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  • Latin name: Minirin
  • ATH code: H01BA02
  • Active ingredient: Desmopressin
  • Producer: Ferring International Center S.A. (Switzerland), Ferring Arzneimittel GmbH (Germany)


Desmopressin acts as active component.

1 ml of spray contains 0,1 mg of this substance in the form of acetate. Additional components: chloride benzalkoniya, sodium chloride, phosphate sodium dihydrate, clear water, monohydrate of citric acid.

Tablets contain 100 or 200 mkg of the operating component. Additional substances: povidone, lactose, starch, magnesium stearate.

Tablets hypoglossal contain 60, 120, 240 mkg of desmopressin, and also excipients: citric acid, Mannitolum, gelatin.

Release form

Is issued in the form of the spray nasal dosed in tablets and tablets hypoglossal.

Pharmacological action

Means for treatment of not diabetes mellitus. Has vazopressinopodobny effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active component — desmopressin. The main substance makes antidiuretic impact, is analog of vasopressin.

Under the influence of medicine permeability of an epithelium in distal part of gyrose tubules for water increases that leads to increase of its reabsorption.

Influence on coagulation process: at patients with an angiohemophilia, hemophilia Minirin activates 8-1 factors of coagulation, causes increase of level of a profibrolizin, without strengthening at the same time a system fibrinolysis.

In comparison with vasopressin desmopressin exerts the smallest impact on smooth muscle tissues of internals, vessels.

Indications to use

Minirin appoint at not diabetes mellitus of the central origin, at a polydipsia and a polyuria of the central origin, at hypocoagulation (treatment of hemophilia of type A, angiohemophilia), after operational treatment to a hypophysis, at brain diseases, injuries, for definition of concentration opportunities of renal system, at primary night enuresis.


Minirin is not applied at hypoosmolarity of plasma, an edematous syndrome of various origin, at an anury, intolerance of desmopressin, at a polydipsia (a psychogenic and inborn origin), at the HSN dekompensirovanny form, predisposition to fibrinferments, need of use of diuretics. Contraindicated at an angiohemophilia like 2b, at an unstable form of stenocardia.

Intranasal forms are contraindicated at: disturbances of consciousness, infectious defeats of respiratory system, puffiness of a mucous wall of a nasal cavity, a nose congestion, allergic rhinitis, after an operative measure.

At pregnancy, disturbance of water and electrolytic balance, to elderly people, children before achievement of 6 years, at fibrosis of a bladder, insufficiency of renal system Minirin appoint with care.

Side effects

Nausea, increase of a blood pressure, rhinitis, intensive headache, compensatory tachycardia, algodismenoreya, allergic reactions, pain in the place of an injection, a local hyperemia, puffiness, water intoxication, decrease in dacryagogue, conjunctivitis, abdominal pain of spastic character.

Minirin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug is appointed sublingual, for a rassasyvaniye and intranazalno.

Dose of a usual tablet in 100 mkg correspond to a tablet hypoglossal in 60 mkg. One injection of spray enters 10 mkg.

The tableted medicine forms

Primary night enuresis: initial dosage of 120 mkg before going to bed. the maximum dose makes 240 mkg. For an assessment of efficiency do a week break in 3 months of therapy.

Not diabetes mellitus of the central genesis – 180 mkg a day for 3 receptions. The supporting dosage makes 180-360 mkg a day, in days it is no more than 720 mkg.


Intranazalno Minirin enter in position of the patient sitting, lying at the thrown-back head. The special dropper, pressing which regulates quantity of the allocated drops, is a part of a lock of a bottle. After desmopressin use the patient is recommended to limit reception of liquids for 8 hours, to empty a bladder.

Determination of osmolarity requires each 4 hours collecting urine of the patient. At registration of decrease in concentration ability of renal system procedure is repeated.

At not diabetes mellitus, a posttraumatic polyuria, a polydipsia of the central genesis on average appoint 10-20 mkg twice a day.


It is shown by water intoxication, hypoosmolarity of plasma, neurologic and mental symptomatology, development of spasms.

Restriction of intake of liquid in an organism is required.

At serious conditions intravenously slowly enter the concentrated saline solutions together with furosemide.


Desmopressin is capable to strengthen effect of hypertensive drugs.

Clofibratum, carbamazepine, indometacin, Chlorproramidum strengthen antidiuretic effect of drug Minirin.

Norepinephrinum, tetracycline, glibutid weaken antidiuretic effect.

Terms of sale

The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

In the place, dark, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

It is no more than three years.

Special instructions

Prevention of an overload by volume requires control over the following group of persons: with the increased intracranial pressure, with the broken water and electrolytic balance, teenagers, children, elderly people.

At the expressed rhinitis at intranasal introduction absorption of desmopressin is broken therefore sublingual use is recommended.

When using with the diagnostic purpose carrying out the forced hydration is not recommended (parenterally, inside).

Minirin's analogs

Analogs of drug it is possible to call means: Adiupresin, D-Void, Desmopressin, Oktostim, Uropress.


  • Minirin of 200 mkg No. 30 of a tablet
  • Minirin of 100 mkg No. 30 of a tablet
  • Minirin of 120 mkg No. 30 of a tablet
  • Minirin of 60 mkg No. 30 of a tablet

Drugstore of IFC

  • Minirin tbl hypoglossal 0,06mg No. 30, Ferring Avshvetion
  • Minirin tbl 0.1mg No. 30 *, Ferring Avshveytsariya
  • Minirin tbl hypoglossal 0,12mg No. 30, Ferring Avshvetion
  • Minirin tbl 0.2mg No. 30, Ferring Avshveytsariya
  • Minirin tbl 0.2mg No. 30 *, Ferring Avshveytsariya
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  • Minirin of a tablet 0.2mg No. 30ferring (Sweden)
  • Minirin spray nasal 10mkg/d 50dozferring (Sweden)
  • Minirinferring International Center (Switzerland)


  • Minirin sprey naz. 10mkg./d 50dozferring
  • Minirin sprey naz. 10mkg./d 50dozferring
  • Minirin sprey naz. 10mkg./d 50dozferring
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