Urine with blood

Blood in urine at women and men in modern medicine is defined by the term a hamaturia.

How blood in urine is shown?

If blood in urine is found in the person, then this phenomenon is expressed by change of coloring of urine because of hit in it red blood cells.

In medicine the hamaturia can be subdivided into two versions — a gross hematuria and a microhematuria, it is dependent on that how many blood gets to urine. At a gross hematuria blood in urine at men and women is noticeable to a naked eye in connection with the expressed urine discoloration. At a microhematuria amount of blood in urine very small therefore it is possible to define its existence only after carrying out laboratory researches. Therefore, the occult blood in urine is defined only after the analysis of urine is carried out.

The broken norm of blood in urine can demonstrate development of serious diseases of urinogenital system. Specialists consider such symptom as the sign indicating explicit communication of an illness with a condition of kidneys.

At establishment of the diagnosis the doctor very attentively asks the patient on that, how exactly there is blood from a bladder as it indicates features of a disease. Sometimes a little blood is emitted prior to the beginning of an urination, or blood can be washed away by the first portion of urine. In that case etiologies are connected with urethra pathologies.

If the cause of illness is connected with a bladder, then blood appears together with allocation of the last portions of urine. At diseases of kidneys there is a uniform coloring of urine red blood cells.

Therefore for more exact determination of features of manifestation of a hamaturia doctors carry out special test for which the patient needs to gather serially at an urination urine in three capacities later to compare coloring of urine and to define blood in the analysis of urine.

Why there is blood in urine?

Норма крови в мочеThe blood reasons in urine are connected with diseases of kidneys, a bladder and other bodies of urinogenital system of the person. Even if visually or in the analysis of urine blood appears in insignificant quantities, it is necessary to conduct surely examination and to define what means blood in urine in this case. At the same time it is necessary to consider that serious illnesses develop at people of mature age more often.

The answer to a question why blood in urine appears, should be looked for together with the specialist urologist. The reasons of such phenomenon can be much. Sometimes to define why urine with blood, allows poll of the patient, such symptom can be a consequence of recently postponed injury or infectious disease. If conglomerates or new growths are found in the person, then to define why there is periodically in urine blood, follows taking into account this pathology.

Urine with blood at men is emitted in the presence of inborn pathologies of kidneys, at disturbance of a svorachivayemost of the blood connected with diseases or with reception of some medicines. If the analysis showed availability of blood in urine, then the existence reasons can be also connected with diseases of vessels, a papillary necrosis.

Infectious diseases — the frequent reason that urine with blood at women and men appears. This symptom is characteristic of tuberculosis of a bladder or kidneys, purulent processes in urinogenital system. There is blood in urine at cystitis and an urethritis.

It is necessary to carry out very carefully diagnosis as the reasons of clots in urine can be connected with oncological pathology of a bladder. It is impossible to delay diagnosis at all if in urine there is blood with clots as not always at such symptom at the person cystitis or other easily curable disease develops.

At injuries and blows of people can sustain the injuries connected with a rupture of a kidney or bladder. When coloring urine in reddish color or if at an urination there are clots, it is important to conduct immediately ultrasonic research or other researches which will be appointed by the doctor.

Sometimes there is a clot or there is blood after too strong exercise stress at which at the person arterial pressure significantly increases. As a result, in kidneys the blood stream increases and there is a disturbance in their balls.

Моча с кровью и заболевания почек The hamaturia which is shown at the woman during periods demonstrates development of endometriosis of a bladder. If emergence of blood in urine is observed after sexual intercourse, then at the woman, most likely, post-coital cystitis develops. This disease – a consequence of influence of pathogenic microflora which gets to urinary bodies during sexual intercourse.

Except the reasons described above in urine can lead to emergence of blood also other diseases. It is a prostate cancer, a hyperplasia, a glomerulonephritis, etc. Urine coloring by blood can demonstrate development of anemia, diabetes, a lupus, venereal diseases. Blood in urine and Calais can demonstrate existence of internal injuries.

What reason would not lead to this phenomenon, treatment of blood in urine should be carried out immediately.

Blood in urine at children most often appears at incidence of a glomerulonephritis. Besides, this symptom sometimes testifies to urethra injuries infectious diseases. Blood in urine at the child also appears in the presence of stones in kidneys. At children emergence of blood in urine is connected also with the fact that blood vessels at them more brittle.

Very serious and causing fear symptom – blood in urine at pregnancy. Its emergence can signal about inflammatory processes, an infection, polyps, emergence of tumors, etc.

However if color of urine at the pregnant woman changed, then it does not demonstrate availability of blood in it yet. Sometimes color of urine changes after the use of some products, medicines. Therefore it is possible to tell about existence in urine of blood only after carrying out laboratory analyses. Quite often at pregnant women infectious diseases of urinogenital system develop. The most often future mothers are disturbed by displays of cystitis and pyelonephritis. In certain cases the inflammation at the pregnant woman passes without the expressed signs, and it is possible to define its existence only after detection of blood in urine in laboratory analyses. But more often at inflammatory diseases of urinogenital system the woman feels periodic pain in the bottom of a stomach. Also body temperature can rise, there is a burning sensation in the course of an urination.

In the presence of blood at the pregnant woman it is possible to suspect existence of injury of kidneys, a bladder, urinary tract of urine. If in bodies of urinogenital system there are stones, and they move a little, it can also cause pain and coloring of urine blood.

Sometimes blood in urine at the pregnant woman appears owing to less serious reasons. For example, the strong pressure of a uterus can injure a bladder. Also this symptom is caused by hormonal changes in an organism. In this case doctors will define an idiopathic hamaturia which does not threaten health of the woman and a fruit.

But anyway at urine discoloration future mother has to consult surely with the doctor.

How to get rid of blood in urine?

Моча с кровьюTo carry out treatment of that illness which provoked urine coloring by blood it is necessary to define first of all the reason which provoked a course of a disease.

First of all it is necessary to carry out laboratory analyses of urine, blood. The doctor takes smears which allow to define development of a tumor. Also internal inspection of a bladder and the channel with use a cytoosprey is performed.

Informative research is the tomography and ultrasonic research which covers area of kidneys and a basin. If when carrying out researches there is such need, the biopsy for confirmation or an exception of oncology is carried out.

Blood in urine is a symptom of a certain disease. To get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary to carry out complex treatment by an illness basis.

In certain cases for a bleeding stop to the patient drugs which stop bleeding are appointed. These are the drugs Dicynonum, Vikasolum, Calcium chloratum (10% solution), aminocapronic acid.

If it is about existence of concrements in bodies of urinogenital system, then all measures are taken to facilitate process of their otkhozhdeniye. These are thermal procedures, spasmolysants. If the stone cannot leave independently, then cystoscopic extraction or a surgery is appointed. At infectious diseases therapy by antibiotics is appointed.

If the injury of a kidney at which ruptures of fabrics and a hematoma were formed took place, then without fail it is necessary to perform emergency a surgery.

At a chronic hamaturia reception of vitamins of group B and the drugs containing iron is shown.

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