Urine incontience

The incontience of urine is the phenomenon at which urine is emitted involuntarily, and, the person is not capable to control this process by effort of will.

How the urine incontience is shown?

Day and women and at men can have primary bed wetting and secondary. To distinguish these versions, it is necessary to consider that primary incontience of urine is connected with defects of sphincters, that is those muscles which lock a bladder. It can be connected with congenital anomalies, such incontience of urine at elderly women who had several childbirth, etc. is noted. The secondary incontience of urine is connected with the reasons which are not connected with anomalies of urinary tract. It can be frustration of mentality, traumatizing a spinal cord, etc.

As the statistics and responses of doctors testifies, the incontience of urine is often found problem. There are data that in the period of a menopause the age incontience is noted approximately at 40% of women. Nevertheless, considering sensitivity of a problem, treatment of an incontience of urine at men and women is carried out not always as people hesitate to see a doctor with such complaints. Finding in itself such symptoms, women just prefer to use laying or to accept drugs by councils of acquaintances. Meanwhile the problem by itself does not disappear, and quality of life of such patient seriously worsens.

The quantity of cases of involuntary release of urine grows with age. It is noted that the urine incontience at elderly women meets considerably more often. Specialists connect primary incontience of urine with patrimonial activity. On a question why the incontience at women is after the delivery observed day and night, it is possible to answer, considering features of anatomy of the woman. Quite often after the child's birth women throughout a long time should use female laying in connection with an urine incontience. Nevertheless, if the correct treatment of an incontience of urine after the delivery timely was undertaken, then over time the woman can forget about this problem. In particular, the special gymnastics of which it will be a question below practices.

One more classification provides division of an incontience of urine on stressful and urgentny. The stressful incontience is defined in those cases if at the person urine is involuntarily emitted at exercise stresses, sneezing, laughter, cough, etc. The patient does not feel the expressed desires to an urination. The Urgentny incontience of urine at women and men is defined if the patient feels a desire to an urination which it cannot overcome, and after that it has an involuntary urination. As a result, the person cannot be in time in a toilet as the urination occurs almost right after a desire.

Недержание мочи у женщинAt a combination of two types of an incontience (urgentny and stressful) the mixed urine incontience is diagnosed. Most often such diagnosis is made to women in the period of a menstrual pause.

More rare species of an incontience is refilling. At such pathology at the person with the crowded bladder urine involuntarily leaks, but completely cannot devastate a bladder of people. Such symptom can be observed at prostate adenoma at men or at the women having myoma which reaches the big sizes.

Not only women suffer from an incontience of urine. Also stressful and urgentny incontience at men is noted. The senile incontience of urine at men is most often observed. As a rule, symptoms of an incontience are noted at night at men of advanced age. The incontience can be observed at the drunk man of advanced age. In this case not only drugs, but also maintaining the correct way of life are important for improvement of a condition of the person.

Why the urine incontience is shown?

There are certain reasons of such state and factors which influence manifestation of this symptom. The stressful incontience of urine is permanently connected with insolvency of a sphincter of a bladder. At the patient pathological mobility of an urethra and essential weakening of muscles of a pelvic bottom is noted. When the person laughs, sneezes, coughs, pressure increases in a bladder, and urine leaks.

The reasons of an urgentny incontience of urine are connected with manifestations of a syndrome of a hyperactive bladder. Therefore, when the bladder is filled, there is involuntary a reduction of muscles of walls of a bladder. Such state is observed at neurologic illnesses – Parkinson's illness, Alzheimer's disease. But sometimes the reason and remains unspecified. In that case the idiopathic hyperactivity of a bladder is defined. Some people note imperative desires only in cold months.

There are many factors provoking urine incontiences. Among factors which promote an involuntary urination it should be noted obesity, hormonal failures, diseases of a nervous system, operation which were performed on bodies of a basin, congenital anomalies of bodies of a basin and a pelvic bottom, a hereditary factor, several pregnancy and childbirth.

Недержание мочи у детейThe urine incontience at children often testifies to enuresis. The reasons of bed wetting at girls and at boys can be connected with this disease. According to the statistics, boys suffer from bed wetting approximately twice more often than it happens at girls. The matter is that development of an organism of the boy happens more slowly therefore the children's incontience of urine at them can longer be noted at night, than at girls. Therefore treatment of this disease begins at later age: to 4-year age the doctor observing the boy does not hurry to diagnose enuresis. How to cure this disease, the specialist will define depending on specific features of a current.

Enuresis is observed also at teenagers, in more exceptional cases – at adults. At teenagers the urine incontience several times a month can be observed at night. This problem causes feeling of serious discomfort. Therefore it is necessary to discuss surely with specialists how to treat enuresis to overcome this illness. The urine incontience at teenagers is frequent is a consequence of the psychological reasons. The incontience at teenagers happens as inborn (that is caused by problems which were observed at pregnancy, difficult delivery), and acquired (a consequence of injuries of psychological character, diseases, injuries).

If at teenage boys the incontience very often is a symptom of enuresis, then the urine incontience reasons at girls quite often are explained by influence of other factors. For example, the teenager during puberty can have an involuntary urination during laughter. In most cases this phenomenon passes by itself though sometimes at research signs of a hyperactive bladder are found.

How to get rid of an urine incontience?

Ночное недержание мочиIt is important to realize that the incontience of urine is not an illness, but a symptom of an illness which demands complex treatment. An important problem is also today the fact that the people suffering from an urine incontience hesitate to see a doctor. Therefore treatment of a senile incontience of urine and therapy of diseases which provoke an involuntary urination at women and men of efficient age in many cases is not carried out timely.

First of all it is necessary to address the specialist that he established the correct diagnosis. The doctor conducts survey and survey of the patient, appoints necessary analyses and ultrasonic research. Besides, so-called test on cough is carried out. Treatment of an incontience of urine at cough is carried out with use of those methods which are appointed by the doctor. But initially the doctor asks the patient to cough and defines whether urine is emitted during cough. If at a severe cough a certain amount of urine is allocated, then such test is positive.

Answering how to treat a stressful incontience of urine a question, the doctor can offer medicamentous and non-drug methods, and also a surgery. If the urgentny incontience of urine is diagnosed for the patient, then therapy assumes reduction of a hyperactivity of a bladder. Anticholinergic drugs, antidepressants are for this purpose used.

If at the woman the incontience of urine arises after the delivery or during a menopause, then initially the doctor also establishes what became the reason of such state. Treatment of an incontience of urine at a climax is, as a rule, carried out by means of conservative methods. Sometimes the surgery at an incontience of urine is unacceptable in view of age of the patient or that disease which provoked an involuntary urination.

But in certain cases even drug treatment is not necessary as the necessary effect is rendered by special exercises at an urine incontience. The gymnastics includes a number of exercises which are directed to strengthening of bodies of a small pelvis and muscles of a crotch. It is also recommended to carry out every day so-called exercises of Kegel – on some tens times to unclench and squeeze vagina muscles.

Answering a question how to treat an urine incontience at women, it is necessary to mention physical therapy methods surely. In particular, treatment by galvanic currents, an electrophoresis is effective. Depending on what doctor treats a disease, the specialist can sometimes recommend also some national methods of treatment of an incontience of urine. But nevertheless treatment by folk remedies needs to be practiced in a complex with traditional methods of therapy. Only then such drugs will be effective. Also it is necessary to prevent influence of all factors which can provoke an urine incontience.

Недержание мочи у девушекNational treatment of an incontience of urine is carried out with use of grass collecting. It is possible to use herbal tea from a St. John's Wort and a centaury, infusion from corn a rylets, infusion from fennel seeds, broth from leaves of cowberry and a St. John's Wort, etc. All these folk remedies need to be applied throughout a long time.

If it is not possible to get rid of a stressful incontience of urine for a year, then the doctor can recommend carrying out a surgery.

In that case if the incontience of urine does not recover for a year by means of conservative methods, then the doctor can recommend to carry out surgical intervention. In the course of operation strengthening of a bladder is carried out. It is simple operation which is performed under a local anesthesia.

For treatment it is recommended to use special laying which protects from course. It is recommended to take measures for normalization of functions of intestines as at locks the incontience of urine amplifies also. Loading for a bladder are also extra kilos therefore it is also necessary to watch weight.

Treatment of an incontience of urine at children is carried out if the child is already four years old, and the incontience is observed at it regularly. At the same time both the incontience at night, and an incontience in the afternoon at children is noted. The pediatrician, the neuropathologist and other specialists will help to define the reasons of such state. If bed wetting at children of 6-10 years is noted, then the urologist shall examine such child. Precisely to establish the diagnosis and its features, the doctor conducts survey of parents to learn whether there is a day incontience of urine or an incontience is shown only at night at children. Further the urofloumetriya, a tsistografiya, ultrasonography, etc. is carried out.

If at the child the imperative (uncontrollable) incontience of urine is noted, then the doctor can apply different methods of treatment. Physiotherapeutic methods, medicines, hypnosis, auto-training, etc. are applied. Good results in treatment of enuresis can be received, applying psychotherapy methods. It is recommended to apply also in the course of treatment teas from broths of herbs (a valerian, a motherwort, mint), grass bathtubs.

Parents have to treat very attentively and quietly the child who has enuresis. One has to be told the child that his illness is curable that many children have such problem. It is impossible to abuse the child who woke up wet. Doctors do not recommend to dress for the night to such children diapers as in a diaper it is more difficult to child to control itself.

It is important to accustom the child to that before going to bed he surely went to a toilet. It is not necessary to allow to drink a lot of liquid for the night. The child should not be exposed to severe stresses, excitement before going to bed. It is important to praise the child for the fact that at night he remained dry surely.

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