Motherwort tincture

Sedative. Active component is the motherwort grass. Medicine has sedative, cardiotonic, anticonvulsant and diuretic effects. The principle of impact on the central nervous system is based on strengthening of processes of braking, decrease in excitability. The medicine is issued in the form of extract, raw materials, tincture, in the form tableted lekarstvenno. Tincture of a motherwort is issued on the basis of 70% of alcohol. The medicine is issued in special bottles droppers on 50 ml, in usual bottles on 40 ml. Infusion represents transparent liquid with a brown-green shade and bitterish taste. Medicine contains tannins, saponins, alkaloid leonurin, stachydrine, steroid glycosides, flavonoidny glycosides.

Indications, contraindications:

The application instruction of tincture of a motherwort contains the following indications: functional disturbances in work of cardiovascular system, the increased nervous irritability, a labile arterial hypertension, cardiovascular neurosises, vegeto-vascular dystonia. Medicine is appointed as a sedative. Use of tincture of a motherwort is contraindicated at erosive gastritis in an aggravation phase, at a peptic ulcer of a digestive tract, at intolerance of active component. Motherwort tincture at pregnancy is not contraindicated.

Side effect:

Responses on the drug Motherwort Tincture indicate the following possible side effects: dispepsichesky frustration, allergic answer.

Route of administration:

Medicine is accepted 1 hour to food, inside. Infusion preparation: 2 dessertspoons (15 grams of granules) or 2 tablespoons (9 grams of the crushed raw materials) fill in with boiled water (200 ml) in the enameled ware, densely cover, then heat on the water boiling bath within 15 minutes (careful stirring is obligatory!). The received infusion is cooled at the room temperature within 45 minutes then filter. The remains of raw materials wring out, and dissolve the prepared infusion with boiled water up to the volume of 200 ml. A motherwort extract in tablets is accepted by 3-4 times a day 0,014 grams (corresponds to 1 tablet).

Special instructions:

Motherwort extract is capable to make negative impact on a possibility of control of the vehicle. Tincture can be stored within two years in the dark, protected from light place. The medicine is recommended to be stored far from children.

Medicinal interaction:

Tincture of a motherwort can strengthen effect of anesthetics and sedative drugs.


  • Motherwort tincture 25mlzhitomirskaya FF (Ukraine, Zhytomyr)


  • Motherwort tincture 25mlzhitomirskaya FF
  • Motherwort tincture 25mlzhitomirskaya FF
  • Motherwort tincture 25mlzhitomirskaya FF
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