Face lifting by means of threads (nitevy lifting)

Niteva lifting (also procedure is called nitevy tightening) gets the increasing demand recently. This procedure attracts those who need a face lifting, first of all, by the expressed effect which remains throughout a long time. Besides, such tightening has a few contraindications, and rehabilitation after its carrying out continues rather not for long. At the same time at the patient natural features remain, and there is no visible cut left and hems.

Types of a face lifting

The person is capable to report to people around about true age. The person is an open zone of a body of the person, and it is influenced first of all by both the sun, and wind, and various cosmetic procedures. Therefore face skin becomes less elastic with age, there are wrinkles, and face muscles lose a tone. Unfortunately, it is impossible to clean age changes with cosmetics. But possibilities of plastic surgery allow to improve a situation considerably. Lifting of face skin – that procedure which allows to improve considerably appearance and to get rid of problems. Most often tightening of a face form is required to women of mature and advanced age.

Before learning, how much is such procedure and what the prices of different types of a face lifting are, the woman needs to consult with the plastic surgeon. He in an individual order will assess a situation and will advise what of procedures will be the most effective.

Non-invasive face lifting – fine alternative to surgical intervention. Such lifting, of course, does not allow to eliminate strongly sagged fabrics, however gives the chance not only to get rid of wrinkles, but also to level a face form. Nonsurgical tightening is often carried out if the woman needs to correct certain parts of the face.

The circular face lifting yields more radical results. With its help it is possible to improve considerably face contours, to get rid of the second chin, strongly drooped cheeks. The final result after such operation can be seen approximately in half a year.

The endoscopic face lifting is carried out by means of special endoscopic equipment. After such skin operation there are very small cuts (no more than 3 cm). Rehabilitation period at the same time very short, as intervention malotravmatichno. Endoscopic tightening can be applied if correction of a certain face zone is required. Especially often it is practiced for lifting of an upper part of the face. To define expediency of carrying out such intervention, and also the doctor can call its final cost only after individual consultation.

The laser face lifting is carried out using the laser radiation which stimulates rejuvenation process. Demonstrate to such procedures that their influence yields good results. Exchange processes become more active, there are new collagenic fibers, blood circulation improves. Owing to such processes the face form is considerably leveled, and wrinkles disappear. Therefore such method often practices as alternative to surgical intervention.

Face lifting threads

Подтяжка лица нитямиThe face lifting threads is rather sparing procedure and allows to achieve visible results. Its increasing popularity, and also positive responses of those who already tried this procedure give the chance to draw a conclusion on efficiency of this type of tightening.

In the course of carrying out such procedure the special resolving threads for a face lifting are used. This rather sparing procedure assumes the room under skin of the person of special biocompatible threads. These threads allow to move fabrics and to record them in the necessary situation. When carrying out tightening by means of threads big cuts are not necessary, therefore, patients are recovered very quickly. At the same time the result is swept so well up that it impresses even viewing of a photo "before and after".

Such procedure is carried out most often to women aged from 30 till 40 flyings. However, tightening can be carried out in the presence of the first signs of aging at the person. There are several types of tightening by threads. The most popular options – tightening by threads of Aptos and gold threads which producer is mainly Korea.

Types of nitevy tightening

The principle of influence of different types of nitevy lifting differs. In need of an easy face lifting tightening by Aptos threads is preferable. The effect of this procedure remains about two years. Therefore, she should be chosen as that at whom the face contour is lost slightly. Such threads thin, they are made of polypropylene, have a notch in the form of "fir-tree" which allows to displace skin for the subsequent fixing it in the necessary situation. The doctor by means of a special fine needle implements them in soft tissues of the person and fixes the necessary arrangement of front points. Therefore, fabrics move to new situation.

Нитевой лифтингFor the room of threads in a facial tissue small cuts – no more than 3 mm become. The face lifting without operation by threads of Aptos passes using local anesthesia. All procedure lasts no more than one and a half hours. Right after manipulations are complete, the patient can see a certain result. 2-3 weeks later it is possible to speak about final result and to hear the patient's reviews of effect of such procedure. Throughout this time it is important not to allow very active mimicry, and also chewing movements. The effect gained from such tightening remains from 2 to 3 years. Its cost depends on a number of specific features. Therefore it is important to consult with the experienced doctor who will draw conclusions whether the circular face lifting is necessary, or it is possible to manage the sparing option. In more detail to provide process and result, persons interested to make such tightening can look at a photo and video. Aptos threads for a face lifting are used about 10 flyings that allows to speak about high performance of procedure and safety of a method.

Tightening by gold threads – even more sparing option of such procedure. It will be out on an outpatient basis. In general procedure continues no more than one hour. According to specialists, such technique of rejuvenation reminds injection methods, than a classical face lifting more.

Under skin of the patient very thin threads from gold of the highest test are entered. In response to implementation of a foreign body in a human body defense reaction is started. Production of collagen and elastin, and also a blood stream near the implemented fabrics becomes more active. As a result, important nutrients get into skin at the expense of what there is a lifting effect.

It is possible to estimate result after such procedure not earlier, than in 3-4 months. For 5-10 it remains, however it is influenced by specific features of an organism of the patient.

Rather recently for a face lifting began to use Silhouette Lift threads. Such procedure is similar to tightening by Aptos threads. Silhouette Lift threads also do of polypropylene, however special microcones act as fixers here. After carrying out tightening such cones resolve over time. They are substituted by connecting fabric therefore the effect of such procedure remains longer time. Manipulations take about 45 minutes. Do to the patient local or general anesthesia and through a section in pilar part of the head enter threads and fix them under skin. After carrying out tightening its results can remain till 6 flyings. It is possible not to repeat manipulations later, and to tighten the established threads.

Now are also applied to a face lifting by 3D Mezoniti, made of polylactic acid. In this case not only lifting effect is reached, but the patient can also feel influence of a mesotherapy at the same time.


Specialists cosmetologists define a number of indications for carrying out to the patient of nitevy lifting. It is reasonable to carry out such procedure that at whom manifestations of a gravitational ptosis are noted. This emergence on a face of nasolabial folds, bryly, omissions of corners of lips and eyebrows. Nitevy tightening is recommended to be carried out also at age flattening of the person, emergence of the first signs of aging, in need of strengthening of result after carrying out other procedures of a non-invasive face lifting.


Процедура лифтинга с помощью нитейA number of absolute contraindications for carrying out nitevy lifting is defined. This existence of autoimmune and oncological diseases, disturbances of coagulability of blood, allergic reactions in a severe form, a number of chronic diseases of skin (in this case the conclusion of the specialist is necessary).

There are also some relative contraindications. Those is the pregnancy period, breastfeeding, existence of inflammatory processes in those places where it is necessary to enter threads, feverish states.


Very important period is time after carrying out procedure when occur process of rehabilitation of an organism. All recommendations which the patient will hear from the specialist are rather simple. The most difficult moment is the feeling of psychological discomfort which proceeds about five days. In the first days after nitevy lifting on a face hypostases, hematomas can develop. Sometimes skin is a little pulled in.

Hypostases fall down approximately for the third day after procedure. In two weeks they disappear finally. In general the period of rehabilitation proceeds about 1 month. On the first week after operation the person is recommended to sleep only on spin. It is also necessary to refuse campaigns in a sauna, the pool, a bath. Massage and other cosmetology procedures of the person can be done in a month after nitevy lifting.

Doctors recommend to refuse even before carrying out procedure smoking and to try to get rid of excess weight. Then the period of recovery passes much easier.

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