How to win against nicotine addiction?

All smokers conditionally are divided into two look: physical and psychological. The first use a cigarette as a way of stress coping and communication. For the second the cigarette is a dose, without having received which at an organism "withdrawal pains" begin.

That will decide on a treatment method, it is necessary to find out what type of smokers you treat. For this purpose try to refrain within four hours from smoking. If all of you it is more and you begin to be irritated more, then you should overcome psychological dependence and if you observe dizziness, bones ache and, in general, all organism is ailed, physical dependence means at you. To cope with nicotine addiction, use one of the methods offered by us.

Candies and sport

Everything is extremely simple: there is a wish to smoke a cigarette — suck lollipop. The whole smoked pack to you will be replaced by twenty-minute jog. Specialists claim that after that distracting a human brain and a body of maneuver, you will forget about nicotine. The method is absolutely harmless to your health, do not forget to brush teeth after lollipops or to rinse a mouth. However consider that for "physical" smokers it is ineffective.

Anti-nicotinic plaster

It contains nicotine. Paste a plaster to a shoulder, and nicotine will get to blood through skin. Without smoking in day of any cigarette your organism all the same receives a required dose. Notice: it is daily necessary to paste a new plaster, but already with more smaller nicotinic dose. This method well helps "physical" smokers. With its help the organism gradually weans from nicotine addiction. Minus this method is that nicotine all the same poisons your organism.


Как победить никотиновую зависимостьOn some points of a body put needles which "disconnect" desire to smoke. This method does not damage health and soothingly affects a nervous system therefore approaches is absolute to all smokers. However it is possible to trust the body for carrying out similar procedure only to the experienced specialist.


In these cigarettes tobacco is replaced with special herbs which cause disgust for taste of a usual cigarette. In other words, you do not leave off smoking, but at the same time do not do harm to the health. The method suits all who have no contraindication on the applied herbs.

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