Outside otitis

Outside otitis – quite widespread disease affecting an outside ear. The last consists of two components: auricle and outside acoustical pass.

There are many diseases of an outside ear as noninfectious (a fungal infection, eczema of acoustical pass, cerumen impactions, bone growths of acoustical pass), and infectious. Outside otitis and its clinical manifestations also concerns to them – the furuncle and an extensive inflammation of outside acoustical pass, can also meet auricle herpes, an inflammation of an ear cartilage, etc.

Furuncles of outside acoustical pass are called inflammations of a sebaceous gland and/or a hair sack of purulent character.

Everyone can get sick with outside otitis, in risk group there are athletes who are engaged in any kinds of aquatics and also those at whom immunity is lowered. The basic reason of outside otitis is a bacterial flora which can be shown as a result of decrease in immunity, and microtraumas of acoustical pass. The disease arises and when prevention of outside otitis is not observed. Also, during swimming, water can get to outside acoustical pass that can lead to an onset of the illness. The activator at hit on the moistened ear skin, can lead to development of an inflammation. Furuncles of acoustical pass arise because of penetration through skin of stafilokokk what can be promoted in no small measure overcooling, sharp decrease in immunity or infectious diseases.

Symptoms of outside otitis

Specific symptoms of outside otitis:

  • cutaneous dropsy of acoustical pass;
  • painful feelings when pressing on an auricle;
  • pain can amplify also when chewing, sometimes there is an itch;
  • reddening of acoustical pass;
  • ear congestion;
  • slight increase of body temperature.

It is necessary to notice that the hearing at outside otitis, usually is not broken. Only seldom or never, when very severe hypostasis leads to narrowing of acoustical pass, it can be lowered.

Outside otitis happens two types: limited, and diffusion. The first is shown in the form of an inflammation of a hair sack. And the second type — when the inflammation affects all acoustical pass. At limited otitis of people can even not guess that it is sick since the main symptom is the pain developing at conversation or chewing here. Diffusion outside otitis happens bacterial, fungal and allergic, and it is caused by an inflammation which streptococci, epidermal staphylococcus, a pyocyanic stick, mushrooms Candida cause, aspergilla. Streptococci get to an organism through microcracks in skin, body temperature rises, the auricle becomes red. Symptoms of outside otitis in this case: pain and an itch in an ear, are possible purulent discharges of an unpleasant smell.

Diagnosis of outside otitis

Наружный отитThe diagnosis "outside otitis" is made by the otolaryngologist. It is better not to be engaged in self-diagnostics since it is possible to be mistaken. The doctor performs tool inspection of an ear (otoskopiya), can appoint research of microflora. At survey reddening and puffiness of acoustical pass are noted. If the inflammation is extended to a tympanic membrane, then transparent allocations from an ear can be observed.

Treatment of outside otitis

Usually the doctor appoints establishment in acoustical pass of turundas from a gauze with antibacterial ointment, for example, with Flucinarum or Tselestoderm, the warming compresses. At inflammatory process it is necessary to apply also special ear drops as a part of which there are antibiotics, for example, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin and norfloxacin. Full diagnosis of outside otitis is surely carried out, the infection reason which caused an inflammation, and, proceeding from it is defined, medical ointment will be registered. Regular hygiene of outside acoustical pass, washing by solution of boric acid or Furacilin is useful, and at an itch – an instillation in a menthol ear in peach oil.

If the furuncle of acoustical pass disturbs, then for a start the doctor will cauterize a furuncle top iodine or boric alcohol then pus by means of a small section will be removed. Independently it is not recommended to do cauterization, there is a probability of distribution of purulent contents. Painful symptoms of outside otitis are removed by means of the anesthetizing drugs and heat. Also, for immunity increase, vitamin therapy and physical therapy can be registered (UVCh currents, laser therapy helium - the neon laser). At observance of all recommendations of the doctor, outside otitis passes through a week. In the complicated cases treatment of outside otitis is carried out in hospital. All medicines are appointed by the doctor, categorically self-treatment is inadmissible.

Prevention of outside otitis

Наружный отитGenerally prevention of outside otitis means only followings to simple and clear rules. Hit of water in ears in time bathing and its retardation can become there one of the reasons of emergence of a disease therefore it is necessary to protect ears from hit of water in them during bathing. Can lead the wrong use of objects of personal hygiene to an illness. So, carefully it is necessary to clean ears wadding sticks, their wrong use can lead to an injury.

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