Mineral substances in folk remedies

Traditional medicine applies ancient physiological and biochemical laws to preservation of human health. Its recommendations and recipes based on the laws of nature promote maintenance of a healthy organism, immunity to diseases, and at diseases, to the speedy recovery.

In the course of functioning of an organism, maintenance of its activity and extension of life mineral elements have huge value. Are used by a human body practically all list of mineral elements. At their lack of food of a cell of an organism possibilities of the normal balanced functioning are deprived.

For providing an organism in potrebny mineral elements traditional medicine recommends very simple recipe − to stir two teaspoons of natural honey and apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, to drink dissolved mixture from one to several glasses a day depending on an intellectual or exercise stress. At the same time the honey which is contained in drink includes all mineral elements of nectar of flowers of plants, and apple cider vinegar − a set of the mineral elements which are contained in apple.

Минеральные вещества The universal medicines offered by traditional medicine represent in most cases a variety of ways of saturation of an organism potassium. Sources of potassium are fresh leaves of herbs and trees, roots of plants, wood bark, grapes, apples, a guelder-rose three-blade, etc. Potassium provides to organism cells ability to resist to harmful bacteria.

One of the principles of traditional medicine is based on water exchange in cells of a body according to which for ensuring the life activity of a bacterium select moisture from organism cells. At rather necessary quantity in cells of an organism of potassium unfavorable conditions for bacteria therefore they perish are created. It is for this purpose recommended to pay a close attention to consumption of the potassium which is contained in fruit, edible leaves and roots, honey, apple cider vinegar.

Universality of use in traditional medicine of apple cider vinegar is explained by its ability to connect with potassium many mineral elements, such as phosphorus, fluorine, chlorine, magnesium, sodium, calcium, silicon, iron, sulfur and a number of microelements. For the medical purposes apple cider vinegar has to be made of small crushed whole apples. On sale, as a rule, there is a vinegar of commercial purpose prepared from a peel and a core of apples.

Минеральные вещества Processing of the whole apples in apple cider vinegar allows to keep their curative properties. The use during meal of 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar on 1 glass of water promotes good functioning of a digestive tract and an organism in general. Besides, apple cider vinegar is applied to fight against cellulitis. If the organism does not perceive apple cider vinegar it is possible to drink natural apple juice for providing an organism with the valuable and curative substances which are contained in apples.

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