Peppermint tincture

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  • Latin name: Tinctura Menthae piperitae
  • ATH code: A04AD20
  • Active ingredient: Peppermint leaves
  • Producer: CJSC Ekolab; LLC Tula Pharmaceutical Factory; JSC Ivanovo Pharmaceutical Factory; CJSC Yaroslavl Pharmaceutical Factory; CJSC Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory; JSC Kirov Pharmaceutical Factory; "JSC Farmstandart-Tomskhimfarm"; CJSC Ekolab; JSC Biosintez (Russia)


1 liter of tincture includes 50 grams of leaves of a peppermint and 50 grams of oil of a peppermint in 90% ethanol.

Release form

The remedy is made in the form of the tincture placed in glass bottles from 15 ml to 100 ml.

Pharmacological action

Local irritative, sedative, cholagogue, spasmolytic, antiemetic, analgeziruyushchy.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Tincture of leaves of a peppermint includes in the structure the essential oil (containing 50% of menthol and its ethers, limonene, 3 pinene, dipentene, cineol, pulegone and other terpenoids), oleanovy and ursulovy acids, flavonoids, hesperidin, carotinoids, tannins, a betaine, microelements (Mn, Cu2+, Sr).

This remedy has a plant origin and thanks to effects of above-mentioned substances is characterized sedative, antiemetic, spasmolytic, cholagogue, and also local irritative and moderately analgeziruyushchy (concerning mucous membranes) by the action which is shown owing to stimulation of the receptor complexes which are on a mucosal surface of an oral cavity and a stomach.

Indications to use

Tincture of a peppermint is appointed for the purpose of a symptomatic treatment of displays of nausea (with vomiting or without that), digestive disturbances, neuralgic pains, stenocardia and a spasm of smooth muscles of internals (including renal, intestinal and bilious colic). Also this drug is used for improvement of tastes of various medicinal mixtures.


It is not necessary to allow tincture appointment to patients with a spasmophilia, bronchial asthma and personal hypersensitivity to mint or ethanol.

Side effects

Occasionally at administration of drug, at the patients predisposed to it, observed emergence of allergic reactions (including manifestations of a hyperemia; rashes, hypostasis or itch of skin; contact dermatitis and small tortoiseshell).

In case of detection of the similar negative phenomena the patient should interrupt reception of medical drug and to ask for the qualified medical assistance.

Peppermint tincture, application instruction

Tincture is intended for peroral (in) reception, it is desirable to food.

To the patients who reached 12 summer age appoint 3-4-fold reception of 10-15 drops of tincture in days.


At oral administration of drugs of mint inadequate (excessively) emergence of pain in heart which can demand a symptomatic treatment is possible.


Any significant interaction with other medical drugs was not revealed.

Terms of sale

This medicine is in drugstores on free sale.

Storage conditions

Storage of bottles with tincture requires the dark place with air temperature to 25 °C.

Period of validity

From the production moment – 3 years.

Special instructions

It is better for the patients having heartburn to avoid use of this drug as its effects can lead to increase in expressiveness of heartburn.

At the time of carrying out treatment, because of presence at drug of ethanol it is necessary to avoid driving of transport and the activity connected with special attention and speed of psychomotor reactions.

To children

Owing to contents in a remedy of ethanol it is not recommended to appoint in a children's age group till 12 years.


  • Peppermint of a nastoykaviol of FF (Ukraine, Zaporizhia)
  • Peppermint nastoykaternopolsky FF (Ukraine, Ternopil)
Section: For a nervous system Gastrointestinal Cardiological
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