The lazy husband reduces life of the hardworking wife

So it was moved that, having come home from work, the woman completely plunges into household chores. And, often, members of household do not hurry to give to the hostess any help. All were tired after long day of work. Everything, except mother.

And meanwhile, the American psychologists during a number of researches proved that absence of the help in household chores from family members leads the woman to a condition of a stress. Direct dependence is traced: the more time and efforts the woman gives to work on economy, the stress hormone level in an organism becomes higher.

30 couples agreed to participate in experiment. An indispensable condition for participation was existence in a family at least of one child aged from 8 till 10 flyings. Families did not need to do anything special. They were offered to live as they got used, without paying attention that they participate in experiment.

Scientists-psychologists very much watched closely a daily routine of examinees, at the same time measurement of level of cortisol, stress hormone, in blood of all participants was regularly taken.

What scientists found did not apply for a discovery of the century. In the majority of the families participating in research, to wives after the working day outdoors nobody was necessary to be engaged in a household, at the same time, including the dearest spouse, did not help them.

Ленивый муж сокращает жизнь трудолюбивой женыOther fact is interesting. There are women who have lazy husbands ignoring homework cannot recover the forces after long working everyday life because of the stress hormone level raising, especially, by the evening – cortisol. That it is even more interesting when the wife, being engaged in "house", sees the husband lying on a sofa, hormone begins to be produced with the increased speed.

It is known that the cortisol allocated by an organism is necessary, first of all, for adaptation of the person to conditions of the increased intellectual and physical activity. By the end of day the level of activity decreases, respectively, and cortisol level decreases. In this condition of people it is capable to relax and recover the forces. But if the content of hormone of a stress in blood by the evening does not go down, the person continues to remain intense, cannot have a rest that is fraught with development of somatic and mental disorders.

The condition of a constant stress promotes a senilism of the woman and significantly reduces life expectancy. The American psychologists recommend to men to give feasible help to a "weak" floor under the authority of their joint economy. And affairs it is possible to make more, and the wife will live longer.

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