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  • Latin name: Naloxone
  • ATH code: V03AB15
  • Active ingredient: Naloxonum (Naloxone)
  • Producer: JSC Varshavsky Farmatsevtichesky plant (Poland), Core of Farm (Spain), Moscow Endocrine plant, JSC Sintez, Deko's (Russia) Company


One milliliter of drug contains 400 mkg of Naloxonum of a hydrochloride of a dihydrate + excipients.

Also Naloxonum is issued in a special dosage for newborn children on 0,02 mg of active ingredient in 1 ml of solution.

Release form

Medicine is let out in the form of transparent liquid for injections in ampoules on 1 ml, in cardboard boxes on 10 ampoules.

Pharmacological action

Blocks opiate receptors.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The mechanism of action of Naloxonum is based on ability of substance to force out specific antagonists of opiate recipes by the competitive principle. Active ingredient of morfinopodobny activity is deprived. Thanks to it drug also makes the therapeutic impact: recovers breath, eliminates hypotension, renders dysphoric and psychotomimetic effect.

Drug does not cause medicinal dependence, tolerance to means is not developed. If to give Naloxonum to the person who is periodically accepting opiates at it there will be an abstinence syndrome.

After introduction the therapeutic effect is reached within 2 minutes and lasts till 240 min. An elimination half-life for adults – of half an hour to an hour, for newborn children – about 3 hours. The metabolism undergoes means in a liver, is removed through kidneys. Medicine breaks a gematoplatsentarny barrier.

Indications to use

Naloxonum is appointed:

  • at acute poisoning with narcotic analgetics (morphine, Promedolum, Ketaminum, halothane, buprenorphine, Fentanyl, pentazocine, nalbufiny, butorfanoly);
  • for cancellation of such substances on an organism;
  • in the absence of breath at newborns if their mothers before gave opioid analgetics;
  • at an alcoholic coma;
  • as a part of complex treatment of arterial hypotension at septic shock;
  • for diagnosis of opioid dependence.


Medicine is contraindicated in the presence of an allergy to its components.

Side effects

Can arise:

Application instruction of Naloxonum (way and dosage)

The drug is administered intravenously, subcutaneously or intramusculary.

The application instruction of Naloxonum at overdose by opioids

The adult enter 400 mkg of drug, to children – 10 mkg on 1 kg of weight. If after introduction of the first dose of improvement did not come, it is possible to enter the same quantity of medicine in 2 minutes.

Anesthesiologists can appoint 100-200 mkg (for adults) intravenously, then as necessary it is possible to enter drug each 2-3 minutes, increasing a dosage by 100 mkg. Further the drug can be administered intramusculary.

In the absence of breath at newborns which was a vyzvanoa reception nark. analgetics at childbirth, appoint 0,1 mg to weight kg intramusculary, intravenously or subcutaneously. Then the preventive injection, a dosage – 0,2 mg intramusculary is possible.

For identification of existence of opioid dependence at the patient enter once of 0,8 mg of drug intravenously.


Data on overdose are absent.


Naloxonum possesses ability to reduce gipotenzivy effect of Clonidine, the Clonidine.

Drug considerably blocks effects of various narcotic analgetics.

Terms of sale

Naloxonum is on sale according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Store drug in cool (15-25 degrees) the place, without access of direct sunshine.

Period of validity

4 years.

Special instructions

At use for the patients suffering from dependence on opioid analgetics; received their earlier high dose; the children born from mother suffering from such dependence it is necessary to be careful.

Naloxonum is not effective at the respiratory depression caused by other medicines.

Use of medicine has to happen only under control of the specialist.


Drug with care is used at newborn children.


  • Naloxonum 0,4mg/ml solution for injections of 1 ml No. 10 of an ampoule
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  • Nalokson-Mzdorovye to the people (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
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