Miniziston 20 fy

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  • Latin name: Minizistone 20 fem
  • ATH code: G03AA07
  • Active ingredient: Ethinylestradiol + Levonorgestrel *
  • Producer: Bayer Shering Farma of AG (Germany)


In 1 tablet of ethinylestradiol of 20 mkg and levonorgestrel of 100 mkg.

Lactoses monohydrate, povidone, starch corn, magnesium stearate — as excipients.

Release form

Dragee, blister of 21 pieces.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The monophase combined contraceptive drug for oral administration. The mechanism of action is connected with suppression of an ovulation, change of an endometria and viscosity of cervical slime that reduces probability of implantation of an ovum.

In addition to contraceptive action Miniziston 20 fy regulates a menstrual cycle, at its reception intensity of bleeding decreases and periods become painless.

Advantages of use of drug is high performance at daily reception and convenience. The term of use of contraceptives with the low content of estrogen is not limited.


Levonorgestrel is quickly soaked up. Cmax in blood is defined by 1 h. Bioavailability of nearly 100%. To 65% contacts the globulin connecting sex hormones and albumine. Equilibrium concentration is defined in 3-4 days. Levonorgestrel level in blood does not change after 3 courses of administration of drug. It Biotransformirutsya as all steroids, its metabolites are inactive and are removed with urine and bile. Concentration decreases dvukhfazno: in the first phase T1/2 — 30 min., in the second phase — 20 h.

Ethinylestradiol at intake is also completely soaked up. Cmax is defined by 1,5-2 h. At "the first passing" through a liver it is metabolized that attracts decrease in its bioavailability and and it makes 40-60%. For 98% ethinylestradiol communicates albumine.

Concentration in blood decreases dvukhfazno: In the first phase there is 1 h T1/2, in the second phase — 10-20 h. It is removed only in the form of metabolites by kidneys and a liver. T1/2 is 24 h.

Indications to use

Protection from pregnancy.


  • active diseases of a liver, benign or malignant tumors of a liver;
  • vaginal bleedings of the obscure etiology;
  • pregnancy and feeding by a breast;
  • idiopathic hypertensia, stroke, stenocardia, heart attack;
  • disturbances of coagulant system;
  • the complicated diabetes mellitus;
  • hormonedependent tumors of a mammary gland;
  • focal neurologic symptoms, cerebrovascular disturbances, migraine;
  • anticonvulsant and/or antitubercular drugs;
  • existence of thromboses or risk of venous/arterial thrombosis;
  • hypersensitivity to drug.

Side effects

Miniziston 20 fy can cause the following undesirable reactions:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • allergic reactions;
  • change of mood, migraine, headache;
  • morbidity and increase in mammary glands;
  • decrease in a libido;
  • increase in weight;
  • liquid delay in an organism.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Dragees accept daily one after another which is specified on packaging, the time of day is desirable in one and too. Dragees accept without interruption within 21 days. After a week break (cancellation bleeding is most often noted at this time) begin to accept a dragee from the following packaging. It is not terrible if bleeding does not come to an end until the beginning of reception of new dragees.

If earlier hormonal contraceptives were not applied

Reception is begun in the first day of monthly bleeding. If reception of a dragee is begun for 2-5 day of a cycle, then it is necessary to apply barrier contraception (condom) within a week.

Transition from the other combined contraceptives

Miniziston 20 fy accept next day after the last active tablet of any contraceptive drug or after a week break for drugs which contain 21 tablets and after reception of an inactive tablet from 28 tablets.

Transition from gestageny contraceptives (injection drugs, "mini-drank")

With "mini-drank transition" is carried out without interruption in any day, in day of removal of an implant, or in day of the next injection. Barrier contraception within a week is anyway used.

After the abortion made in the first trimester

Reception is begun immediately, and in that case in additional contraception there is no need.

After the delivery

It is recommended to begin reception of a dragee for 21-28 day after the delivery. If administration of drug is begun later, barrier contraception within a week in that case is in parallel used.
Before use of drug it is recommended to pass gynecologic inspection and survey of the therapist.

At reception of the combined contraceptives in the adaptation period (the first 3-4 months) irregular bleedings can develop (from "smearing" to breakthrough).
At development of terrible complication — venous/arterial thrombosis (hypostasis or a unilateral scelalgia, a sudden stethalgia, a sudden asthma or a fit of coughing, the severe not passing headache, sight loss, a "acute" stomach, an anesthesia, disturbance of the speech) immediately to see a doctor!

The risk of venous/arterial thrombosis increases with age and at the smoking women.


Meets extremely seldom. It is shown by symptoms: nausea, vomiting, bloody allocations at not giving birth girls.

Treatment consists in carrying out symptomatic therapy.


At combined use with antibiotics of a tetracycline row and an ampitsillinama the level of ethinylestradiol decreases and the contraceptive effect decreases, breakthrough bleedings develop.

During reception of Rifampicin and after its cancellation 28 days barrier contraception has to be used.

Drugs Phenytoinum, Primidonum, barbiturates, Carbamazepine, Okskarbazepin, Felbamat, Griseofulvin increase clearance of ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel that reduces reliability of contraception and causes bleedings. At reception of these drugs and within a week after their cancellation the barrier method of contraception is in addition used.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature no more than 25 Pages.

Period of validity

3 years.


Ovidon, Trigestrel, Triziston, Oralkon, Anteovin, Mikroginon.

Responses Miniziston 20 fy

Many women make the choice of this or that contraceptive means, based on recommendations of the doctor and considering the financial position. Every fourth woman gets contraceptives without recommendations, proceeding from own knowledge and responses of girlfriends that is not absolutely correct. Their appointment has to be after gynecologic and endocrinological inspection. Only the doctor is guided in difficult classification of contraceptives and can correctly choose drug.

Each tablet of the combined oral contraceptives contain estrogen and progestins. In monophase drugs which treat Miniziston 20 fy of Logest, Marvelon, Mersilon, Mikroginon and other all tablets in packaging have constant structure, so, in blood throughout all cycle identical concentration of oestrogenic and gestagenny components is created. At two-phase contraceptives the dose of a gestagenny component in the second phase of a cycle raises, and at three-phase — the dose of gestagen raises in steps in 3 stages. From the point of view of physiology of two — and the three-phase combined drugs imitate change of level of hormones at a menstrual cycle more precisely.

Responses Miniziston 20 fy are reduced to the fact that in most cases women are happy with result as they accepted drug a long time (from 2 to 5 years) and had no by-effects.

At many women by-effects were shown by increase in weight, emergence of cellulitis and "vascular asterisks" standing, the nausea expressed by drowsiness, sharp differences of mood, decrease by a libido, a hair loss, a headache. In certain cases after drug withdrawal lack of periods from 3 to 9 months was noted. Some women, imparting the bitter experience, do not advise in general to accept oral contraceptives.

This drug can be used for the emergency post-coital contraception according to the special scheme. However, gynecologists do not advise often to resort to such method of contraception as it can cause disturbances of a menstrual cycle. This method is one-time, it is possible to tell "emergency", and should not be applied during several menstrual cycles.


  • Miniziston 20th fy No. 21 drazhebayer Schering of Farm of AG
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