The milkwoman is a disease of infectious character which development is provoked by drozhzhepodobny fungi of the sort Candida. As a rule, these fungi are present at insignificant quantities at healthy people in skin and a mucous membrane of vaginal area. At the same time they do not do noticeable harm in view of preventing them to excessive reproduction from healthy immune system of the person, and also because of presence of other bacteria.

As a rule, signs of the milkwoman begin to appear in case of lowering as the general, and local immunity. The fungus of Candida chooses for existence those parts of a body where high humidity and heat and to which air difficult gets is observed. So in a vagina this infection is shown most often. At the same time the milkwoman at newborns often appears in swaddling zones. Also this fungus can infect an oral cavity and inguinal area at the milkwoman at men.

Milkwoman's symptoms

What is the milkwoman, knows most of modern women. If to consider all diseases at which as a symptom allocations from a vagina are shown then the milkwoman is the second for extent of distribution by an illness after a bacterial vaginosis. Symptoms of the milkwoman are shown by emergence of the allocations provoked by Candida fungus. These allocations have white color, a cream consistence. They can sometimes be watery. As the milkwoman's symptoms the severe itch is also sometimes shown, redness, the feeling is noticeable discomfort or pain in a vagina. On vulvar lips of the woman the white plaque can appear. In rare instances, the woman can sometimes feel some pain in the course of sexual contact.

The milkwoman's symptoms in certain cases can be rather insignificant and independently disappear. But nevertheless, as a rule, specially picked up therapy is applied to treatment of the milkwoman.

In the presence of the described symptoms it is not necessary to suspect manifestation of the milkwoman at once. For vulval allocations there are many various reasons. Therefore with complaints to expected symptoms of the milkwoman at women it is the best of all to address the specialist immediately.

Milkwoman's reasons

Most of women have this illness, at least, once in life. The milkwoman at women can sometimes be shown without existence of certain reasons. But nevertheless specialists allocate some factors which can serve as the milkwoman's reasons. At the healthy woman the vagina contains a quantity of slime and a certain set of bacteria which effectively protect a vagina from fungi of Candida and a number of other harmful microbes. But at influence of some factors similar protection can be broken. These natural protective forces can be broken in certain situations. So, the milkwoman's symptoms at women are often shown during incubation of the child, in the presence of a diabetes mellitus, after acceptance of a rate of drugs antibiotics.

As the major factors influencing emergence of the milkwoman at women it should be noted existence of chronic diseases, disturbances of a hormonal background, long reception of hormonal medicines (Prednisolonum, dexamethasone, Methypredum). Also manifestation of the milkwoman can provoke genital herpes, chronic illnesses of intestines, the intestinal dysbiosis provoked both by reception of antibiotics, and abuse of sweet.

Often signs of the milkwoman can be shown at those people who have certain problems with immunity. Developing of this disease at those who transferred a chemotherapy course is quite possible, accepted high doses of steroid drugs, etc.

Diagnosis of the milkwoman

МолочницаGenerally diagnosis of the milkwoman is made on a basis existence of symptoms and milkwoman's signs. Important in the course of diagnosis to consider also the milkwoman's reasons. In the presence of doubt in diagnosis accuracy the specialist takes from the patient smears for the subsequent laboratory analysis. Further the bacterioscopy is carried out: the painted smear is studied in vitro on flora. If in a smear disputes or a mycelium of fungi are found, then the doctor makes the diagnosis "the true milkwoman" (candidiasis).

Efficiency of therapy is defined approximately in a week by receiving a repeated smear or by bacteriological research.

Treatment of the milkwoman

Today for treatment of the milkwoman rather widespread method is local therapy of this disease. This method of treatment assumes that in the course of therapy special creams or candles which should be entered into the patient's vagina are used, using at the same time the special applicator. These medicamentous drugs contain antifungal substances which effectively influence Candida fungus. In most cases for elimination of the milkwoman women have enough only one dose of modern local means. But the doctor can sometimes advise to continue treatment with use of antifungal means, applying it on a mucous membrane of an entrance to a vagina. This procedure needs to be repeated for several days. It is especially important to continue treatment of an illness if at the milkwoman the woman felt an itch.

Treatment of this illness is effectively carried out also with use of special tablets today. In view of specific influence of system drugs (tablets) they first of all work in intestines, after that are soaked up in blood and get into other bodies. Therefore destruction of the centers of the milkwoman by means of this method is more efficient.

As a rule, similar means make on the basis of two different active ingredients. So, means flukonazol should be accepted once, and drug itrakonazol is accepted by two times for one day. These medicines, as a rule, do not provoke emergence of side effects, however before use of these drugs it is necessary to get advice of the experienced doctor. Besides by means of these tablets it is impossible to treat the milkwoman at pregnancy or at nursing mothers. At treatment of the milkwoman at women by means of tablets also use of antifungal creams sometimes is in addition appointed.

But in some cases the described methods of treatment of the milkwoman can not have due efficiency. There are some reasons for which treatment can not work. First of all, expected signs of the milkwoman actually can be symptoms of other diseases. Vulval allocations are not a symptom only of the milkwoman. Besides this illness can develop also owing to other infection. So, in some exceptional cases influence of other strain of a fungus of Candida — Candida glabrata becomes the reasons of the milkwoman. In comparison with a disease which provokes a "usual" strain of Candida albicans treatment of such illness demands use of other means.

Also very frequent recurrence of the milkwoman arises at patients with a diabetes mellitus (the person can sometimes not suspect about existence of a disease), and also on condition of too frequent reception of antibiotics.

Often for treatment of the milkwoman recommend use of folk remedies. Those are biokefir, use of trays for change of microflora of a vagina with addition of soda and vinegar, tampons with impregnation by oil of a tea tree. However about the expressed efficiency of similar media is not present.

The milkwoman at men

Now what is the milkwoman, know not only women, but also men. However if at the man whose sexual partner is sick with the milkwoman symptoms of this disease are not shown, then treatment of an illness is not required. The milkwoman at men is shown by emergence of reddening of a penis and the subsequent display of an itch and morbidity of a balanus and prepuce. Small hypostasis can be also observed, and on a head of a penis the curdled plaque with a sourish smell is sometimes formed. The patient can sometimes feel some discomfort at an urination and sexual intercourse.

If the man has no similar symptoms, then he cannot infect the partner with the milkwoman. One more distinguishing character of the milkwoman at men is that the illness is transmitted to the stronger sex mainly sexually, but not in the course of infection with a fungus. However at contact with the sick woman only about 40% of men get sick.

The milkwoman at pregnancy

МолочницаEspecially often the milkwoman at pregnancy meets. The factor provoking beneficial effect to development of fungi is pregnancy in view of noticeable change of a hormonal background. Therefore, even that woman who never in life had candidiasis during incubation of the child can learn what is the milkwoman.

At the same time display of candidiasis, as well as other infectious diseases, is especially dangerous. The milkwoman can complicate the course of pregnancy, and also in the presence of this illness the risk of infection of future kid considerably increases.

In spite of the fact that the milkwoman at pregnancy is shown much more more often than the milkwoman at women in a usual state, it is impossible to call it the normal phenomenon. Therefore, it is necessary to treat this disease without fail.

For treatment of the milkwoman at pregnant women it is not necessary to use drugs of systemic action as they have a number of side effects and too high level of toxicity. So to pregnant women, as a rule, appoint reception of less effective remedies — nystatin and a pimafutsin. However the most preferable option of treatment of candidiasis at pregnant women are local means.

Besides, during pregnancy it is possible to apply dl of treatment of this illness of means with antiseptic and antiinflammatory influence. It is, first of all, Sodium tetraborate solution in glycerin and brilliant green. By means of the specified means a mycelium will be removed from vagina walls mechanically.

The complex of treatment of candidiasis at pregnant women, as a rule, includes also vitamins, immunomodulators in view of need of the general strengthening of immunity of the woman. However all medicines can be accepted only after detailed consultation of the doctor.

The milkwoman at children

If the milkwoman was diagnosed for the pregnant woman, then approximately in the two third cases also the milkwoman at newborns will be shown. At manifestation of the milkwoman at children the illness generally extends in an oral cavity (this disease call also candidosis stomatitis). As a rule, the milkwoman at children begins to be shown approximately for 12-15 day of life. The main signs of the milkwoman in this case – a whitish fur, the sky and on a surface of cheeks. At the first manifestations of the milkwoman at children it is necessary to address the pediatrician immediately. As a rule, local therapy is in that case appointed.

Prevention of the milkwoman

To prevent recurrence of candidiasis, it is necessary to pass, first of all, necessary researches for definition of the reason of its emergence. The woman has to watch whether nature of usual allocations from a vagina changes constantly.

That acidity of a vagina was constantly normal, it is necessary to implement some recommendations. First of all, it is necessary to select underwear correctly. Ideally it has to be sewed from cotton or have special cotton inserts. In a warm season it is not necessary to wear tights or other linen which very densely adjoins to a body and, as a result, provokes development of an infection.

After bathing it is necessary to replace a wet bathing suit which forms the favorable environment for development of a fungus. After washing or bathing it is necessary to wipe carefully skin in an intimate zone to avoid excessive humidity. At the same time the wipe has to be made by the movements in order to avoid hit in an infection vagina back. It is important that all toilet accessories were personal: others things cannot use categorically. You should not use the cosmetics irritating skin in a vagina.

It is not necessary to eat constantly a lot of sweet food which influences change of acidity of a vagina and, as a result, on reproduction of fungi.

Whenever possible it is necessary to refuse reception of antibiotics, and also to avoid stressful situations and excessive emotions.

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