Non-drug methods of treatment of gynecologic diseases

Modern women see doctors with complaints to gynecologic diseases even more often every year. Today rather often infectious and inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere are diagnosed even for young girls and girls.
In view of lack of pronounced symptoms at initial stages of such diseases their development, as a rule, initially does not cause concern in women. Therefore they can address the specialist far not at once. At the same time inflammatory and infectious gynecologic diseases can provoke very serious consequences over time. So, infertility and damage of internals can become complication of such illnesses. Therefore it is necessary to treat such pathologies immediately.

Female diseases of the sexual sphere can be divided into three conditional groups. Diseases which have inflammatory character concern to the first. Such illnesses are provoked by the pathogenic microorganisms specific and nonspecific. If the disease is caused by specific microorganisms, then it is about diseases which are transmitted sexually. Nonspecific activators get to the woman's organism from external environment or with a blood-groove.

Hormonal diseases which are shown as an effect of disturbances in functioning of hemadens belong to the second group of diseases.

The third group of gynecologic diseases are the diseases having dystrophic or hyperplastic character. In this case it is about tumors and other pathological educations.

Phytotherapy and treatment of gynecologic diseases

Немедикаментозные методы лечения гинекологических болезнейTreatment of gynecologic diseases is required in certain time to most of women. However at treatment of such diseases the experienced doctor always considers the fact that medicamentous drugs can cause allergic reaction, provoke undesirable side effects. Besides, in a certain state, for example, at pregnancy, some drugs for treatment of gynecologic diseases can be contraindicated to the woman in general. In such cases often doctors resort to the help of phototherapy, practicing treatment by herbs. Phytotherapy practices in gynecology as an additional technique of treatment and in certain cases can quite replace some medicamentous drugs.

It is necessary to consider that modern phytotherapy is not only experience of traditional medicine, but also accurate knowledge of availability of useful substances as a part of extracts and excerpts from medicinal plants. Thanks to a pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics such treatment of gynecologic problems will be the most effective.

Modern phytodrugs are issued both in the form of tinctures, and in the form of tablets. Therefore such therapy will be the most convenient for the patient. Phytodrugs can enter complex treatment of disturbances of a menstrual cycle, uterine bleedings, a premenstrual syndrome, frustration which disturb the woman in the period of a climax. Herbs are effective and at inflammatory diseases, at an amenorrhea and a dysmenorrhea. But in the majority a case for achievement most considerably of effect the doctor appoints combined use of medicamentous means and phytodrugs.

A number of medicinal plants which are often used in the gynecologic sphere for treatment of female diseases is allocated.

In bark of an oak ordinary and an oak pedunculate there is a large amount of tannins, flavonid meletin, acids, starch, proteins. Broth from oak bark in gynecology is applied to syringings at inflammatory and other diseases.

For syringings the infusion prepared from sage leaves is also used. This plant differs in the high content of essential oil, tannins, a number of vitamins, pitches, acids, alcohols. Therefore the plant makes the expressed antimicrobic and antiinflammatory impact.

Treatment zveroboyev is not less effective at gynecologic illnesses. In its structure there is an essential oil, flavonoids, pitches, tannins, ascorbic and niacin, glycerin, and also other components, useful to a female organism. If the St. John's Wort is accepted inside, it influences as a sedative. Besides, the grass has antimicrobic effect.

It is widely applied at female diseases a camomile pharmaceutical as a part of which is hamazulen, flavonoids, acids, etc. Broth of flowers of a camomile possesses antiinflammatory, antiallergenic, bactericidal and anesthetizing and is sedative and styptic means.

Treatment by kidneys and leaves of a birch in gynecology is practiced if necessary to make cholagogue, antimicrobic and diuretic impact. As a part of birch kidneys and leaves there are many tannins, vitamins, essential oil, etc.

By means of a nettle gonochoristic it is possible to treat effectively uterine bleedings. In leaves of this plant there are vitamins, tannins, sincaline, carotinoids, a histamine.

Also treatment by other phytodrugs which the attending physician recommends to the patient depending on the individual diagnosis and features of an organism long since practices in gynecology.

Laser therapy and treatment of gynecologic diseases

Немедикаментозные методы лечения гинекологических болезнейIn the course of treatment of gynecologic diseases now laser therapy is often recommended to women. In this case it is about a number of different methods of treatment which cornerstone physical impact on an organism is. Such influence is carried out using the laser, ultrasound, magnetic fields, currents.

At different diseases laser therapy in gynecology allows not only to add qualitatively the main scheme of treatment, but also to replace reception of some drugs. There is a positive experience of treatment by means of laser therapy of commissural processes, an adenoksit and other illnesses. Laser therapy is applied to correction of disturbances of a monthly cycle, treatment of dysfunction of ovaries, a true erosion and a pseudo-erosion, a puerperal endometritis, etc. Laser therapy also in the course of treatment of chronic diseases of bodies of a small pelvis as such procedures promote reduction of pain, blood supply improvement, treatment of some functional disturbances is appointed.

Also some diseases at which laser therapy can become the only suitable method of treatment are allocated. For example, such technique allows to remove or reduce chronic pelvic pain at neuralgia, to reduce the developments of stagnation which arose in bodies of a female reproductive system as a result of a bad blood-groove.

If to a patsiyentkaa an operative measure by laser therapy use is carried out, then the recovery period is significantly reduced, besides the risk of formation of commissures considerably decreases. Laser therapy is appointed to women who had artificial or any abortion and, as a result, a scraping of a cavity of the uterus. Use after this procedure of lazeroterapevtichesky treatment allows to recover more effectively and quickly damaged endometria (a mucous membrane of a uterus).

In general laser therapy in gynecology allows to reach several positive effects: to considerably reduce therapy terms, to provide high-quality prevention of complications of diseases, and also manifestations of recurrence in the future. Besides, at such treatment the patient does not feel manifestation of side effects which are characteristic of treatment by medicamentous drugs. Also at laser therapy use sometimes it is possible to reduce amount of the applied medicines considerably.

If the chronic disease of reproductive system of an organism is diagnosed for the patient, then use of laser therapy allows to reach permanent remission and at the same time to improve functions of some bodies of reproductive system.

Laser therapy is carried out by two methods: either through vaults of the vagina, or through a front abdominal wall. Any of these methods does not cause pain in the patient. How exactly optimum to make procedure, the attending physician will define, being guided by specific features of an organism of the woman.

It is possible to carry out laser therapy in out-patient conditions, at the same time it is not required to observe any restrictions. Women cannot appoint this procedure with a hysteromyoma, in the presence of cysts and tumors.

Gynecologic massage

Немедикаментозные методы лечения гинекологических болезнейDespite broad use at treatment of gynecologic diseases of antibacterial and hormonal medicamentous drugs modern doctors do not deny advantage of methods which are applied for a long time. Many specialists claim that rather simple and natural methods of treatment are capable to bring big benefit for an organism. Gynecologic massage is a method which began to be applied by doctors in the nineteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century this technique of treatment gained further development and, respectively, broad use. Gynecologic massage is a physiological influence which positively influences not only specific body, but also in general the woman's organism. The most notable effect is observed if gynecologic massage will be applied in parallel with other methods of physical therapy.

Today gynecologic massage is often appointed to women at chronic inflammatory processes of a uterus, and also inflammations of a peritoneum and perimetric cellulose. Such massage facilitates a state at the residual phenomena – pains which arise in a tailbone, a uterus, a sacrum.

At use of gynecologic massage the doctor surely monitors reaction of an organism of the patient to massage and other procedures. It is especially important to watch such reaction in the first few days carrying out massage and physical therapy. Sometimes at inflammatory processes, and also other gynecologic diseases at the woman the metrectopia is observed. Such aberration is provoked by unpleasant feelings at the woman. Gynecologic massage in this case can become an effective method of treatment.

Except the specified pathologies gynecologic massage is applied today at treatment of effects of abortions, difficult delivery, as therapy at an amenorrhea. Gynecologic massage can also bring to women for whom infertility is diagnosed a certain positive effect.

In the course of reflex and mechanical influence which is carried out on muscles and system of vessels of bodies there is activation of a blood-groove and circulation of a lymph. As a result, developments of stagnation in bodies disappear. Thanks to such influence at the woman will remain normal menstrual function, and also prevention of fibrosis and a fibromatosis of a uterus is provided.

For carrying out gynecologic massage the woman needs to take the necessary position on a gynecologic chair or on a massage table. It is important that the doctor carried out massage very easily and softly. At the same time the woman should not feel morbidities. Massage is run by two hands: fingers of one hand massage from a vagina or a rectum, and fingers of other hand make massage from belly covers at this time.

In the course of carrying out gynecologic massage the woman has to breathe, relax prelum abdominale muscles correctly. Before massage it is impossible to eat food, at the same time intestines and a bladder need to be emptied previously. By means of an antiseptic agent the doctor surely processes external genitals before a massage session.

Massage sessions which last no more than 7 minutes are initially held. Over time sessions can become longer – till 15 minutes. Depending on a disease and specific features of the patient the number of sessions of gynecologic massage can make from 10 to 30. Massage is not done in the period of periods. For the period of its carrying out it is better to protect from conception, and directly in days of such sessions you should not practice the sexual intercourses.

After the end of a session of massage the patient has to stay about 10 minutes in a pose lying on a stomach or in genucubital situation. It is desirable to combine such sessions with an osteopathy or physical therapy.

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