Folk remedies from diarrhea

Intestinal sufferings are usually provided by two opposite types – a diarrhea and a lock. And the first brings the mass of trouble because of which it is impossible even to leave the house. As a rule, diarrhea (the official name of a diarrhea) – an indisposition which is expressed by frequent and very liquid, watery chair. It, of course, is unpleasant. But the main thing – can be an indicator of rather serious disease caused by intestinal infections or food poisoning.

The main danger — as its effect – organism dehydration because of what the patient can even die. Certainly, at the first symptoms of diarrhea it is necessary to see a doctor and it is correct to make the diagnosis. The specialist will appoint treatment according to features of your organism, but, perhaps, the severe diet remains the main thing for all patients.

Both at the treatment appointed by the doctor, and at the first symptoms of diarrhea to a visit of hospital it is necessary to drink as much as possible still mineral water, a fruit fruit drink, any juice and other liquid. The exception will be made by dairy products and coffee.

How to get rid of a diarrhea?

Along with drug treatment (if the infectious nature of a disease or poisoning with food is revealed) not only it is possible, but also it is necessary to resort to folk remedies. For example, not the first hundred years get rid of a diarrhea as follows: from a chicken stomach to cut off a yellow cover, it is good to wash out it and to dry up, then to part forcibly a wooden tolkushka or a rolling pin to a condition of powder. Accept such powder on 1 tablespoon – adults, and on 1\2 tablespoon – children. To wash down with a large amount of water. Apply once a day.

It is even simpler to use potato starch: To part 1 tablespoon in a glass of the cooled boiled water and to drink. Adults can resort to one more rather simple recipe: in less half-glass of vodka to part 1 h a spoon of salt and at once to use.

In house conditions it is rather simple to prepare also one more option of a medicine: to cut a crude bulb crosswisely (not at the roots) and to put it in a glass with hot tea (not strong, without sugar). To draw thus onions of minutes 10, after that to drink.

Well also the solution prepared from two components – cinnamon and red siliculose pepper helps. Possessing the excellent knitting property, such broth helps also to bring gases out of an organism.

Broths from walls of walnuts, infused in alcohol within 2-3 days, and from a peel of the garnet made by boiled water are very widespread in the people. Also the berries mixed with honey — a guelder-rose, a cranberry marsh can help. And, of course, rice or, more precisely, broth from rice (1:7 — a ratio of grain and cold water, to boil to a half-baked state). Only it is necessary to use not broken rice.

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