The bulked-up breast

The female breast can periodically bulk up. At the same time it becomes especially sensitive. Sometimes the woman so strongly feels morbidity in a mammary gland that cannot touch it. This phenomenon is, as a rule, connected with hormonal changes in an organism.

How it is shown swelling of a mammary gland?

As a rule, the bulked-up breast is the phenomenon which is directly connected with a menstrual cycle. Most often the woman notes that she is hurt by a breast, and the mammary gland, in the second half of a monthly cycle bulked up. However before monthly the breast bulks up with different intensity at different women. As the medical statistics, more than a half of women during a certain period of life testifies or constantly are interested in a question why the breast bulks up.

The woman at whom the breast strongly bulked up often notes that it worsens working capacity, sexual activity decreases, and sometimes even the general quality of life seriously worsens. Some specialists claim that if the woman regularly complains that at her the breast bulked up and nipples before periods hurt, then this fact should be considered as risk factor of development of breast cancer.

Most often the woman notes that at her the breast bulked up and the stomach for several days before monthly hurts. As a rule, pain is felt in both mammary glands. The aching, dull ache disturbs, but sometimes it becomes more intensive and amplifies to such an extent that it is difficult for woman to raise hands or to move them. Pain can give to a shoulder, a shovel, to an axillary hollow. After the termination of critical days pain and swelling disappears. Such symptom is characteristic of women of childbearing age. If at the woman the breast bulked up, the test negative that means, there is no pregnancy, at the same time also other accompanying symptoms can be noted. It is a smut pain, the suppressed, depressive standing, disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract functions. The matter is that the answer to a question why the breast hurts and bulks up, there can be a manifestation of a premenstrual syndrome.

Less often the woman notes that after monthly the breast bulked up. It is in that case important to be convinced whether there came pregnancy as sensitivity in mammary glands can be one of its indirect signs. Therefore if at the woman the delay is noted, and the breast bulked up, then it is desirable to pass a test for pregnancy and to visit the doctor.

It is important to see at once a doctor if at pain and swelling of a mammary gland allocations from nipples appear if pain amplifies and brings considerable discomfort. These symptoms often testify to serious diseases.

Why it is shown swelling of a mammary gland?

Опухшая грудьThus, the premenstrual syndrome can be the reason that at the woman the inflated breast is periodically shown. But the answer to a question why the breast inflates, also other reasons sometimes are. So, displays of cyclic pain, swelling are often observed at women who are ill a mastopathy. Disturbances of a hormonal background it can be noted in connection with chronic fatigue, a severe stress, irregular sex life. Very much often such problems appear after the postponed abortion or after several abortions.

The swelled-up breast – a reason for visit to the doctor, carrying out careful survey and the subsequent purpose of the correct scheme of treatment. If the breast swelled up and hurts, then also the non-hormonal reasons can sometimes explain this symptom. Sometimes after injuries or operative measures the woman notes that the breast bulked up or under a breast swelled up. If the right breast swelled up or the left breast swelled up, then it can demonstrate development of a fibroadenoma, a cyst or even a malignant tumor. At such diseases recurrence of emergence of a tumor is not noted, and swelling of a mammary gland can be unilateral. Therefore the answer a question on a question what to do if the breast swells up, is unambiguous: it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor.

If the breast before monthly or in any other time of a cycle swells up, then to explain why the breast swells up, can explain an imbalance of fatty acids in tissues of a mammary gland. It leads to increase of its sensitivity to hormones. It is easy to explain why the breast swelled up and hurts if the woman accepts some medicamentous drugs – hormones, antidepressants , etc. In certain cases the liquid delay in an organism is the reason of manifestation of such unpleasant symptom. Sometimes the woman incorrectly selects a bra that leads to disturbance of blood circulation in mammary glands. As a result, morbidity is shown.

How to get rid of swelling of a mammary gland?

Опухание молочных железIf such symptoms are shown, it is necessary to address the gynecologist or the mammologist. The doctor will appoint researches precisely to define what reason led to manifestation of this symptom. Ultrasonic research of a mammary gland, and also bodies of a small pelvis, mammography research, the analysis is for this purpose appointed to determination of content in blood of hormones, radiometry.

Treatment is carried out depending on the reason which managed to be defined in the course of diagnosis. If the woman is disturbed by the expressed premenstrual syndrome, by her treatment by hormonal contraceptive drugs, and also means which exert impact on an exchange and products of hormones can be appointed. Also in the course of complex research reception of antiinflammatory drugs is appointed.

Effective method of treatment when swelling a mammary gland is phytotherapy. Some special vegetable collecting anesthetizes, removes hypostases and possesses soothing impact on an organism. The St. John's Wort, nettle leaves, a peony, a root of a dandelion, a turn, a celandine, a melissa, mint, etc. enter such collecting. Some plants are also capable to normalize hormonal balance. These are flax seeds, soy, etc. However previously it is necessary to consult surely with the attending physician. Often to the women suffering from PMS the medicines made on the basis of medicinal plants are appointed. At a liquid delay in an organism it is important to keep to a diet, also the doctor can appoint reception of diuretics.

It is very important to adhere to some principles of food. It is necessary to exclude fat and salty food from a diet, not to use strong tea and coffee in the second phase of a menstrual cycle. It is not necessary to wear also close, fitting clothes which strongly press on mammary glands. If the discomfort is shown when wearing a bra, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of linen and to wear a bra without stones and inserts.

The woman has to pay special attention also to an emotional state. It is necessary to take care of shocks, not to allow a constant emotional pressure and often repeating stressful situations.

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