Underdevelopment of generative organs (Infantility)

The underdevelopment of generative organs (such state also call infantility) is a peculiar arrest of development of a human body. At the same time at the patient in mature years existence of anatomic and functional features which at normal development are present at the childhood or at youth is noted.

How the underdevelopment of generative organs is shown?

In medicine infantility can be subdivided into two versions. Specialists define the general infantility (a state at which in development all systems and human organs are late) and partial infantility (lag in development of one of systems, for example, an underdevelopment of a reproductive system is noted).

Several stages of infantility are allocated. At an embrionalizm at premature children germ signs remain. At children's or infantile infantility at children of advanced age signs which are inherent to chest babies remain.

At a puerilism girls and young men have signs which are characteristic of children of younger school age. Yuvenalizm is a state when signs of the youthful period are observed at adults.

Infantility at children and adults is shown by certain symptoms depending on what system is struck what reason became defining at its emergence. Infantility has a chronic current.

Male infantility is expressed by sexual lag. At the man insufficient forming both secondary sexual characteristics of men, and underdevelopment of generative organs is noted. Those men at whom sexual infantility is noted have appearance which does not correspond to true age. At such man those signs of sexuality which are normal are not shown: sexual inclinations, an ejaculation at night, spontaneously shown erection. Sometimes at the man forming of generative organs happens normally, but at the same time infantility is an effect of an underdevelopment mental. In that case it is very difficult for man to come into emotional contact with the woman, to enter with her sexual relations.

Половой инфантилизмThe underdevelopment of the member brings to the man the mass of psychological problems. The underdevelopment of a penis generates serious uncertainty in itself that as a result leads both to social failures, and to problems in private life. The underdevelopment of a penis demonstrates that in an organism of the man there are disturbances in work of endocrine and reproductive system. Therefore a micropenis at children – an occasion to see immediately a doctor who will make the diagnosis and will appoint effective methods of correction of this problem. Treatment of a micropenis at adults is reasonable if the penis size at the man is 2.5 times less, than the average length of a penis. If the small penis is diagnosed to 14-year age, in that case treatment will be more effective.

Infantility of generative organs at the woman can have the different forms. Sexual infantility which is combined with a certain degree of an underdevelopment of a female organism, and also sexual infantility which is expressed only by an underdevelopment of generative organs is defined.

Several degrees of sexual infantility are defined. Genital infantility of 1 degree is defined at a rudimentary uterus which length does not exceed 3 cm, at the same time the most part of body is occupied by a neck. Such cases in medical practice meet seldom. The woman completely has no periods, or only similarity of monthly is periodically observed. This degree of infantility is considered to be as anomaly of development as the complete recovery of sexual functions of the woman in that case is impossible.

Genital infantility 2 degrees is degree of an underdevelopment of a uterus when its sizes make from 3 cm. At the same time the neck and a body of the womb corresponds as it happens at girls till puberty, that is 3:1. Ovaries are located very highly. Uterine tubes long, gyrose. The periods are scanty, at the same time the woman often suffers from pain. Treatment of genital infantility 2 degrees is possible, however long therapy is for this purpose necessary.

Варианты недоразвития половой системыAt the third degree of infantility the uterus hypoplasia is noted. Length of body makes 6-7 cm. Such state arises in connection with the postponed diseases of generative organs of inflammatory character at children's and youthful age. Sometimes this pathology disappears independently when the woman begins to live sex life or becomes pregnant.

Infantility of a uterus and pregnancy are combined only at the third degree of sexual infantility at the woman or if treatment of infantility of a uterus 2 degrees were carried out correctly.

Two forms of sexual infantility at women are noted: with insufficiency of ovaries and without hormonal ovarian insufficiency. The general symptoms of sexual infantility are expressed by scanty and painful periods at which the woman can have a nausea, faints, headaches. At the woman the sexual inclination is lowered. Mammary glands are poorly developed, there can be no pilosis of a pubis, armpits, a narrow basin. Generative organs are also underdeveloped. Often at such pathology conception is impossible, not incubation is noted.

Why the underdevelopment of generative organs is shown?

The underdevelopment of generative organs of the man and woman can be connected with chronic intoxications, disturbance of functioning of hemadens, chronic diseases, a hypovitaminosis which were observed at the patient in the childhood or at teenage age.

The woman has an infantility of a uterus and other bodies of a reproductive system are noted as an effect of an arrest of development of ovaries and lowering of their functions. Doctors note that now even not serious illnesses which the girl had to a childhood can result in sexual infantility as a result. Also the factor which is negatively influencing development of a reproductive system is continuous restriction in food, diets which girls abuse in youth.

Thus, development of generative organs is late under the influence of a number of unfavorable conditions which take place in children's or at youthful age. Except the factors stated above the underdevelopment of generative organs at the person can be shown afterwards because of the pathological course of pregnancy, existence of extragenital diseases, owing to a negative impact on a fruit in the first months after conception.

How to get rid of an underdevelopment of generative organs?

Недоразвитие половой системыTreatment of an underdevelopment of generative organs depends first of all on what options of an underdevelopment of a reproductive system were diagnosed for the patient. Thus, therapy of genital infantility depends on that, the underdevelopment of generative organs is how expressed.

It is important to establish timely the diagnosis as treatment of infantility at children is more effective, than treatment of infantility at adults. Therefore parents at the first suspicion on existence of pathology of development of generative organs in the child have to see a doctor surely.

Modern methods of treatment give the chance to treat infantility of a uterus at the woman, and also to carry out effective therapy of an underdevelopment of generative organs. It is necessary to be adjusted on the fact that treatment of sexual infantility will be long and will take several months. Treatment is appointed by the doctor after full inspection and establishment of the exact diagnosis. Complex treatment surely joins fortifying actions, correction of a food allowance, normalization of exchange processes treatment of chronic diseases which the patient has. Sometimes if necessary hormonal therapy is appointed. Such method surely practices in the presence of pathology of hemadens. Specialists appoint hormonal drugs teenagers and to young girls only at especially heavy pathologies. Before an initiation of treatment reception of vitamin complexes for the purpose of preparation of an organism for hormonal therapy is appointed hormones. Sometimes achievement of result requires several courses of hormonal treatment. Oral administration of hormonal drugs practices.

If also mental infantility is diagnosed for the patient, drug treatment, and also psychotherapy sessions is carried out. In the course of treatment of an underdevelopment of generative organs at women carrying out physioprocedures is appointed. Besides, treatment by means of acupuncture, an electrophoresis, balneological procedures, etc. sometimes practices.

Pregnancy approach favorably affects a condition of a reproductive system of the woman. If the woman has signs of sexual infantility, then it is impossible to interrupt pregnancy at all as further it can threaten with persistent infertility.

Treatment of an underdevelopment of generative organs at the man is carried out by use of both therapeutic, and surgical methods. Often sanatorium treatment, hormonal therapy, massage, fortifying treatment is recommended to the patient. Also in the course of treatment it is important to correct a day regimen, feeding habits. Hormonal treatment is carried out for the purpose of achievement of normal contents in a hormone organism testosterone. Testosterone can artificially be entered, or the treatment directed to activation of production of own testosterone is carried out. If mental infantility is diagnosed for the patient, to it reception of tranquilizers of neuroleptics, antidepressants is appointed.

If by means of therapeutic methods to achieve desirable result it is not possible, can recommend to the patient carrying out a phalloplasty. This microsurgical operative measure in the course of which the plastics of a penis is carried out from the patient's tissues.

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