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  • Latin name: Naltrexone
  • ATH code: N07BB04
  • Active ingredient: Naltrexone (Naltrexone)
  • Producer: Moscow endocrine plant (Russia), Rusan Pharma (India)


The hydrochloride is acting substance of drug naltrexone.

Additional components of capsules: magnesium stearate, lactoses monohydrate. Their body consists of titanium dioxide and gelatin.

The making lids: dye indigo carmine, dye ferrous oxide yellow, titanium dioxide, gelatin.

Release form

Naltrexone is on sale as tablets and solid white capsules. Both forms are issued in a dosage on 50 mg.

Pharmacological action

Antagonist of opiate receptors.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Chemical formula of active agent of drug – N-Циклопропилметил-14-оксинордигидроморфинона a hydrochloride.

Drug is represented by the "pure" antagonist of opiate receptors. It is effective at oral administration. Action is noticeable 60-120 minutes later and lasts for 1-2 days.

Indications to use

It is applied at abstinence after cancellation of opiates. Thus, it can be used in case of addiction to opioid analgetics. Besides, Naltrexone at alcoholism is used.


It is impossible to apply at a liver failure, an acute hepatitis, and also in case of personal intolerance of components of drug.

Side effects

Drug intake can lead to the following undesirable effects:

  • nervous system: overexcitement, irritability, prostration, dizziness; the depression, the increased fatigue, a disorientation, nightmares, vision disorders, a photophobia, feeling of a congestion in ears, paranoia, confusion of consciousness, a hallucination, drowsiness, a burning sensation and eye pain, pain and a sonitus are in rare instances possible;
  • urinary system: disturbance of an urination is in rare instances possible;
  • skin: rash, changes of skin which are characteristic of the 1st stage of freezing injury, an epidermophitia of feet, increase of secretion of sebaceous glands are in rare instances possible;
  • CCC: hypostases, phlebitis, increase of pressure, tachycardia, feeling of a rush of blood to the person, nonspecific changes of the cardiogram, feeling of heat in extremities are in rare instances possible;
  • system of digestion: obtusion of feeling of hunger, lock, diarrhea; increase of activity of transaminases of a liver, gastrointestinal tract erosive cankers, feeling of dryness in a mouth, strengthening of displays of hemorrhoids, a meteorism is in rare instances noted;
  • reproductive system: disturbance of an ejaculation, decrease in a potentiality; increase/lowering of a libido is in rare instances noted;
  • respiratory system: the hyperemia of vessels of a nasal cavity, nasal bleedings, sneezing, the raised slizeotdeleniye, respiratory depression, cough, a rhinorrhea, feeling of dryness in a throat, sinusitis, a trakheofoniya, an asthma is in rare instances noted;
  • others: fever; painful feelings in inguinal area, increase or total loss of appetite, pathological yawning, a lymphocytosis, a weight set, fever, increase in lymph nodes are in rare instances noted.

Application instruction of Naltrexone (Way and dosage)

Drug is accepted inside, as a rule, in a dosage of 50 mg/days. The application instruction of Naltrexone reports that action of this means has to be noticeable 60-120 minutes later after reception. In certain cases accept a reduced dose in 25 mg.

In general the application instruction of Naltrexone indicates that the scheme and duration of therapy are established by the specialist in an individual order.


Drug people have no data on overdose. If there is a suspicion on poisoning, therapy symptomatic. It is necessary to address specialists.

At overdose it is impossible to enter still high doses of opioids as it can aggravate oppression of nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.


Drug reduces action of agonists of opioid receptors (analgetics, antibechic drugs) at simultaneous use.

Terms of sale

Is on sale in drugstores strictly according to the recipe of the specialist.

Storage conditions

To store in the dark place. Temperature is up to 25 °C. To protect from children.

Period of validity

It is necessary to hold medicine no more than three years. It is impossible to use on expiry date which is specified on packaging with medicine.

About Naltrexone

Opinions on this drug generally positive. About Naltrexone at forums especially often leave those who applied him to treatment for alcoholism. They report that means was effective and helped when it was not succeeded to get rid of dependence by means of coding.

The price of Naltrexone where to buy

The price of Naltrexone depends on a release form. It is possible to buy tablets approximately for 650 rubles. The price of Naltrexone in capsules from 780 rubles.


  • Naltrexone fv 50 mg No. 10 kaps.
  • Naltrexone 50 of mg No. 10 tabletkimoskovsky endocrine plant of federal state unitary enterprise
  • Naltrexone 50 of mg No. 10 kapsulymoskovsky endocrine plant of federal state unitary enterprise

Drugstore of IFC

  • Naltrexone tbl 50 mg No. 10, Moscow endocrine z-d (г.Москва) Russia
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