Bridge-like prostheses, tooth crowns and implants (fixed prosthetics)

Even on condition of timely dental care and regular visit of the stomatologist sooner or later before the person there can be a question of prosthetics. The modern stomatology offers patients many different ways by means of which it is possible to replace tooth which was extracted, or for certain reasons dropped out. Different types of denture treatment are possible thanks to use of the newest technologies.

Types of a denture

Prosthetics is applied if teeth were too strongly destroyed and cannot carry out the necessary functions if the number of teeth decreased or if teeth have cosmetic defects that does not satisfy the patient.

Stomatologists use today those methods of denture treatment which allow to recover as much as possible dentition of the patient and to provide it comfort. Two types of prosthetics — removable and fixed differ. If removable prostheses can be taken out periodically from an oral cavity, then fixed are established so that the patient could carry them constantly.

Removable prostheses which are made by modern specialists favourably differ from those inconvenient prostheses which did several decades ago. Now they are made of flexible and strong materials which give the chance to make very exact prosthesis. As a rule, removable prostheses are recommended to be established at full loss of teeth or in the absence of chewing teeth.

The fixed denture is applied in those cases if prostheses of one or several teeth are necessary. Such form prosthetics has many variations. As a rule, designs from false teeth are attached to the next teeth. For this purpose the doctor uses special elements. Besides, in modern fixed prosthetics implantation of teeth is widely applied. Treatment and prosthetics by means of this method is carried out in all clinics of stomatology. Therefore will help to pick up a suitable method not only preliminary survey and a doctor's advice, but also responses of those who already tried certain ways of prosthetics. The most widely applied materials in prosthetics is metal ceramics, bezmetallovy ceramics, also byugelny prosthetics is applied. The prices of such materials significantly differ, however if necessary the doctor can pick up option which will cost the patient rather cheap. In general the cost of denture treatment depends on many factors: the used material, need of preliminary treatment, use of denture treatment without turning, etc. The doctor can also pick up an optimum method of prosthetics, considering age (for pensioners, children, young people). The stomatologist-orthopedist who deals with prosthetics issues, defines all existing indications and contraindications in each case.

Зубные имплантыTypes and features of a fixed denture

The modern denture allows to provide naturalness of use of the established designs, and also to provide their esthetic look. After the person adapts to such prosthesis, he practically forgets about the problems concerning him earlier. Besides there is no need to implement some special recommendations of the dentist, and to provide care of such prostheses it is possible at home, simply applying usual methods of hygiene of an oral cavity.

In modern stomatology the following types of a denture of fixed type are used: microprosthetics, installation of crowns, bridge-like prostheses, implantation of dentures. The doctor can use atypical materials if children's denture treatment as such designs should not hamper the growth and development of teeth practices, and also to answer some other requirements.

To define what type of prosthetics to prefer, features of a condition of dentoalveolar system of the patient are considered. If partial destruction of tooth takes place, then to the patient the crown on tooth is established. A crown ceramic-metal — the most popular option of such prosthesis. It is the special cover for tooth having thin walls. If necessary partial crowns can be also established.

Microprosthetics allows to avoid so strong grinding of tooth, as before installation of a crown. Tooth at the same time is revetted with a thin ceramic plate which protects it from action of harmful factors, and also provides esthetic outward. This type of a denture protects tooth from destruction, it is absolutely safe for nearby fabrics. With use of such type of prostheses prosthetics of foreteeth is often carried out.

Tooth tabs are applied sometimes instead of establishment of large seals if extensive defects of a crown of tooth take place. Make tabs of different metals, ceramics, plastic, composite materials are also used.

Bridge-like prostheses

Мостовидные протезы в стоматологииFor already three decades stomatologists establish to patients so-called bridge-like prostheses. With their help it is possible not only to return an opportunity to effectively chew food, but at the same time the person does not lose sensitivity, feels all tastes of food. Besides the person rather quickly gets used to such prostheses.

Bridge-like prostheses are a design which consists of two crowns between which false teeth are located. Externally such design is similar to the bridge, as gave the name to such prostheses. Such bridge is attached by means of crowns on the teeth which are basic. Ceramic-metal bridge-like prostheses can replace from one up to four lost teeth located in a row. It is important that teeth on which the prosthesis fastens were healthy, and could maintain additional pressure when chewing.

Stomatologists use different types of such prostheses which, first of all, differ on material of which are made. Also distinction between them consists in a way of installation and production. Most often doctors use cast prostheses from metal ceramics for which support are healthy teeth. Such prostheses are reliable, they provide all requirements concerning functionality, however from the esthetic point of view are not ideal.

Before establishing such prosthesis, the doctor defines all indications and contraindications, and at positive result begins to prepare basic teeth for installation. Initially they are depulpirut and carefully seal up all channels. After that teeth grind afterwards to establish a crown. Tooth tabs are sometimes used. Provided that basic teeth are healthy, sometimes the doctor makes the decision not to carry out a depulpirovaniye.

After the termination of a preparatory work molds from jaws are removed, and the prosthesis is made. Further stages is fitting, adjustment of a prosthesis and final installation. If at a stage of accustoming of people feels strong discomfort, then he needs to see a doctor on repeated survey.

Except cast also solder bridge-like prostheses which consist of the single stamped crowns connected to use of the soldering are established. However now such prostheses are used seldom as shtampovanno solder prostheses can exert an adverse effect on a mucous membrane of a mouth. The matter is that at their production several different metals are used. Besides such prostheses badly adjoin to basic teeth.

If the patient has no 1-2 teeth, it is possible to use prostheses from plastic. With their help the excellent esthetic effect is reached. However such prostheses have insufficient durability, their use does not practice at a deep bite, and also they are very quickly erased.

Bridge-like prostheses on castle fastenings are very popular recently as their use gives the chance to do without use of crowns.

Compound bridge-like prostheses do if basic teeth have very strong inclination. As a result, it is difficult to impose a usual prosthesis. The body of a compound prosthesis is carried out from two parts.

Bridge-like prosthetics is not applied at a bruxism, absence it is more than 4 cutters, 2 premolar tooths. If the person has a malocclusion, or he is ill a heavy periodontal disease or periodontosis, such prosthetics also does not practice. Also contraindication is existence of diseases of a bone tissue of a jaw, inflammatory processes in an oral cavity.

Stomatologists define also some negative moments which are shown at this type of prosthetics. It is need to depulpirovat and grind basic teeth, and after establishment of bridge-like prostheses — carefully to look after them. The most serious shortcoming essential increase in pressure upon basic teeth. Besides cost of such prostheses quite high.

Tooth crowns

Зубное протезирование для пожилых людейTooth crowns are used in that situation if tooth is very strongly spoiled. Modern tooth crowns not only allow to return a natural shape of tooth, but also to provide its functionality in the future and at the same time to protect tooth from development of caries. In modern stomatology already seldom establish gold tooth crowns as there are different types of tooth crowns which meet the modern requirements. The best materials are applied to their production.

The tooth crown is peculiar "cap" which installation is carried out on a fang. Such prosthesis is used if tooth was very strongly injured or on it there is a serious esthetic defect. Crowns are also established on a tooth implant if tooth completely is absent.

As a rule, the crown is established if the coronal part of tooth more than for 70% is destroyed. In that case not there is a speech any more about what it is better to establish seals or tabs: the doctor unambiguously recommends to establish a tooth crown.

The tooth crown is established in several stages. Examination of tooth, then — necessary treatment is initially conducted. In most cases the doctor makes the decision on removal of a nerve of tooth. Further the doctor has to define what type of a tooth crown to use in a specific case. Modern stomatologists establish metal, tselnokeramichesky and ceramic-metal crowns. In material selection process, indications, wishes of the person and the cost of such crown are considered.

Crowns from metal are the very first type of crowns in stomatology. However and today such crowns are used. Their production from steel, titanium, platinum, gold practices. But if chewing functions of tooth recover such crowns, then from the esthetic point of view they obviously lose to other options.

Ceramic-metal crown on tooth — the most popular option which looks esthetically and provides the necessary durability of tooth. The internal part of such crown is done of metal, and its external part is a ceramics. How much is such crown, depends on several factors, however ceramic-metal crown is considered average price option.

Tselnokeramichesky tooth crowns — the most expensive, but at the same time provide the maximum esthetics. However, they are not so strong as they are made without metal use. But recently new technologies allowed to increase durability of such crowns. Besides ceramics — the safest material from the point of view of biocompatibility.

Tooth implant

Мостовидные протезы, зубные коронки и имплантаты (несъемное протезирование) Tooth implants consist of two parts. It is directly an implant (the screw from titanium which is implanted in a jaw), and also an abatment (a link which connects an implant and a bridge-like denture or a crown). These elements high-strength, and titanium of which they are done is neutral for a human body.

Tooth implants are implanted in three stages. Initially to the patient the titanic screw is installed in a jaw. Further the healing period then prosthetics on implants provides accession of an abatment follows. The following step is a carrying out peculiar "merging" of system of an implant and a bone. The last stage is production of a denture and its accession to system of an implant. This type of prosthetics allows to recover a natural type of teeth and to recover chewing functions.

Modern implants of teeth give the chance to carry out reliable prosthetics, and also to solve those difficult problems which often arise at removable prosthetics. In that case in the jaw which is completely deprived of teeth from 4 to 6 implants can be implanted. Estimating everything pros and cons at the choice of a method of prosthetics, the doctor often makes the decision that the best qualitative tooth implants completely will allow difficulty of the patient. Besides the used technologies allow to reach that the person feels a prosthesis as natural tooth.

Before establishing implants of teeth, the doctor surely conducts the necessary examination, defines whether there are contraindications to such prosthetics. Considering all specific features, the specialist defines what it is better to use implants in a specific case. Operation on implantation of implants is performed under a local anesthesia, it continues about one hour.

Dentures on on implants can be used till 25 flyings. It is simple to recover such prosthesis. The patient with such prostheses needs to adhere carefully to hygiene of an oral cavity and not to forget about preventive visits of the stomatologist.

It is impossible to carry out implantation of implants at diseases of blood, a hypertension, coronary heart disease, a diabetes mellitus, onokoboleznyakh, and also at the deformed bite and serious illnesses of a parodont.

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