Non-standard method

Very unusual method of treatment is used by the doctor Thomas Borodi (Thomas Borody) working in the Center of a digestive disturbance in Sydney (Australia). He developed a method of treatment of illnesses by means of change … a calla. It appears along with operations on transplantation of the face or a heart transplantation there is also such type of operations.

Learned that the kcal can bring disposal of Parkinson Borodi's illness accidentally. To one of patients he appointed a course of reception of antibiotics since this patient in addition to Parkinson's illness suffered from constant locks.

According to the assumption of the doctor, frequent locks could demonstrate infectious damage of intestines. Upon termination of drug intake of the patient together with normalization of work of intestines noted that symptoms of its basic disease also disappeared. This statement was checked by neurologists who inspected the patient and confirmed his words.

For verification of the obtained data Thomas Borodi used this method for treatment of locks at other patients during which reduction of expressiveness of symptoms of such diseases as multiple sclerosis, a pseudorheumatism, a syndrome of chronic fatigue was also noted.

During treatment the doctor recovered work of intestines by means of antibiotics and change a calla. It took "material" for transplantation from healthy patients – donors and entered fecal masses into intestines of sick patients, using enemas and a probe.

The author of a technique claims that at disturbance of work of intestines antigens which cause the increased reaction of immune system get to a blood stream. In turn, the increased reaction of immunity causes development of diseases.

Нестандартный методBorodi's assumptions are confirmed by researches of the Dutch scientists who by means of change a calla found out that this procedure increases sensitivity to insulin at the patients suffering from a metabolism syndrome.

The doctor from Australia is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and is going to make some more experiments. But already today Borodi's hypothesis is confirmed. The American scientists during researches established that the bacterium causing stomach ulcer provokes a course of a disease of Parkinson.

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