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  • Latin name: Neuleptil
  • ATH code: N05AC01
  • Active ingredient: Periciazinum (Periciazine)
  • Producer: Sanofi-Aventis France (France)


Depending on a release form chemical composition of drug can differ. In 100 ml. Neuleptil thaw (4% solution for intake) contains 4 grams of Periciazinum (active medicinal connection), and also such excipients as: the purified water (100 ml.), glycerin (15 g), ascorbic acid (0,8 g), the oil received from peppermint leaves (0,04 g), sucrose (25 g) and E150d (caramel, 0,2 g), tartaric acid (1,65 g) and 96% ethanol (9,74 g).

One capsule of Neuleptil contains 10 mg. Periciazinum, and also such auxiliary connections as magnesium stearate (3 mg.) and calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate (137 mg.). As a part of the capsule there are such chemicals as gelatin and titanium dioxide.

Release form

As a rule, place the bottle made of dark glass with fluorescent solution of yellowy-brown color with a mint smell in one cardboard packaging with a nominal volume of 30 or 125 ml., intended for intake. For usability of medicine drug is equipped with the special syringe doser.

The solid gelatinous capsules No. 4 containing actively operating connection in the form of inodorous yellow powder package 10 pieces in blisters and place in cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Medicine renders sedative, antipsychotic, somnolent, spasmolytic, and, besides, antiemetic pharmacological impact on a human body.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

As drug belongs to group of neuroleptics which, in turn, are piperidinovy derivatives of a fenotiazin, Neuleptil blocks serotonergic, adrenergic and dofaminergichesky receptors of D2, and also m-holinoretseptory. Medicine without the stimulating component renders on an organism antipsychotic, but also, sedative, antiemetic, parasympatolytic, adrenolytic and hypothermal effect.

Medicine exponentiates activity of non-narcotic, and also narcotic hypnagogues and analgetics. Besides, drug, rendering sedation on an organism, reduces the level of aggression and excitability, and also works as sleeping pill. As Neuleptil is characterized by the selective normalizing influence, this drug is carried to means of correction of behavior of children.

Indications to Neuleptil use

To use of Neuleptil mental disorders, including a psychopathy, psychopatholike disturbances and paranoid states, for example, schizophrenia, and also epilepsy, an agressive behavior, senile and presenile diseases are considered as indications.


This medicine is not recommended to be used in the presence of the following diseases:

To all other you should not accept Neuleptil together with the Levodopa at therapeutic treatment of Parkinson, and also at hypersensitivity to actively operating connection to Periciazinum and to other components of drug. With extra care drug should be used to elderly patients, and also those who suffers from a liver or renal failure and from diseases of cardiovascular system.

Side effects

At reception of Neuleptil such side effects of drug as can be shown:

Drops Neuleptil, application instruction (Way and dosage)

First of all, it is worth emphasizing that the drug dosage, as well as the schedule of its use, depends on a condition of the patient, complexity of a disease, and also appointments of the doctor. Besides, the form of production of medicine has not the last value.

According to the instruction on Neuleptil of a drop it is necessary to accept inside:

  • to adult patients in a dosage from 30 to 100 mg. 2-3 times a day;
  • to the children who reached 3-year age in a dosage from 0,1 to 0,5 mg. at the rate on one kilogram of body weight.

Above the designated doses can be adjusted in case of urgent medical need. However the maximum daily dose of medicine for adults should not exceed 200 mg. Medicine in capsules is used during treatment of adult patients and use similar doses from 30 to 100 mg. in days.


Non-compliance with the recommendation about a drug dosing can lead to serious consequences which are most often expressed in extrapyramidal frustration. In certain cases at overdose by Neuleptil patients fell into a coma.


It is strictly forbidden to use this drug together with the Levodopa as existence of mutual antagonism between these two medicines is established. Efficiency of Neuleptil considerably decreases at alcohol intake, and also at at the same time reception of Guanetidin, Sultoprida and other drugs relating to antihypertensives and exerting impact on fibrillation of ventricles.

Carefully it is necessary to treat sharing of Neuleptil and antihypertensives, the drugs influencing a nervous system and also antacids, holinoblokator including atropine.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

As Neuleptil is included in the list B during a period of validity this medicine should be stored at a temperature which is not exceeding 25 °C in unavailable to children and a sunlight the place.

Period of validity

4 years.

Special instructions

At emergence of such side effect of drug as fever it is worth seeing immediately a doctor to conduct a blood analysis and to exclude an agranulocytosis. During treatment by Neuleptil it is forbidden to take alcoholic beverages.

When using drug during treatment of patients with epilepsy it is recommended to exercise constant elektroentsefalogichesky control. Besides, the special attention at treatment by Periciazinum should be paid to the following groups of patients:

  • to elderly people;
  • to the people suffering from diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • to people with a renal, and also liver failure.

As at administration of drug there can be a drowsiness, especially at first, patients should refuse any activity requiring special attention (driving or work with potentially dangerous mechanisms).


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Now as the main structural analog of Neuleptil it is possible to consider such drug as Periciazinum.


  • Neuleptil of a drop of 4% 125 ml
  • Neuleptil 10 of mg No. 50 of a capsule
  • Neuleptil solution for internal reception of 4%-30mla.natterman

Drugstore of IFC

  • Neuleptil solution shouted. 4% fl 125 ml, Aventis/Nattermann A. and Cie. Gmbhgermaniya
  • Neuleptil solution shouted. 4% fl 30 ml, Aventis/Nattermann A. and Cie. Gmbhgermaniya
  • Neuleptil kaps 10 mg No. 50, Aventis Pharmafrantion
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