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  • Latin name: Mumijo
  • ATH code: A16AX
  • Active ingredient: Mumiye (Mumijo)
  • Producer: PAO Monfarm, Ukraine; LLC Sashera-Med, Pharmaceutical company "Evalar", CJSC Fionda, Russia; KRKA, Slovenia


Both properties, and structure of a mummy are rather difficult. Mumiye is the unique substance consisting more than of 80 various components.

The structure of a mummy differs in inconstancy and depends on in what environment it arises. So, of what do various tablets, ointments and curative tinctures?

The natural substance purified of impurity represents elastic brilliant biomass which resembles pitch superficially. Color its homogeneous, varies from brown to black.

The product has a specific balsam smell in which impurity of oil and bitter chocolate, and also a note of a wormwood and a juniper are felt. Its taste — bitterish.

What the mummy consists of?

Such elements as cobalt, silicon, aluminum, manganese, lead, iron, magnesium, calcium, nickel, lead, titanium, phosphorus allowed to reveal a chemical and spectral analysis of natural mix in its structure.

There are at it also essential oils, amino acids (including including zoomelanoidinovy acid), fatty acids, apitoxin, vitamin P and vitamins of group B, pitch, the humic bases, and also a number of substances which properties remain not up to the end studied to this day.

Release form

As active component substance is a part of tablets, oil tinctures, pills, creams, ointments, water extracts, applications. Also it is issued in capsules, in the form of rectal and vaginal suppositories, aqueous-alcoholic tinctures.

Pharmacological action

The mummy belongs to group of the medicines exerting impact on a condition of a digestive tract and the course of metabolic processes.

Drug possesses the regenerating, immunomodulatory, antiedematous, antiinflammatory, disintoxication, moderate bactericidal, mucolytic and sekretomotorny action.

It regulates the exchange processes proceeding in an organism, has reparative and adaptogenny effect. Normalizes indicators of a condition of links of humoral, cellular immunity, level of cholesterol, hemoglobin, erythrocytes and leukocytes in a blood plasma, and also increases production of endogenous interferon and NK cells. Accelerates an union of a bone tissue after injuries and cells of a liver after the postponed hepatitis (both virus, and toxic), has the expressed antioxidant effect and protects membranes of cells from damages.

In the form of rectal and vaginal suppositories of a mummy promotes decrease in number of recurrence at frequent inflammatory gynecologic diseases, recovers microflora of mucous, has positive effect at hemorrhoids, removes the causes provoking pathological changes in a rectum and also prevents development of their negative effects.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Useful properties of a mummy of Altai are defined by presence at its structure of a large number micro and macrocells which are balanced on the physiological effect which had by them on a human body.

Substance exerts impact on proteinaceous, lipidic, water-salt, carbohydrate and mineral exchanges, and also on the course of oxidation-reduction processes.

The components which are contained in it take part in processes of reproduction and growth of an organism, in a hemogenesis and processes of forming of immunity.

It is supposed that the stimulating effect of substance is shown even at the cellular level and that its components accelerate processes of division and increase in number of cells, activate an exchange of nucleic acids and proteins that is extremely necessary at a number of serious diseases.

The mummy possesses ability to kumulirovatsya in an organism: process of its elimination proceeds rather slowly thanks to what the mummy has the prolonged effect.

Indications to use: that the mummy in various dosage forms treats

Use of a mummy is reasonable at the most various diseases. It is used both as medical and as a prophylactic. For prevention it is appointed at disturbances of a lipidic exchange, psychoemotional and physical overworks, stresses.

To the weakened patients, people of old age and children reception of substance in the preventive purposes allows to increase resistance of an organism to adverse factors.

From what the mummy in the form of candles helps?

In the form of suppositories drug is appointed for treatment of proctal cracks, a paraproctitis, an inflammation of hemorrhoidal nodes, necrotic - ulcer processes in a rectum wall.

Use mumiyo cleared in gynecology is shown at inflammatory diseases which are followed by erosive damages of a neck of uterus.

Indications to use of tablets and other dosage forms

Use of a mummy in tablets and other dosage forms is shown for treatment:

  • diseases of skeletal and muscular system, wounds (including purulent and infected);
  • fractures, stretchings, dislocations, bruises;
  • the neuralgia connected with injuries and diseases of skeletal and muscular system;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • diseases of the alimentary system and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways;
  • bone and tubercular processes;
  • gynecologic diseases;
  • diseases of peripheral nervous trunks;
  • periodontosis;
  • thrombophlebitis of deep veins;
  • intestines atonies;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • glaucomas;
  • gastritis;
  • inflammations of a mammary gland;
  • inflammations of a middle ear;
  • purulent otitis;
  • antritis;
  • headaches;
  • the states which are followed by dyspepsia symptoms;
  • stutters;
  • the diseases affecting mucous oral cavities, teeth, gums;
  • brain stroke;
  • decrease in immunity and vitality;
  • paralysis;
  • burns, abscesses, spots;
  • oncological diseases;
  • epilepsies;
  • postinfarction states etc.

Also it is used for treatment of infertility at men and women, and also for recovery of the weakened sexual function and a gipreaspermiya at men.

Contraindications on a mummy

In addition to useful properties there are also contraindications on mumiyo. So, means should not be accepted to people with hypersensitivity to it, children till two years, and also to pregnant women and women who nurse.

Before accepting in a mummy or to use it in the form of candles, it is necessary to consult with the doctor to estimate potential advantage and contraindications to use.

Side effects

Side and toxic effects against use gold a mummy in tablets or suppositories develop extremely seldom. As a rule, they are connected with individual sensitivity to components of drug and are expressed as symptoms of an allergy.

Application instruction of a mummy

Use of means in the form of suppositories

Candles from a mummy possess intensive recovery operation. They are intended both for rectal, and for vaginal use. Depending on the made diagnosis they are entered deeply into a vagina or into a rectum.

In an acute phase of a disease to adult patients about one suppository twice a day, is recommended to put at regular intervals. Treatment is carried out by two ten-day courses, the interval between which makes seven days.

To children whose age is more senior than two years enter on one suppository a day. The course of treatment lasts ten days. In need of it repeat.

To adult patients in the preventive purposes, and also if the disease proceeds benign, it is recommended to enter candles on one for one month. Preventive courses are allowed to be repeated bucketed in 3-6 months.

How to accept mummies in tablets?

Most of doctors in recommendations how to accept drug in tablets, is specified that an optimum daily dose is the dose equal to 0,2 g of pure substance.

There are many recommendations how to drink mummies. Most often it is appointed to accept on one tablet two or three of time a day for 10-12 days with a repeated course after a 10-day break. It is optimum to take a pill in 20-30 minutes prior to food.

In the instruction on a mummy gold in tablets it is noted that treatment of stomach ulcer assumes carrying out a continuous course of administration of drug within 18-28 days. Depending on severity of a disease purpose from 0,2 to 0,5 g of pure substance in days is recommended.

At treatment of ulcer colitis to patients appoint daily to accept 0,2-0,3 g, supplementing therapy with enemas with 1% - ny solution of a mummy. Put them every other day, a substance dose same, as for oral administration.

Recommendations about use of dosage forms for external use

At treatment of the patients suffering from skin diseases bandages with 1-2% aqueous solution or 2-3% ointment are applied.

Burns and abscesses treat with use of 1-3% ointments or solutions. Affected areas should be processed whenever possible as often as possible.

Therapy is quite often supplemented with purpose of tablets of a mummy for oral administration. A daily dose of pure substance — 0,5 g. Treatment is carried out by ten-day courses, maintaining between them five-day intervals.

Interests many how to part mummies. To answer this question unambiguously rather difficult as at different diseases ways of cultivation of this substance, as well as dosages of ingredients for preparation of medical mix, significantly differ.

Inflammatory diseases of an ear treat, using mix from 0,35 g of pure substance, juice of immature grapes and pure rose attar. The consistence of mix has to be such that the share of active agent in it made from 1 to 3% (depending on a clinical situation).

For treatment of diseases of joints (for example, polyarthritis) 4 g of pure substance mix from 60 ml of water. Accept the received mix on a teaspoon once a day (on a hungry stomach). It is recommended to conduct four courses, maintaining between them four-months breaks.

From all kinds of cancer use of a mummy in a combination with an aloe is considered effective. At the same time it is important that the age of a plant was more than three years. For preparation of medical mix of 0,4 kg of leaves of an aloe crush via the meat grinder and mix with a bottle (0,7 l) of the strong red wine which is previously warmed up up to the temperature of 37 °C from grapes and 0,5 l of honey. In mix dissolve 2 grams of pure substance and for a week move away her to insist in the dark cool place. The proprietary medicine is taken within a month on one teaspoon by three times a day approximately for an hour to food then the dose is increased to one tablespoon. Frequency rate of receptions remains former.

In this dosage means is accepted within two months. In cases when in it there is a need, the course of treatment is repeated. The indispensable condition — wine has to be natural. Red grape wine is pernicious for cancer cells.

For treatment of a hypertension use mummy mix (0,2 g) with a Labrador tea (2 parts), a sushenitsa (3 parts), a motherwort (3 parts). Collecting herbs within 10 minutes is warmed up on the water bath then insist 3-4 hours and add a mummy.

The proprietary medicine is taken by three times a day on 0,5 glasses (for half an hour to food). Means is effective if the first or second stage of an illness is diagnosed, however, it cannot be accepted at heart failure and the increased risk of a myocardial infarction.

How to drink mummies at changes

At changes of a mummy accept within three weeks. Treatment requires about 40 g of pure substance. For preparation of solution of 2 g of substance dissolve in 100 ml of water.

Within ten days solution is accepted inside on a tablespoon by three times a day before food. In the next days the dose is increased to 1,5 tablespoons.

The application instruction of a mummy of Altai recommends as well other scheme of reception. Following it, 7 days drink means on one teaspoon three times a day before food, in the next 7 days increase a dose to a tablespoon, in the remained 7 days — to two tablespoons.

It is allowed also at changes use of a mummy inside in pure form. Accept it within six days, washing down with a glass of milk. The daily dose makes 5 g, frequency rate of receptions — 3.

Reception at changes at elderly people of drug significantly accelerates scarring of a bone tissue, recovers composition of blood, normalizes the level of calcium and effectively removes an inflammation.

Oral administration is recommended to be supplemented with use of ointment or cream from a mummy. It is reasonable to also elderly people to accept drug of the Evalar company "Mountain D3 calcium from a mummy". It allows to fill shortage of calcium which is observed at most of people of old age.

Mummy from an allergy

At an allergy of 1 g of substance dissolve in one liter of warm water. Means is accepted once a day. The dose depends on age of the patient: for children of a year to three it makes 50 ml, children from 4 to 7 years solution are given on 70 ml, after 8 flyings — on 100 ml.

In case of a severe allergy add one more reception (afternoon), however, at the same time reduce a dose twice. For fixing of effect of solution reception it is necessary to continue therapy not less than twenty days

Effect of drug rather strong. About a mummy from an allergy demonstrate that means in the first days of treatment removes even strong puffiness of a mucous membrane of a throat.

Mummy from spots

From spots on the face and on a body use 3% solution of a mummy. For its preparation 3 g of substance dissolve in 100 ml of the boiled or distilled water. It is necessary to put it on the inflamed spots and eels as often as possible.

About a mummy from spots demonstrate that not the smaller effect of means can be gained, having added 5 g of substance to the face cream. It is possible to use it in a day (cream needs to be drawn). Cream is applied with a thin layer fingers (better before going to bed), without rubbing.

How to apply mummies from extensions (tablets and cream)

Found the greatest application of a mummy in treatment of fractures of bones, however, very few people know that it also is very effective remedy against extensions. There is rather large number of councils how to part it for preparation of oily mixes and creams with essential oils.

The most popular is the recipe from a mummy and children's cream from extensions. For preparation of curative structure it is necessary to take mummy tablets (from 10 to 20 tablets of 0,2 g or from 2 to 4 g of pure substance) and to dissolve them in a small amount of the warmish purified water.

Further the turned-out strong solution is connected to children's cream and well stirred before receiving homogeneous mass.

The cream prepared according to this recipe from extensions from a mummy is intended for daily use. Means with evenly thin layer is applied on skin and slightly rubbed. It is necessary to apply it to the best effect from three to four months. Ready cream is stored in the refrigerator.

Numerous positive About cream from a mummy from extensions demonstrate that against regular use of this structure of an extension gradually brighten and become less noticeable.

Photo before use of cream from extensions with mummy tablets:
Фото до и после применения крема от растяжек с таблетками мумие
Use for hair

Use of a mummy Altai in tablets for treatment of hair allows to improve significantly outward of hair, relieves of a problem of split ends, reduces the number of the dropped-out hairs, prevents premature baldness.

In reviews of mummy tablets for hair almost all, tried this means, note that, having just added several gram of pure substance to hair shampoo, it is possible to achieve really remarkable results: hair become smooth, silky and grow much quicker.

The Mummy for hair can be added not only to shampoos, but also to broths of the herbs which are traditionally used for rinsing of hair (for example, to broth of a root of a burdock or leaves of mint), and to masks.

Warm broth of a root of a burdock (temperature should not exceed 40 degrees because otherwise the mummy loses the properties) with 3-4 grams of substance is a fine dandruff medicine. Broth is used for rubbing in in roots of hair or as a conditioner.

Mummy for the person

The mummy for the person — responses to that confirmation is the fine means allowing to improve skin color, to increase its turgor, to eliminate wrinkles, spots and dark stains, to remove an inflammation. Use of a mummy in cosmetology promotes rejuvenation of skin, accelerates its regeneration, and also carefully cleans pores and removes toxins.

For healthy color and elasticity of skin of 5 grams of pure substance dissolve in a tablespoon of warmish water and mix with contents of a hundred-gram tube of children's cream. Cream is applied on face skin and necks with easy roundabouts (without rubbing) once a day.

For a face pack pure substance can be mixed with egg (with protein at fat skin, with a yolk at dry), honey, rose attar (such mask possesses promotes healing of skin), calendula broth (allows to cure skin of spots), honey, oil jojoba, lemon juice (such mask is recommended for problem skin, besides, it clarifies skin) and other ingredients.

To get rid of wrinkles, face packs need to be done once in ten days.

The rejuvenating effect can achieve, using also face toner with wine. For its preparation 2 g of pure substance dissolve in dry red wine (0,5 glasses). Before use mix has to be drawn during about half an hour.

Mummy from cellulitis

Also many comments about a mummy from cellulitis are left. It is possible to get rid of ugly hillocks on hips and buttocks, using mummies with children's cream (2 g of the substance divorced in water on 100 g of desky cream) or mixing it with a tablespoon of essential oil — rosemary, mint or orange.

Both cream, and oil mix are rubbed in skin of problem zones once a day (in the evening, before going to bed).

Use from scars and hems

From scars and hems use mix from 2 g of the pure substance (which is previously divorced in a water teaspoon), a small amount of children's cream (it take so much that dense gruel turned out) and 2-3 drops of essential oil jojoba.

It is possible to apply structure both on the person, and on a body.


Drug is characterized as non-toxic. At overdose reactions of hypersensitivity and some dispepsichesky symptoms occasionally can develop. In similar situations it is recommended just to stop accepting drug.


Drug is combined with all medicines, quite often it is applied as addition to the main therapy. It is necessary to be careful only at appointment it with means which part the Euphyllinum is.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

Store drug in the cool, protected from moisture place. Optimum temperature — no more than +25 degrees Celsius. To protect from children.

Period of validity

In the form of rectal and vaginal suppositories — 3 years. In pure form and in the form of tablets — 5 years. In the form of ointment — 1 year.

Special instructions

In total about a mummy: a mummy — what is it, than is useful for a mummy, medicinal properties and contraindications

The following description is provided as the answer to the question "What Is a Mummy?" in Wikipedia: the mummy is the product created by the nature with difficult chemical structure which is applied to increase of nonspecific body resistance to different harmful effects (the biological, physical or chemical nature of an origin).

The mummy is a fine biostimulator. It has practically no contraindications, and opposite, thanks to protective adaptogennym to properties takes off fatigue and recovers the lost energy.

In traditional medicine it is used for acceleration of merging of a bone tissue at changes for a long time. Clinical trials allowed to establish that for bones this means is just irreplaceable — at the patients accepting drug the bone callosity when healing a change forms for about two weeks earlier, than at patients to whom mummies did not appoint.

Advantage and harm mumiyo

The advantage of a mummy cannot be revaluated. Thanks to the structure this natural balm allows to treat the most various diseases. However it does not mean that drug can be accepted uncontrolledly and without reckoning with doses at all, the mummy has both useful properties, and contraindications.

Substance possesses ability to collect in an organism (to kumulirovat), and at long reception can provoke the undesirable, though quickly passing effects.

Besides, presence at an organism of any substance provokes the strengthened reaction which is connected with its processing and elimination.

Some consider that mummies should not be accepted as it is radioactive.

However the radioactivity of substance is very insignificant, and, besides, its insignificant dose accelerates recovery of a bone tissue at changes, stimulates oxidation-reduction processes in an organism, process of interaction of hemoglobin with oxygen and hydrolytic reactions; increases physical and chemical activity of substances of which the live organism consists; normalizes a condition of the patient at a hypertension, inertly granulating wounds, osteomyelitis, a traumatosepsis; and also promote activation of processes of self-updating of an organism and its life activity in general.

Also there is an opinion that people of old age should not use drug as biologically active agents which are contained in it are potentially capable to develop cells of an expected tumor if it is available in an organism of the elderly person.


Stone oil (white mummy).


  • Mummy Altai Gold 200 mg No. 20 tablet/double /
  • Mummy Altai Balm of mountains of 200 mg No. 30 tabletkifarmprodukt closed joint stock company
  • Mummy Altai 200 mg No. 20 to the tabletkinarena of Ltd company
  • Mummy Altai 200 mg No. 20 to the kapsulynarena of Ltd company
  • Mummy of Shiladzhit No. 100 kapsulydabur Ltd.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Mummy of Shiladzhit kaps No. 100, Dabur Pharma Limitedindiya
  • Mummy 200 mg No. 60 cleared Altai by the tab., Altai Ooorossiya's Farm
  • Mummy the Altai 200 mg No. 20 cleared tbl, to Narina (Altai Krai) Russia
  • Mummy the Gold Altai 200 mg No. 20 cleared tbl, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Sea-buckthorn from a mummy forte cream-balm of wound healing 75 ml, Dina + Ooorossiya
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  • DD mummy Shampoo Altai and honey 1000mlelfa of closed joint stock company (Ukraine)
  • Yeast No. 100farmakom tablets 0.5g, beer from a mummy (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Gold mumiye20
  • Cream Mumiyekontsern "Guelder-rose" (Russia)
  • Cream-balm the Healer from a mummy 39mlaromat (Ukraine, Kharkiv)


  • Mummy the Altai cleared 200 mg No. 20 of table.
  • Mummy the cleared 200 mg No. 30 of the tab. Asil (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Mummy the Altai cleared 200 mg No. 30 of the tab. Farm the Product (Russia)
  • Sea-buckthorn from a mummy of 50 g cream of a ranozazhivlyayushchiydin + Ltd company (Russia)
  • Mummy of 250 g means for rinsing
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