If tortured cold?

The person in the commotion of daily cares pays attention to that a little the moment when he was caught in the rain, shivered, standing on the bus-stop, or carried out the working day, sitting on draft. The first symptom of cold, namely cold, is perceived as a trifle which will pass. Also it turns out so that the individual who is carefree blowing nose in a handkerchief, without suspecting that, takes the first steps to, already serious, to a disease with the name "antritis ".

Cold it is necessary to treat. But it is absolutely optional to use to this invention of chemists-druggists. It is possible to do inhalations over boiled potatoes or svezhesvarenny black coffee, to grease nostrils with honey or to wash out an internal nasal cavity sodo-saline solution. The recipe of solution is simple: it is necessary to throw a teaspoon of usual table salt into a glass of warm water and a little bit, literally one gram, soda and carefully to stir.

If the moment is irrevocably missed and cold, having passed a chronic stage, passed into antritis, then it is necessary to take the plunge, without waiting for accumulation of purulent masses in Highmore's bosoms, to see doctors.

If the person at cold is disturbed by headaches several days in a row if it clogged a nose and at a breath there is a painful feeling in a frontal bone, then it is impossible to delay already. We begin treatment.

National methods of treatment

Gray. We take egg, a smooth stone (sea pebble well will approach) or a salt sack. We cook egg, we heat pebble and salt on a frying pan. And, we are actually treated, putting in the places concentrating pain. It will be a nose or a forehead. To hold until our source of heat cools down.

We wash out. We do the self-made device for washing of a nasal cavity. It will consist of a nonmetallic teapot for tea leaves and the pacifier for feeding of babies dressed on a teapot nose. In the device we pour salt solution (usual or sea) which represents one and a half teaspoons of the salt dissolved in two glasses, brought to boiling, water. Also we pour through a pacifier in a nostril in solution. Will follow through other nostril.

We grease. We buy peach oil in a drugstore and by means of a pipette we dig in in a sore nostril. Due to greasing morbidity disappears, and due to useful properties of a peach there is a treatment.
So, antritis is a disease which is easier for preventing, than to treat. Therefore be careful. Do not catch a cold!

Section: Traditional medicine