Urgent (post-coital) contraception

Despite all existing variety, still there is no contraceptive which would suit all and everyone. In one couples prefer that the man cared for protection, in others – the woman. One suit condoms, others do not accept any means except the interrupted sexual intercourse. Relatively recently the list of popular methods was filled up by post-coital contraception.

This technique received the name on the use moment – after a coition, that is sexual intercourse. Actually for the first time urgent contraception was applied in ancient times. Then during the post-coital period various bathrooms on the basis of special solutions were accepted by women, substances on a vegetable basis were entered into a vagina, syringing was used. The modern medicine went much further, and at the disposal of women the whole set of possible ways of prevention of pregnancy after a coition appeared today.

Separately there is a question of humanity of these drugs. In the world there are whole communities which insist on that post-coital contraception was equated to abortion. But there is also other point of view of physicians according to which these drugs allow to reduce distribution of artificial abortions which can do to the woman much more bigger potential harm.

From ourselves we will add that there is a number of cases in which similar methods are irreplaceable. Generally, all of them are brought together to the fact that contraception of other look for one reason or another did not work. The speech can go about the become torn condom, incorrectly used cervical cap, about a zabyvaniye of reception of the tablets preventing pregnancy. Besides, urgent contraception is everywhere applied in rape cases.

Post-coital contraception – the principle of action and efficiency

All drugs of this group – hormonal. The principle of their work is based on periodic emission of doses of hormone which disturbs standard changes in a female body which are brought by pregnancy. The state in which there is an organism after use of drugs is called menstrual chaos.

It is necessary to understand that the similar technique can work only once, after single sexual intercourse without protection. It cannot serve as means of regular protection from pregnancy at all. On the one hand, efficiency of post-coital contraception, and on the other hand harm for an organism can be incomparable in comparison with use of other means.

Efficiency of post-coital contraception depends on at what moment there was a copulation. For a menstrual cycle it makes 74-100% in case of its use right after a coition, and 70-93% in case of use during the periovulyatorny and/or ovulatory period.

Use of post-coital contraception

Неотложная (посткоитальная) контрацепцияPost-coital contraception exists several types. Separately it is necessary to allocate an intrauterine contraceptive which in the people call "spiral". It is the only not medicamentous method.

Other four ways this use:

Let's sort some of their these ways more detailed. But before we warn that use of any of the mentioned ways has to be made only under supervision and according to the decision of the professional doctor. And control over a condition of the patient has to be made not only during drug use, but also before and after it.

So, use of oral contraceptives is based on a certain sequence and a dosage of drugs. The work involving all hands, Anovlarum and other can act as drugs. As a rule, the first two pill is taken within the first three days after a coition without protection. The following two pill is taken in 12 hours after two first.

The number of tablets in this method depends on drug and is defined by the specialist after survey of the patient. If instead of the mentioned drugs is, for example, silest or miniziston, then the number of tablets will make 4 at the same technique of reception.

Progestinovy contraceptives demand faster reaction. So, the first pill of postinor has to be taken in the first hour after copulation. In three hours it is necessary to repeat reception if sexual intercourse repeated. And the third pill is taken next day if the intercourse was multiple. Postinor exerts the constraining impact on a kapatation of spermatozoa, changes activity of uterine tubes to reduction, makes biochemical changes in an endometria thanks to what implantation becomes less probable.

And the last we will consider antagonists of progesterone. These drugs can interrupt pregnancy even in one or one and a half months after a coition. After reception of a medicine of RU-486 group (the mentioned mifepristone, penkrofton and other) contractility of a myometrium increases (that is a muscular layer of a uterus).

On such term control of the doctor is necessary both for safety of health of the patient, and for a guarantee of efficiency of use of drug. If after the first reception the result was not achieved, repeated reception is appointed.

Contraindications of post-coital contraception

Of course, any specialist before the choice of specific drug will analyze a condition of your organism, but also you also have to know about the existing contraindications of post-coital contraception.

So, reception of the methods described in this article should be cancelled if the patient has a renal failure, a medicinal allergy to any of drug components, asthma in a serious condition.

There is no sense to use drugs and if the fact of pregnancy is not confirmed. The fact that sexual intercourse happened without contraceptives does not give 100% of a guarantee yet that the woman will become pregnant. If the fact of conception is confirmed, but there is a suspicion that an extrauterine pregnancy, use of drugs also should be cancelled because they are counted on impact just on a muscular layer of a uterus.

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