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  • Latin name: Natecal D3
  • ATH code: A12AX
  • Active ingredient: Calcium carbonate, Kolekaltsiferol (Calcium carbonate, Colecalciferol)
  • Producer: Italfarmaco (Italy)


One chewable tablet contains 1500 mg of calcium of a carbonate (answers 600 mg of calcium) and 400 ME cholecalciferols (D3 vitamin). Excipients are α-tocopherol acetate, the hydrated oil of soybeans, gelatin, sucrose, corn starch.

Release form

Chewable tablets are packed into bottles according to 12 or 60 tab. and sealed in cardboard packs.

Pharmacological action

The regulator calcium - a phosphorus exchange.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Calcium Natekal gives to D3 the chance to fill a lack of a microelement organism — calcium in a combination with D3 vitamin. Besides, production of parathyroid hormone is slowed down and the resorption decreases that promotes increase in density of a bone tissue.

Data on pharmacokinetics

D3 vitamin and microelement calcium are soaked up in a human body in thin (mainly duodenal) intestines.

Indications to use

  • complex treatment of various kinds of osteoporosis and its complications, including menopauzny, steroid, senile, idiopathic osteoporosis;
  • lack of an organism of calcium, D3 vitamin including to patients of advanced age;
  • also it is applied to prevention of osteoporosis and fractures of bones.


  • hypersensitivity to components;
  • intolerance of sucrose;
  • urolithiasis;
  • hypercalcemia or hypercalcuria;
  • reception of superdoses of D3 vitamin;
  • sarcoidosis;
  • metastasises of tumors in bones;
  • osteoporosis as a result of a long immobilization;
  • reception of other vitamin and mineral complexes or other sources including calcium and/or D3 vitamin;
  • renal failures.

To take with caution

Side effects

  • dispeptic manifestations: locks, meteorism, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pains;
  • the increased content of calcium in blood tests or urine (it is possible at long reception).

Natekal D3, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Tablets should be chewed or rassasyvat.


To take inside one or two pill during a breakfast and/or a dinner.

Treatment of osteoporosis

For definition of a dosage and the mode of administration of drug it is necessary to see the attending physician.


Reaction from an organism

Development of a polyuria, loss of appetite, feeling of thirst, nausea, weakness, vomiting and locks, dizziness, a headache, unconscious a state and even – a coma is possible. As a result of long therapy calcification of vessels and various body tissues can be observed.

The taken measures for treatment

Regidratation, purpose of "loopback" diuretics, GKS, calcitonin, bisfosfonat, a hemodialysis, recommends observance of a diet with reduced amount of calcium.


  • Weakening of effects of drug is observed at interaction with Phenytoinum and barbiturates whereas a potentsiation — with cardiac glycosides.
  • Due to the increase in absorption of tetracyclines an interval between administration of drugs with Natekal D3 has to be not less than 3 hours.
  • With Biphosphonate fluoride observes decrease in their intensity of absorption and therefore, the interval is necessary not less than 2 hours.
  • With corticosteroids calcium absorption decreases, with Furosemide and other loopback diuretics the speed of removal of calcium through kidneys increases.
  • With Holestiramin and purgatives on the basis of mineral or vegetable oil D3 vitamin absorption level decreases.
  • In acid medium of foodstuff calcium absorption increases, in alkalescent — decreases.

Terms of sale

It is allowed for sale without recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature condition to +30 ° Celsius.

Preserve drug in the place, unavailable to minor persons.

Period of validity

Is subject to use during 2 flyings.

Special instructions

It is necessary to apply at patients with functional disturbances of kidneys, and also a fenilketonuriya (as aspartame contains) with care:

  • at prolonged use it is necessary to control calcium level in blood and urine (the critical threshold to 7,5 milimol demands per day reduction of a dose or the temporary termination of treatment).
  • Simultaneous use with diuretics from tiazid leads to increase of risk of emergence of a hypercalcemia.

Natekal D3 at pregnancy and a lactation

Natekal D3 at pregnancy can be accepted, without exceeding a daily dose: 1.5 of calcium and 600 ME D3.

About Natekale D3

Majority of reviews of drug positive. At forums it is possible to meet such comments:

  • The excellent vitamins balanced for the best digestion of calcium. Effect of use always explicit.
  • Calcium is very necessary for me, bad teeth, brittle bones partially because of that at me diabetes and I drink liquids quite a lot. These vitamins really helped me, at once it became visible on color of teeth and durability of nails.

Natekal's price of D3 where to buy

Packaging of chewable tablets Natekal D3 No. 60 can be found for 340-360 rubles.


  • Natekal tablet D3 No. 60 zhevatelnyeitalfarmako S. of the item. And.
  • Natekal tablet D3 No. 60 for rassasyvaniyaitalfarmako S. of the item. And.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Natekal tbl to chew D3. No. 60, Italfarmacoitaliya
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