Muscular and joint dysfunction

Muscular and joint dysfunction is pathology at which disturbance of coordinate function of masseters is noted. Besides, components of a temporal and mandibular joint incorrectly are located. In particular, the arrangement of a disk and a head in relation to a joint hillock is broken.

The temporal and mandibular joint is formed by an articular head of a mandible, a hillock of a temporal bone and a socket. Into two parts it is divided by an articulate disk. It is the complex, difficult arranged joint. It is influenced by groups of masseters. In this joint there are difficult movements – forward and rotary. And that all this mechanism always functioned harmoniously and accurately, very accurate and correct coordination of its work is necessary.

The syndrome of muscular dysfunction can be shown owing to different types of shift. This shift of articular heads, prolapse (that is loss) disk, shift of a joint disk. Treatment of such pathology depends on what type of shift is observed.


Исследование причин мышечно-суставной дисфункцииMuscular and joint dysfunction at the person is shown, first of all, owing to development of disturbances in a smykaniye of teeth. It can be as the broken bite, and traumatizing a joint. However, speaking about an injury, specialists do not mean receiving sharp injuries of a jaw. Sometimes such injury arises as an effect of untimely denture treatment. Especially dangerously in this case lack of lateral teeth. At absence at the person of teeth or at their partial destruction those reference points which define the correct closing of a mouth disappear. Then that if the part of teeth is absent, then the patient can close differently every time of companies. On a chewing surface there are no hillocks which could limit the movements. As a result, there are undesirable changes in a condition of a temporal and mandibular joint and chewing muscles. Besides, normal closing of a mouth or work of lateral motions by a mandible can be interfered by existence of an inclination of teeth or their promotion. In that case teeth can incorrectly contact owing to what joint dysfunction is shown.

Except the specified reasons among the factors promoting development of muscular and joint dysfunction, specialists note existence at the patient of endocrine and joint diseases, frequent stresses and psychoemotional injuries, receiving bruises of cervical department of a backbone. High degree of dental abrasion, a bruxism and a habit to be constantly with an open mouth can become a cause of illness.

Also the joint can be injured in the course of denture treatment or carrying out orthodontic therapy provided that such treatment happens incorrectly. The specialist who is carrying out treatment has to recover teeth, accurately considering their size and an anatomic form in each individual case. The chewing device at each person has certain features (a ratio of jaws, a shape of teeth, etc.) which surely should be displayed at treatment. Any restoration has to be not only harmonious from an esthetic position, but also correct from the point of view of recovery of all functions. Today specialists pay to this question a lot of attention for the purpose of recovery of functional interrelation of elements of dentoalveolar system.


Синдром мышечно-суставной дисфункции полости ртаMuscular dysfunction of a temporal and mandibular joint can be shown in two forms: with existence of a pain syndrome and with its absence.

Possible symptoms of this illness can be pain in maxillofacial area which is shown while the person chews, turns the head, swallows, talks. As a rule, such pain develops on the one hand and periodically gives to an ear, a neck, teeth, a hard palate, a jaw. Such feelings can become more intensive after overcooling, a strong emotional pressure. Pain abates after the patient accepts the anesthetizing drugs.

Sometimes the person notes that he shows certain restrictions when opening a mouth, at the same time the crunch and clicks in a temporal and mandibular joint is felt. At the same time the movements of a mandible can be blocked.

Sometimes the patient complains of regular headaches, feelings of noise and a congestion in ears. Mobility of a jaw often considerably decreases in the late afternoon. The person can feel at the same time inexplicable alarm that affects also quality of its dream.

At development of muscular and joint dysfunction some patients complain of feeling of dryness in a mouth, a high tooth sensitivity to cold and hot. Sometimes, that at such pathology noticeable asymmetry of the person gradually develops.

If treatment of a disease was not carried out timely, then in the presence of a prolapse of a disk there can be a reorganization of joint surfaces owing to what arthrosis develops. If there is a growth of connecting fabric in a joint cavity, it can be completely immobilized. This complication carries the name an anchylosis.


To diagnose such state, initially the specialist performs careful inspection, and also makes a palpation. Also listening of a joint, carrying out an electromyography practices. If necessary MRT, a computer tomography of a joint, and also other techniques of carrying out inspection is appointed.

It is necessary to consider that the diagnosis "neuromuscular dysfunction of a bladder" is an individual disease at which different disturbances of reservoir and evakuatorny functions are noted. The reason of such defeat – development of the various defeats of a nervous system provoked by injuries, inborn defects, tumors, etc.


Лечение синдрома мышечно-суставной дисфункции в клиникеTactics of treatment of a syndrome of muscular and joint dysfunction directly depends on what type of dysfunction is observed at the patient and what reasons provoked his emergence.

Very often treatment of such pathology consists only in grinding of supercontacts of teeth. These are those their points of which the highest loading is the share if jaws are incorrectly closed. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out correctly denture treatment or to make full reprosthetics. One more effective method at some types of dysfunction — carrying out orthodontic therapy for the purpose of correction of a bite. Thus, all listed methods, and also other measures are taken for a reconstruction of the correct smykaniye of teeth. It is important to achieve that they were closed most naturally.

Often effective method of therapy is use of the special separating weakening plate which use allows to move an articular head to the correct situation. For the purpose of deduction in the correct provision of an articular head and disk the special stabilizing tire is used.

So, the flat occlusal tire can be imposed both on upper, and on the lower number of teeth. By means of such tire it is possible to block completely a chewing surface of teeth at contact with teeth opposite to them. This tires gives the chance of a mandible to reach the correct position and to correspond to position of a joint. Such tire is used for overcoming of a bruxism.

Sheena Gelba is used for the purpose of reposition of a mandible and for reposition of a joint disk if the patient has too deep bite. Such tire is manufactured on the lower tooth arch.

The stabilizing tire is used if the unstable provision of a mandible, and also in the presence of a double bite is noted.

At use of any of the described tires treatment continues about 4-6 months. If there is a need of repeated treatment, then it is carried out after a semi-annual pause.

If the doctor diagnoses the disk shift which does not give in to reposition, then in this case carrying out surgical intervention is necessary. In the course of carrying out operation the adhesiotomy, a raspravleniye of a disk and its installation on the correct place is made.


The main measure of prevention for prevention of development of muscular and joint dysfunction are regular routine inspections at the stomatologist, and also the timely address to the doctor at the first symptoms of any pathology. If there is an injury or destruction of tooth, damage of crowns, chips of teeth, deleting of seals, then it is impossible to delay the request for the help at all. In the absence of treatment the dentoalveolar system is gradually reconstructed, and as a result at the person muscular and joint dysfunction develops. Besides, it is important to pay attention and to maintenance of the general mental and physical health.

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