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  • Latin name: Minisiston
  • ATH code: G03AA07
  • Active ingredient: Levonorgestrel + Ethinylestradiol
  • Producer: Bayer Shering Farma of AG (Germany)


Active components: levonorgestrel (125 mkg), ethinylestradiol (30 mkg).

Release form


Pharmacological action

The combined contraceptive drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The principle of action is based on suppression of secretion of gonadotropic hormones by a hypophysis. Medicine does not influence a metabolism.

Ethinylestradiol strengthens contraceptive effect of levonorgestrel.

Regular use of drug normalizes a menstrual cycle, is prevention of new growths.

Indications to use

Miniziston appoint at disturbances of a menstrual cycle of functional genesis (a premenstrual syndrome, a dysmenorrhea in the absence of the organic reasons, functional metrorrhagias).

Drug is appointed as a contraceptive.


Miniziston do not appoint at tumors of a liver, an inborn hyperbilirubinemia, intolerance of the main a component, malignant new growths, at a thrombembolia, heart diseases, a diabetes mellitus of heavy genesis, chronic hemolitic anemia, idiopathic jaundice, an otosclerosis, an inborn lipidemia, Marfan's syndrome, to women 40 years are more senior.

At epilepsy, diseases of a gall bladder, liver, ulcer colitis, tuberculosis, a depression, epilepsy, a hysteromyoma, a disease of kidneys, mastopathies are appointed with care after consultation of specialists.

Side effects

Miniziston can cause decrease in a libido, a nagrubaniye of mammary glands, nausea, headaches, voice coarsening, conjunctivitis, emergence of bloody, intermenstrual allocations, vomiting. Prolonged use can cause hloazma, a generalized itch, decrease in hearing, fibrinferment, increase of a blood pressure, decrease in tolerance to glucose, vagina candidiasis, diarrhea, venous thromboembolisms.

Miniziston, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Miniziston accept on one dragee inside once a day.

Treatment is begun in the first day of periods, tablets accept 21 days then do a week break during which similar allocations come menstrualno.

Miniziston in one and too is recommended to accept daily time.


Nausea, vomiting or vulval bleeding are possible. It is necessary to see a doctor.


Streptocides, antiepileptic drugs, barbiturates strengthen a metabolism of steroid hormones of medicine.

At co-administration of antimicrobic medicines decrease in contraceptive effect can be noted that is explained by changes in composition of intestinal microflora.

In need of purpose of hypoglycemic medicines, indirect anticoagulants carrying out correction of their dosage is necessary.

Terms of sale

The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

In the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than five years.

Special instructions

The reliable contraceptive effect is reached in the 2nd cycle of reception of medicine Miniziston. Monophase drugs are not appointed with the preventive, medical purpose.

Fertility recovers in 1-3 months after medicine phase-out.

Each half a year carrying out gynecologic, all-medical examination is obligatory.

Miniziston is allocated with breast milk.

Emergence of bloody allocations during treatment is possible.


Analogs it is possible to call drugs Mikroginon, Ovosept.


  • Miniziston 20th fy No. 21 drazhebayer Schering of Farm of AG
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Education: Graduated from the Bashkir state medical university majoring in "Medical business". In 2011 gained the diploma and the certificate in Therapy. In 2012 received 2 certificate and the diploma in "Functional diagnosis" and "Cardiology". In 2013 completed courses on "Topical issues of otorhinolaryngology in therapy". In 2014 completed advanced training courses in "A clinical echocardiography" and courses in "Medical rehabilitation".

Experience: From 2011 to 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa worked as the therapist and the cardiologist in MBUZ. Since 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa works as the cardiologist and the doctor of functional diagnosis in MBUZ.

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