The unusual program against smoking

The authorities of the United States of America began the most resolute fight against smoking. It is connected with the fact that, despite all ongoing efforts since 2003, the number of smokers did not begin to decrease. In this regard in the USA the advertizing company propagandizing life without smoking starts soon.

The people who got sick with serious illnesses because of smoking at which paralysis, the patients who underwent the difficult throat and heart operations which lost extremities because of an addiction developed will become heroes of the advertizing company.

The authorities camps hope that such negative example will make the business, and at least 50 000 inhabitants of America will leave off smoking. According to official forecasts, at least, three months will last such company. 54 billion dollars will be allocated for the planned actions from the budget of the country.

By a little earlier National institute dealing with problems of cancer it was counted that the previous programs for fight against smoking which are carried out to the period from 1975 to 2000 helped to save nearly one million people from death.

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