Music reduces pain and treats for a depression

To reduce expressiveness of a depression and to reduce intensity of chronic pains listening of music helps. Scientists managed to define, having made special experiment that listening of music reduces chronic pain in 21% of cases and reduces displays of a depression in 25% of cases.

60 volunteers at the age of near 50 flyings participated in research. Scientists at first divided all these people into three equal groups on 20 people in everyone. People from the first group constantly listened to the favourite melodies. The participants of "musical" experiment who entered into the second group listened to those melodies which were selected for them by scientists – initiators of research. And representatives of thirds of group did not listen to music at all. Volunteers from two groups listened to music every day within 45 minutes for one month. On the experiment expiration scientists noted that at people from the two first groups expressiveness of pain significantly decreased and the mood improved. And here at those who did not listen to pieces of music in general nothing changed.

Earlier German researchers already told that musical creations in style the heavy-metal helps to conduct successful fight against a depression and even to overcome fear of death. Scientists made a number of experiments in which 30 volunteers participated, and defined that in the course of listening of songs in this style at listeners the self-assessment and mood rose. At the same time researchers note that similar positive influence of hard rock extends only to those people who love such music.

It was reported also earlier that help to find self-confidence and to calm down classical works.

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