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  • Latin name: Natamycin
  • Active ingredient: Natamitsin (Natamycin)
  • Producer: BEIJING ORIENTAL RADA BIOTECH Co., Ltd (China)


The operating component of drug is natamitsin.

Release form

Medicine is issued as sensitive to light and insoluble white or cream powder in water. It can be dissolved in dimethyl formamide or glacial acetic acid. In weak degree it is dissolved in methyl alcohol.

Besides, such forms of production of drug as tablets, cream and candles are known.

Pharmacological action

This means belongs to fungicidal. It works as antifungal drug of a wide range.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The operating component of this medicine contacts sterola of a membrane of a cell of a mushroom and causes loss of its vital components. It works for many dermatomitset, yeast, some protozoa, and also drozhzhepodobny and other mushrooms. Does not make system impact and it is practically not absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract through the unimpaired skin and mucous membranes.

If candles are applied, under the influence of body temperature the foamy weight which helps with distribution of active agent on mucous is created.

Indications to use

Medicine is applied to the peroral use for the purpose of prevention and therapy of noninvasive candidiasis of intestines.

In forms for external and topical administration drug is used at an infection of integuments and mucous which is provoked by dermatophytes, and also barmy or drozhzhepodobny mushrooms.

Candles are effective at vulvovaginal candidiasis.


Drug cannot be used at hypersensitivity to its components and a tuberculosis cutis.

Side effects

When using this medicine there can be following side effects:

  • use inside – diarrhea, vomiting, nausea;
  • use outwardly – burning, irritation in the field of drawing.

Application instruction of Natamitsin (Way and dosage)

At oral administration a one-time dosage – 100 mg. Adults have to accept every day means 4 times, and children – 2 times.

Candles are applied once a day for the night for 3-6 days.

The application instruction of Natamitsin in forms for outside use reports that medicine it is possible to apply daily one or several times.

How many therapy lasts, is defined in an individual order. When symptoms disappear, treatment is desirable to continue some more days.


Data on overdose are not available.


Clinically significant medicinal interaction of this drug with other means is not established.

Terms of sale

Tablets are on sale according to the recipe.

Means for external and intravaginalny use are released without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to hold drug the place unavailable to small children.

Natamitsin at pregnancy (and lactations)

Natamitsin at pregnancy and during feeding by a breast it is possible to apply to destination the specialist in the recommended dosages.

About Natamitsin

As a rule, patients leave positive About Natamitsin. In most cases it appears efficient means in all forms of release. Messages on side effects are not available. Doctors quite often appoint this drug even pregnant.

Natamitsin's price where to buy

Natamitsin's price depends on a release form. For example, external use cream costs about 260 rubles. The price of candles Natamitsin — about 245 rubles. They are considered as quite available means among the analogs. The price of tablets Natamitsin is slightly higher than other forms of release. They cost about 470 rubles. As the price of ointment lower and is on sale it without recipe, patients quite often prefer this form of production of drug. It is suitable both for women, and for men.

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