Нандролон Constitutional formula

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  • Latin name: Nandrolonum
  • ATH code: A14AB01, S01XA11
  • Chemical formula: C18H26O2
  • CAS code: 434-22-0

Chemical name

4-эстрен-17β-ол-3-он (in the form of caproate, the cyclotat, a dekanoat, a fenilpropionat)

Chemical properties

Nandrolonum Dean's office (Nandrolonum Dekanoat) – medicine, the anabolic steroid having weak androgenic effect. Abroad use Nandrolonum Fenilpropionat more often – the white or yellowish powder with a cream shade possessing a specific smell. Means is almost insoluble in water, is badly dissolved in alcohol, but it is good in acetone and chloroform. Dekanoat synthesize in the form of crystals of a yellow or white shade which are badly dissolved in water, but are well ether-soluble, alcohol, acetone, various oils.

The molecular mass of connection – about 274,4 grams on mol. As a part of drugs substance most often is in a type of oily dense solution for injection introduction.

Nandrolonum possesses bigger pharmacological activity, than testosterone. Therefore it is often applied as a dope. In a human body substance is produced naturally from testosterone. The International Olympic Committee attentively watches the level of this connection in blood at athletes. The most admissible concentration in urine makes 2 nanograms on one ml, both for men, and for women.

Pharmacological action

Anabolic, antianemic, androgenic, antineoplastic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

After penetration into a system blood stream substance enters interaction with the specific proteins receptors located on a surface of target organs. Thus complex connection of a receptor with Nandrolonum is formed, and substance can freely will move to a hyaloplasma, overcoming a cellular cover. Further connection by diffusion gets through a kernel membrane directly into a kernel of a cell and activates specific regulator genes.

Medicine stimulates processes of synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid and RNA, some other structural acids, strengthens tissue respiration and reactions of oxidizing phosphorylation in skeleton muscles. Owing to these processes there is an increase in muscle bulk and active burning of fatty deposits. In skeletal muscles creatine phosphate and ATP collect, growth of man's generative organs accelerates, forming of secondary sexual characteristics is stimulated.

The regions of growth located in bones kaltsifitsirutsya and the skeleton stops growing. Also Nandrolonum Dean's office (Nandrolonum Dekanoat) stimulates a spermatogenesis, sebaceous and male gonads. At use of big dosages of means suppression of cells of Leydiga develops, synthesis of endogenous sex hormones as the hypophysis ceases to produce luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone decreases.

Within 3-7 days after an injection of substance the anabolic effect of medicine is shown. In a ferruterous and cover epithelium, bones and muscles reparative processes become more active, speed amplifies and completeness of absorption of amino acids from a small intestine increases. This effect at the use of the food rich in proteins is swept especially up. There are stimulations of production of erythropoetin and activation of anabolic processes in a brain. If in parallel to appoint iron preparations, the antianemic effect of treatment is shown.

Owing to treatment this substance breaks synthesis in tissues of a liver of various K-dependent blood-coagulation factors (2, 9, 7, 10), the lipidic profile of a blood plasma changes. Also means promotes development of hypostases because of processes of a reabsorption of liquid and sodium in kidneys.

After introduction of 100 mg of oil solution of Nandrolonum intramusculary, the maximum concentration in blood is observed in 7-12 day. At peroral use biological availability of means about 2% while injections provide to 100% digestibility. In an organism substance is metabolized in a liver, forming 17 ketosteroids. Medicine mainly with urine, the rest – with a stake is removed. The elimination half-life makes about a week. Completely drug is removed from an organism within 3 weeks.

Indications to use

Nandrolonum is appointed:

  • at a diabetic retinopathy;
  • for increase of speed of generation and a catabolism at chronic infectious diseases, after operations, severe injuries, at a steroid myopathy;
  • at Verdniga-Goffman's syndrome;
  • for elimination of the anemia caused by metastasises from malignant tumors, drugs, salts of heavy metals;
  • to patients with the progressing muscular dystrophy;
  • for elimination of a hypocalcemia at senile and postclimacteric osteoporosis, after treatment of GKS;
  • at anemia owing to diseases of kidneys, a myelofibrosis, myelosclerosis, a myeloid aplasia of marrow;
  • for stimulation of growth at children with deficit of somatotropic hormone;
  • at an inoperable carcinoma of a mammary gland (woman) in the postclimacteric period or after carrying out an ovariectomy.


Medicine is contraindicated:

  • at an allergy to active ingredient;
  • to patients with a carcinoma or a prostatauxe;
  • at malignant new growths of chest gland at men;
  • to women with a carcinoma of a mammary gland at a hypercalcemia;
  • to pregnant women;
  • at ischemia;
  • to patients with the expressed atherosclerosis;
  • if the patient has a tendency to formation of hypostases owing to heart failure, chronic or acute diseases of a liver and kidneys (nephrite);
  • during a lactation;
  • to alcoholics and patients with alcoholic damages of a liver, kidneys or hearts.

Side effects

Side reactions most often develop when using big dosages of drug.

Medicine can cause:

  • iron deficiency anemia, progressing of atherosclerosis, puffiness on the periphery;
  • painful feelings in a stomach, vomiting and nausea, disturbances in work of a liver (jaundice);
  • disturbances of processes of a blood coagulation, bleeding;
  • leykozopodobny syndrome;
  • headaches, disturbances of normal respiration, darkening a calla, vomiting with blood and other signs of a gepatonekroz;
  • hepatic purpura;
  • hepatocellular carcinoma, disturbance of a spermatogenesis;
  • painful feelings in the right side, coloring of urine in dark color, decolorization of a chair, yellowing of skin and other symptoms of cholestatic hepatitis.

Also at women can be shown:

  • amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea;
  • the increased growth of hair, growth of a clitoris, change of a voice;
  • hypercalcemia.

Character of the arising side reactions at men depends on age.

In the prepubertatny period at men can arise: growth of a penis, accelerated formations of secondary sexual characteristics, an enanthesis, eels, a priapism, acceleration or the termination of growth, hyperpegmentation of skin.

During the post-pubertal period are observed: increase in frequency of desires to an urination, a gynecomastia, increase in sensitivity and density of chest glands.

At male patients at advanced age the carcinoma or a prostatauxe develops.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

According to the instruction for Nandrolonum, Solutio oleosa is entered intramusculary, deeply.

The dosage and duration of treatment depends on indications.

The application instruction of Nandrolonum of Dekanoat at anemia

During treatment of anemia by means of this medicine it is recommended to appoint iron preparations in parallel. On average, the dosage for men makes from 100 to 200 mg of substance, 1 time in 7 days.

To women appoint 50-100 mg of means, once a week.

Duration of treatment is defined by the attending physician.

The instruction on Nandrolonum Dean's office as anabolic steroid

Men are recommended to enter no more than 200 mg of drug for time, to women – no more than 100 mg (from 50 to 100). The injection is made once in 7-28 days.

For children aged from 2 till 14 flyings it is recommended to use dosages on 25-50 mg. Frequency rate of introduction same, as well as for adults.

The course of treatment makes till 12 weeks. 2 months later after the last injection a course can be completed again.

During treatment it is recommended to keep to a proteinaceous diet.

Nandrolonum Fenilpropionat appoint for treatment of a carcinoma of a mammary gland in a dosage from 50 to 100 mg. Medicine is entered intramusculary, deeply, once in 7 days.

A course of Nandrolonum of Fenilpropionat can be taken under supervision of the specialist. Duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.


At overdose the frequency of manifestation of side reactions amplifies. Treatment – according to the shown symptoms.


Nandrolonum fenilpropionat and dekanoat is strengthened by effect of indirect anticoagulants, insulin, antiagregant, diabetes medicine for oral administration.

The drugs containing sodium, GKS, mineralkortikoida corticotropin strengthen a water delay in an organism, increase probability of developing of hypostases and acne rash.

Medicine weakens pharmacological effect of somatotropic hormone and its derivatives.

Substance protects a liver at a combination to gepatotoksichny drugs.

Terms of sale

It is necessary to have the recipe from the doctor.

Storage conditions

Store medicine in the dry, dark, protected from children place, temperature condition from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Special instructions

In spite of the fact that medicine has practically no androgenic properties, it is necessary to appoint it to women with extra care, after a ratio assessment risk of emergence of side reactions and advantage of carrying out therapy. Treatment by drug can be combined in reception of glucocorticosteroids, carrying out radiation therapy and cytostatics.

Extra care should be observed at epilepsy, glaucoma and migraine. Periodic control of intraocular pressure, a condition of a prostate and indicators of hepatic tests is necessary.

If the patient has a progressing malignant new growth, then treatment duration means is defined by the attending physician depending on a condition of the patient.

To children

Children are not recommended to appoint drugs on the basis of Nandrolonum. Means cannot be accepted at the age of less than 2 years.


It is necessary to appoint substance to elderly patients with extra care.

Drugs on the basis of Nandrolonum: Deka-Durabolin, Phenobolinum solution for injections in oil, Dekanoat Norma's Nandrolonum, Nandrolonum of D 20% solution, Retabolil, Dekanoat's Nandrolonum, Nandrobolin 250.

About Nandrolonum

About Dean's office of Nandrolonum athletes who want to improve the indicators leave generally, to accelerate growth of muscles and to reduce percentage of fat. Responses are generally good, means is well transferred, from side effects most often there is a headache, dorsodynias and allergic reactions. Women seldom use this drug, however note that in low dosages its androgenic effect is practically not shown.

About Nandrolonum to Fenilpropionatya too good. Medicine proved as the effective assistant at fight against a carcinoma of a mammary gland at women. Less often it is applied by athletes. Side reactions are shown not more often than it is declared in the instruction.

The price where to buy Nandrolonum

It is possible to buy Nandrolonum as in pharmacy chain in the presence of the recipe from the doctor, and to order in online store (the increased risk to get a fake). The price of Nandrolonum of Fenilpropionat makes about 260 rubles for 5 ampoules with a capacity of 1 ml, a dosage of 100 mg on ml. It is possible to buy Nandrolonum Dean's office in the form of oil solution for injections for 2000 rubles, 10 ml, on 200 mg of active ingredient in 1 ml of means. The price of Nandrolonum Dean's office as a part of the drug Retabolil – about 250 rubles, 1 ampoule, a dosage of 50 mg on 1 ml.

Section: Active ingredients
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