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  • Latin name: Emulsion Gel Nifedipine
  • ATH code: C08CA05
  • Active ingredient: Nifedipine + Lidocaine
  • Producer: Elishekh LTD (Israel)


In composition of gel Nifedipine is included: nifedipine (0,2%), lidocaine (2%) and a biocomplex of the Dead Sea in the form of microelements.

Release form

The Elishekh company prepares drug in the form of an emulsion gel on 40 in a tube.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Emulsion gel Nifedipine was developed for therapy of displays of hemorrhoids up to the 4th (final) stage of its development as alternative to surgical intervention.

The nifedipine which is a part of drug at local use possesses ability to expand circulatory peripheral vessels and to weaken smooth muscle fabrics of an anus that leads to easing or full elimination of a spasm and considerable reduction of rectal pressure.

Parallel influence of the second active ingredient of medicine – lidocainedirectionally on elimination of pain of local character, and also on strengthening of distribution and efficiency of nifedipine.

Addition to drug of a biocomplex of the Dead Sea in the form of microelements serves as an accessory disinfecting and antiinflammatory factor and accelerates processes of healing of the damaged fabrics.

Cumulative result of influence of all ingredients of drug is fast elimination of pain, healing of cracks (fissures) of an anus, reduction and retraction of hemorrhoidal nodes, the termination of bleedings.

In case of the correct use of gel decrease in pain is noted in the first days of the carried-out treatment. For 14 days there is a healing of 50% of cracks of an anus. The absolute recovery is observed, as a rule, in 28 days after the beginning of therapy.

Indications to use

The emulsion gel Nifedipine is intended for topical treatment of displays of internal and outside hemorrhoids (including pain, an itch, proctal cracks, hemorrhoidal nodes, bleedings).


Judging by information on the website of producer (Elishech), contraindications to use of this drug does not exist, but, being coordinated with practice of use of any HP, it is possible to assume that you should not use drug at personal hypersensitivity to its ingredients.

Side effects

The description of side effects of a remedy is not provided. As well as in the previous case with contraindications, manifestation of various allergic reactions connected with personal hypersensitivity, in particular concerning lidocaine is theoretically possible.

Application instruction of gel Nifedipine

The application instruction of ointments, creams and hemorrhoids gels assumes their exclusively topical (outside) administration.

Also as well as any other antihemorrhoidal cream or ointment, Nifedipine-gel it is necessary to use after preliminary cleaning (washing) of hands and a site of application.

In the first day of carrying out therapy recommend a small amount to apply Nifedipine-gel (about 1 gram) on an index finger of a working hand and, using easy roundabouts (clockwise), to grease area of an anus (anus), paying special attention to painful zones.

On second day of treatment, except implementation of the above-stated procedure, it is necessary to enter gel into outside part of an anus, at the same time to do it will blow off very accurately and softly, in order to avoid mechanical damage of already existing proctal cracks.

Further outside putting and internal administration of drug should be carried out daily four times a day, up to the termination of bleeding or noticeable healing of proctal cracks.

At the termination of acute symptoms of hemorrhoids pass to two times use of gel for 24 hours.

Therapy duration, depending on weight of the existing symptomatology, can borrow from several days to 28 days. In a case when after this term (28 days) there was no full treatment, use of drug on an extent of 14 days, but only after medical examination and consultation is possible.

At incidental treatment of displays of chronic hemorrhoids it is possible to use medicine only at the time of an exacerbation of a disease. It is noticed that continuous use of this drug leads to lengthening of a condition of remission, sometimes till several years.


Established facts of any negative manifestations when using a large amount of drug were not described.


The information on interaction with other HP is not provided.

Terms of sale

Drug can be bought only under the order in clinic "Elishekh" or to order on specialized Internet resources that in itself is excluded by need of providing the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is possible to store the closed tubes with gel at the room temperature (20-22 °C).

Period of validity

Of the date of production specified on a tube – 18 months.

Special instructions

Gel packaging (tube) has the volume of 40 grams counted approximately on 40 applications (on 1 gram).

Nifedipine-gel shows the best results of treatment at therapy of proctal fissures and the thrombosed hemorrhoidal nodes.

During gel use, for the purpose of a softening of fecal masses, it is necessary to keep to a daily diet with addition in a food allowance of ingredients rich with fibers (including porridge, bran, whole-grain bread), and also to provide plentiful drink (not less than 2 liters of water a day). It is necessary to avoid the use in food of the acid, fried and acute products.


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