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  • Latin name: Neo-Anusolum
  • ATH code: C05AX02
  • Active ingredient: Bismuth subnitrate + Iodine + Methylene blue + Resorcinolum + Tannin + Zinc oxide (Bismuth subnitrate + Iodine + Methylenum coeruleum + Resorcinol + Thanine + Zinc oxide)
  • Producer: Dalkhimfarm, Russia


One suppository includes the following active ingredients in the structure:

  • 200 mg — zinc oxide;
  • 75 mg — basic bismuth nitrate;
  • 50 mg — the tannin;
  • 5 mg — iodine;
  • 5 mg — Resorcinolum;
  • 3 mg — methylene blue.

Acts as a basis for candles — vitepsol, in quantity sufficient for suppository weighing 2,26 — 2,50 grams forming. Also the basis includes 1% of emulsifier — "Firm-2".

Release form

For this time Neo-Anuzol medicine is issued in the form of suppositories (candles) for rectal use. One box includes 2nd plastic packagings on 5 suppositories in everyone. Candles have the torpedo-shaped form of aeruginous or glaucous color (formation of a white plaque is possible).

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Candles of Neo-Anuzol, thanks to the active ingredients collected in their structure, show the local complex anesthetic drying, the antiseptic, knitting, antiinflammatory and spasmolytic action.

Influence of zinc oxide leads to reduction of inflammatory process with the parallel drying effect.

Bismuth nitrate acts as the fixing, knitting and weak antiseptic agent.

The tannin, together with antiinflammatory effect, shows the influence expressed tanning and knitting.

Thanks to properties of resorcin the dermatoprotektorny and antimicrobic effect of drug is observed.

Being a part methylene blue and iodine, are applied as additional antiseptic agents.

Indications to use

The drug Neo-Anuzol is appointed for topical treatment of hemorrhoids, cracks or other damages of anorectal area. For the purpose of simplification or prevention of pain, burning, irritation, bleedings and prevention of possible infections.


Absolute contraindication to use of Neo-Anuzola is hypersensitivity to any of suppository ingredients.

Side effects

Most often therapy by candles of Neo-Anuzol takes place without any negative manifestations. Slight allergic reactions were occasionally noted.

Application instruction

The application instruction of candles allows only rectal administration (in a rectum) medicine. Before use it is better to clear intestines by means of an enema or a natural way. Previously having released suppository from plastic packaging (by means of scissors), lying on one side, enter a candle for a muscular sphincter of a rectum.

The instruction, depending on weight of a state and age, recommends daily use of 1-go-3-h suppositories for Neo-Anuzol. As a rule, the course of local therapy takes 7-10 days.


At the moment there are no authentic data on overdose cases Neo-Anuzolom.


There are no exact data on interaction of Neo-Anuzola with other medicines.

Terms of sale

Neo-Anuzol it can be released from drugstores without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Suppositories need to be stored in packaging of the producer, in the place dry, unavailable to children, at a temperature up to 15 °C.

Period of validity

The period of validity of candles, on condition of the correct storage, is limited 2 years.


To children

As a rule, the problem of hemorrhoids arises at adult age and is very seldom observed at children. However, in case of need of use, Neo-Anuzol can be appointed at children's age, according to the recommendation and under supervision of the pediatrician.


  • Neoanusolum No. 10 svechidalkhimfarm joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Neo-Anuzol candles No. 10, Dalkhimfarm (Khabarovsk) Russia
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