml of drug.

Pharmacological action

Mikrolaks is a purgative of the combined sample. It is applied rektalno to adult patients and to children. As a part of drug there are several active components which supplement influence on an organism and effectively soften fecal masses, facilitating defecation process.

  • Sorbite improves process of water inflow in an intestines gleam, increases volumes of fecal masses, softens them and mediately influences receptors of a mucous membrane of intestines. As a result, the peristaltics is stimulated and defecation process is considerably facilitated.
  • Sodium laurylsulphoacetate effectively liquefies intestines contents.
  • Sodium citrate forces out water which is in masses a calla of the person.

Thus, forcing out the connected liquid from fecal masses and promoting increase in water inflow in intestines, drug considerably facilitates process of emptying at the people suffering from a lock facilitates defecation at hemorrhoids, etc.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug begins to act on an extent from 5 to 15 minutes after use of a microclyster. Through how many Mikrolaks works, depends on specific features of an organism of the patient.

Detailed data on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drug are not provided.

Indications to use

Mikrolaks will be applied to treatment of those who suffer from a lock, and also a lock with the phenomena of an enkoprez.

Purpose of drug is also shown to patients to whom preparation for a rektoromanoskopiya is necessary. Use of drug allows to clear effectively intestines before X-ray or endoscopic inspection gastrointestinal tract.


Contraindications to Mikrolaks's use concern those patients at whom the expressed hypersensitivity to medicine components is noted.

Side effects

Manifestation of the following side effects at administration of drug is possible:

  • weak burning sensation in rectal area;
  • hypersensitivity reactions are seldom noted.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug is used rektalno. Before using medicine, it is necessary to wash up hands and to carefully clear skin in an anus. It is necessary to break off a seal on a packaging tip at once before use. The instruction to Mikrolaks following. After the seal was removed, it is necessary to press a little on a tube until solution appears. Further the tip should be entered into a rectum and to squeeze out everything that contains in it from a tube. The microclyster with the squeezed tube walls is taken.

The application instruction of Mikrolaks contains also following recommendations. To adults and children of three years the tip is entered into a rectum completely. To children to three-year age the tip is entered half – to specially designated mark. As it is often possible to use drug, and also its dosage is defined by individually attending physician.

As a rule, to adults and children from three-year age one enema (5 ml) of drug solution is once entered. To younger children of a candle of Mikrolaks are appointed in an individual dosage.

Answering a question whether causes accustoming of Mikrolaks, doctors note that throughout long time it is not recommended to use it. If the person suffers from a chronic lock, he needs to see a doctor and to pick up the special scheme of therapy.


About overdose of drug there is no information.


Interaction of drug with other medicines is not described.

Terms of sale

Non-prescription dispensing of medicine in drugstores is allowed.

Storage conditions

Mikrolaks transport and store at a temperature from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is necessary to protect from access for children.

Period of validity

Drug can be stored till 5 flyings.

Special instructions

It is necessary to remember that if the period of validity of means expired, or it became unusable for use owing to other reasons, it is not necessary to throw out it in sewage. Medicine should be put in a package and to throw out in a trash bin.

Mikrolaks's use does not affect ability to drive transport and to manage exact mechanisms.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Today there are no analogs of drug on active ingredient. However in certain situations it is possible to use analogs which have the similar principle of impact on an organism. Among such drugs glyceric candles which are applied also to children of chest age, and to adults are the most often used, influencing, as well as Mikrolaks, on a large intestine. The price of analogs is a little lower.


  • Mikrolaks solution 5 of ml No. 4 of a microclyster
  • Mikrolaks solution 5 of ml No. 12 of a microclyster

Drugstore of IFC

  • Mikrolaks microclysters of 5 ml No. 12, McNeil Avshvetion
  • Mikrolaks microclysters of 5 ml No. 4, McNeil Avshvetion
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