Нафтифин Constitutional formula

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  • Latin name: Naftifinum
  • ATH code: D01AE22
  • Chemical formula: C21H21N
  • CAS code: 65472-88-0

Chemical name

(E) - N-Metil-N-(3-phenyl-2-propenyl) - 1-naftalinmetanamin. In drugs contains in a type of a hydrochloride.

Chemical properties

Naftifin belongs to the class of allylamines.

Molecular weight = 323,86.

This antifungal means was synthesized in the 74th year of the 20th century farm. the Sandoz Research Institute company in Austria. Use medicine outwardly, substance has a wide range of use, it is reliable and safe for the person.

Pharmacological action

Antifungal, antiinflammatory, antibacterial.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Means is active in relation to various mushrooms dermatophytes, mold and barmy fungi. Substance affects a mold and dermatophytes fungitsidno. As for barmy fungi, means can possess also a fungistasis depending on a strain of yeast.

Naftifin is most effective at a neutral indicator rn =7. Substance destroys a cellular membrane of a fungus, suppressing biosynthesis of ergosterol by skvalenepoksidaza enzyme inhibition. In cells of fungi the lack of ergosterol develops and they cease to expand.

It is considered that the fungistasis of medicine can be explained with a lack of ergosterol. However, it is necessary to consider that dystrophic intracellular processes, adjournment of drops of fat begin to happen because of accumulation of squalenes in a cell. These processes happen not only in a cellular membrane, but also in an endoplasmic reticulum that leads to inevitable death of microorganisms.

In vitro substance destroys dermatophytes, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton tonsurans, Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum audouinii. Means Candida shows fungistatic activity to barmy fungi.

Also substance possesses moderate local bactericidal action. Means suppresses life activity of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Naftifin is rather effective at treatment of a pyoderma.

During clinical and pilot studies it was proved that medicine possesses vasoconstrictive and antiinflammatory action. Substance shows the greatest efficiency at a combination to corticosteroids.

Medicine at topical administration is distributed in upper layers of epidermis and on all nail plate.

Substance creates steady antifungal concentration, it can be applied once a day. About 4-6% of drug get to a system blood stream, in a liver kidneys it is metabolized forming inactive metabolites which in 2-3 days are completely brought out of an organism with urine and bile.

Researches on identification of a mutagenicity, carcinogenicity and influence on fertility in public were not carried out. However animal experiments showed that Naftifin does not influence fertility and has no mutagen effect.

Indications to use

Drugs with this active ingredient are appointed:

  • at mycosis of outside acoustical pass;
  • for treatment of fungal infections of skin and skin folds, epidermophitias, a trichophytosis, interdigital mycoses;
  • at an onychomycosis;
  • at damage of skin fungus Candida;
  • from a chromophytosis;
  • at the mixed mycoses which are followed by bacterial infections;
  • for treatment of mycoses, in the field of the region of growth of hair or (and) with a hyperkeratosis.

Medicine can be appointed in combination with other drugs, for example corticosteroids.


Solution Naftifin cannot be applied on open wounds.

Also means is contraindicated at an allergy to active ingredient or auxiliary elements (to solution usually add benzyl alcohol, to cream — propylene glycol).

Pregnant women and the feeding women during therapy by drug should be careful.

Side effects

Usually means is well transferred by patients. Sometimes local allergic reactions in the form of a hyperemia, a burning sensation and an itch, dryness and reddening of integuments develop.

Application instruction of Naftifin (Way and dosage)

The drugs containing Naftifin let out in the form of spray, cream and solution.

Depending on a dosage form and a type of mycosis appoint various schemes of treatment.

Medicine is applied on dry skin or nails.

Application instruction

Solution and spray use once a day. Drug is applied on affected areas of a body and on nearby sites of skin, after preliminary cleaning.

For treatment of dermatomycoses solution is used by from 14 to 28 days, at candidiases – about one month.

If the fungus struck a nail plate, then solution should be applied 2 times a day, previously having removed affected areas. The course of treatment makes before half a year. After disappearance of symptoms as prevention of recurrence it is necessary to use drug of 14 more days.

Cream is also applied on the struck surface and sites, adjacent to it once a day. Treatment duration same, as well as at treatment by spray or rum for external use.


Overdose cases are not registered by substance.


Naftifina Gidrokhlorid it is possible to combine with other medicines.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store the cream, spray and solutions containing this substance at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees, in the place, unavailable to children.

Period of validity

5 years.

Special instructions

It is undesirable to use bandages or wrappings drugs on the basis of Naftifin without recommendations of the attending physician.

To avoid hit of means in eyes, a nose, in an oral cavity.

If during treatment the patient had symptoms of an allergy to this substance, then it needs to be cancelled.

Means does not influence the speed and accuracy of psychomotor reactions.

To children

Due to the limited experience of a clinical use, to children drug is appointed only after consultation with the specialist.

Naftifin Gidrokhlorid's analogs: Ekzoderil cream, Ekzoderil solution for external use, Ekzo-Derm.


Judging by responses, the drugs containing Naftifin possess the greatest efficiency within complex therapy. Allergic reactions to means are shown seldom. The high cost of means and a long course of treatment does not arrange with drug some.

Naftifin's price where to buy

It is possible to buy drops and Naftifin's solution practically in any drugstore without recipe.

Cost ointment (cream) Ekzoderil of 1% makes about 400 rubles for a tuba, 15 grams.

Solution Naftifin, the solution price Ekzoderil of 1% — about 560 rubles, for a bottle, with a capacity of 10 ml.

Solution of a hydrochloride of Naftifin Ekzo-Derm spray, 8 ml costs about 250 rubles.

Section: Active ingredients
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