Man's potentiality

The potentiality (from the Latin word potentia designating "force") is ability of an organism to work of sexual intercourse. As a rule, sexologists usually carry this term to sexuality of the stronger sex. Therefore the potentiality defines man's sexual opportunities. This term is applied also to the characteristic of level of tension of a penis, and to designation of speed of emergence of an erection, and to definition of existence of sexual excesses, and also by opportunities to conduct normal intensive sexual life. However the potentiality of the person does not define the rhythm of sex life applied by him, actually potential sexual opportunities of the specific man can be higher, than that number of sexual intercourses which it usually has. As a rule, in relation to sexual opportunities of women the term "potentiality" is applied less often and generally at determination of abilities to test an orgasm.

Features of a potentiality

As a rule, the man can reach the greatest development of sexual opportunities on condition of full relaxation and abstraction from daily problems and troubles. Increase of a potentiality is possible in the period of a honeymoon, after change of the sexual partner or after rather long period of sexual abstention.

However there are many usual ordinary situations which can negatively affect a potentiality. So, it can be the daily psychological conflicts in private and professional life, existence of an improper situation for sexual proximity, the wrong relation of the partner and some other conventions. As a rule, ability to conceive not always depends on ability of the man to have full sexual intercourse.

At manifestation of inability of achievement of sexual excitement the problem with health which it is accepted to call impotence is shown. To define how to raise a potentiality, it is necessary to pass, first of all, complex inspection at qualified specialists.
Most of men consider a potentiality as very important point of own life. Therefore, at manifestation of similar problems the great attention is paid to increase of a potentiality. Very often emergence of difficulties with a potentiality can become the uncertainty manifestation reason, and, as a result, the person becomes more closed, it has certain complexes.

Potentiality and age

In the course of life the potentiality of the man changes. Level of sexual activity the highest at young age. However it is impossible to call age the major factor influencing lowering or increase of a potentiality.

By results of a number of researches, today men 20-50 summer age have on average eight sexual intercourses a month. In this case the age factor is not defining for a condition of a potentiality. However the induced average results of polls cannot be referred to the specific person, the potentiality is influenced by a number of various factors: the general state of health of the person, psychological climate in the relations with his partner, existence of certain external circumstances. So, at couples which have harmonious, happy relations sexual intercourse happens much more often.

Increase of a potentiality

потенцияTo define how to raise a potentiality, it is necessary not to be engaged, first of all, in elimination of a problem without the assistance of doctors. Problems with a potentiality cannot be solved independently with the help of medicamentous drugs at all. First of all for increase of a potentiality it is recommended to analyze in details features of way of life and to change what can become the reason of lowering of a sexual inclination.

So, the regularity of the sexual intercourses is important for maintenance of high level of a potentiality. Constant sex life stimulates increase in release of testosterone which is responsible for a libido.

Active lifestyle and continuous performance of physical exercises is not less important. Sports activities are extraordinary important in view of stimulation of process of blood circulation in a man's organism. Occupations by physical exercises and sport are especially important for those people who suffer from excess weight. Obesity is one of the main factors of emergence at men of problems with a potentiality.

Those who looks for information on how to raise a potentiality should consider that refusal of addictions – smoking, the use of drugs and alcohol – will become one of the fundamental moments in the course of achievement of positive results in the course of increase of a potentiality.

Whenever possible it is necessary to avoid the stressful, concerning situations, and in case of too strong disorders – qualitatively to relax, getting rid of excessive tension. For this purpose specialists recommend to resort to massage use.

Increase of a potentiality doctors recommend to think of methods in case of some signs of reduction of sexual desire. Those are reduced interest in a sexual aspect of life without existence on that certain reasons, loss of an erection in night and morning time, the weak hardness of a penis during an erection. Today it is considered to be that on insufficiently strong erection and other problems in sexual life connected with a potentiality, every second man complains.
There are many methods by means of which it is possible to improve a potentiality and, therefore, quality of sexual life.
For improvement of a potentiality it is important to eliminate those a disease which became the prime cause of problems with a sexual inclination at men. Especially obesity, a diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, exhaustion have to emergence of problems with a potentiality.

Also the level of a potentiality is influenced by treatment of the arisen problems with the help of medicamentous means, special physical exercises, the healthy, balanced nutrition, nonconventional methods (yoga, acupuncture, fragrant bathtubs).

There is also a number of recipes of traditional medicine which are used for the purpose of improvement of a potentiality. So, long since for relaxation and, as a result, improvement of a potentiality, the special weakening bathtubs – from a camomile, bay leaf, other medicinal plants were used.

The products raising a potentiality

потенцияPotentiality, not less effective in the course of increase, there can be also a food: the special products raising a potentiality are known long since and are successfully used for improvement of quality of sexual life.

Products which stimulate sexual desire at men are called aphrodisiacs.

However the principles of the balanced food are not less important for high-quality functioning of an organism of the man. First of all, it is very important that at a diet of the man there was enough proteinaceous food. In an everyday diet have to take place of a fish, meat dish, nuts, eggs, bean and other products with the high content of protein.

Not only exotic products, but also the elementary dishes can be aphrodisiacs. So, the famous recipe of a dish, useful to men, are the usual fried eggs roasted with onions which also positively influence a man's potentiality.

Vegetables also belong to the products raising a potentiality. They contain a huge amount of vitamins and, therefore, there are vegetables in all types it is necessary every day.

Meat – a useful product, however it is necessary to alternate it to fish competently. For increase of a libido it is worth using sea fish (especially strong positive impact on man's force is exerted by a flounder), seafood. Oysters dishes, rapan, mussels will be periodically quite pertinent. In the course of their preparation it is possible to use the sauce made with use of a celery, parsley, a lemon which are not less useful to increase of a potentiality.

It is established that functions of gonads considerably strengthen tomatoes. However they should be used without preliminary thermal treatment.

As aphrodisiacs it is worth using also the products containing vitamin E. First of all it is sunflower seeds, nuts, sesame. They can be eaten with addition of honey which is not less useful. By the way, mix of equal parts of honey and the Greek nuts is offered to be used every day on some spoons as means for increase of a man's potentiality.

Long since at some people for improvement of a potentiality at men the coriander, a carnation, a saffron, ginger, pine nuts, a fig was used. By the way, the fig, strengthens cardiovascular system that directly influences quality of sex life. Also other dried fruits – prunes, raisin, dried apricots are not less useful.

As the stimulating drinks it is possible to use fermented milk products, tea with addition of spices. Dairy products – yogurts, cheese, cottage cheese, it is also necessary to include in a diet regularly. Olive oil which should be used every day has very good effect.

Still Siegmund Freud spoke about the products raising a potentiality in the works, mentioning similar influence of mushrooms, sunflower seeds of pumpkin, rye bread, a nettle. Besides, many specialists claim that especially positively the potentiality of the man is influenced by a dandelion. Leaves of this plant in the form of salad or additives to main courses should be used during its blossoming. Wine vinegar which also positively influences a libido can become gas station for such salad.

At the same time the negative effect on male sexuality is unambiguously rendered by energy drinks, sweet carbonated drinks, products with the high content of "useless" carbohydrates (potatoes, vermicelli, flour products, fancy bread). Fresh white loaf also should be replaced with bread with bran, and instead of sausages and sausage to use natural meat dishes.

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