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  • Latin name: Nicergoline
  • ATH code: C04AE02
  • Active ingredient: Nitsergolin (Nicergoline)
  • Producer: JSC Sintez (Russia)


As a part of one ampoule of Nitsergolin (lyophilisate, i.e. structure for preparation of the solution intended for intramuscular injections) 4 mg contain. nitsergolina (active medicinal connection), and also such excipients as milk sugar (monohydrate of a lactorod) and tartaric acid.

One tablet of drug contains 10 mg. active agent, and also potato starch, milk sugar, the main of magnesium carbonate, stearic acid, povidone and magnesium stearate.

At a cover of the tableted form of medicine there are such connections as the main magnesium carbonate, colloid silicon dioxide (aerosil), sucrose, povidone, beeswax, titanium dioxide, talc and medical gelatin.

Release form

Nitsergolin let out in the form of lyophilisate (inodorous powder of white color) in glass ampoules (4 mg.), which is packaged in planimetric cells from PVC and place in cardboard packagings together with solvent for preparation of injections (0,9% sodium chloride solution) in ampoules on 5 ml., and also with the ampullary abrasive or ceramic scarificator.

The biconvex tablets of Nitsergolin covered with a white cover package in blisters. As a rule, in one cardboard packaging of drug there are 30 tablets, each of which contains 10 mg. active medicinal.

Pharmacological action

This medicine possesses vazodilatiruyushchy (i.e. influences brain arteries) pharmacological influence, and belongs to group of alpha and adrenoceptor blocking drugs.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In essence Nitsergolin is a synthetic alkaloid of an ergot and derivative alpha adrenoblocker in which chemical formula it is possible to see the remains of bromzameshchenny niacin. The active agent which is a part of medicine and a derivative ergolina makes positive impact on the hemodynamic, and also metabolic processes happening in a brain.

Thanks to alfa1-adrenoceptor blocking influence of drug blood-groove speed in lungs, extremities and a brain increases, and also aggregation of thrombocytes in blood decreases and its haemo rheological indicators improve. Besides, medicinal connection renders spasmolytic and at the same time myotropic impact on a muscular coat of vessels, thereby increasing permeability of glucose and leveling effect of an ergolinovy ring.

Drug lowers a tone of vessels, and also saturates an arterial blood stream with glucose and oxygen. Nitsergolin exerts positive impact on arterial pressure which at administration of drug at patients with hypertensia can gradually be normalized. Medicine improves haemo rheological indicators, and also reduces aggregation of thrombocytes and strengthens blood circulation at an arteriopatiya.

Bioavailability of this medicine makes about 60%, nitsergolin reaches the maximum concentration in blood through an hour and a half after the first administration of drug. For 80% to be removed medicine from an organism by means of kidneys, another 20% leave with a stake.

Indications to Nitsergolin's use

As indications to Nitsergolin's use are considered:

  • chronic or acute disorders of functions of cerebral metabolic vessels which can be caused by hypertensia, atherosclerosis, an embolism, thrombosis, ischemic attack, vasospasms, and also vascular dementia;
  • Raynaud's disease;
  • disturbance of peripheric circulation;
  • migraine;
  • arteriopatiya of extremities;
  • vertigo;
  • endarteritis;
  • the angiopatiya is diabetic;
  • cornea diseases;
  • the retinopathy is diabetic;
  • neuropathy of an optic nerve.


It is not recommended to use this drug:

  • at hypersensitivity;
  • after the postponed heart attack;
  • at hypotension;
  • at bradycardia;
  • at intolerance of a galactose;
  • during pregnancy;
  • aged till 18 flyings;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • at a glucosic galaktoznoy of malabsorption;
  • at deficit of lactose.

With extra care medicine is accepted at gout, and also at a hyperuricemia and in combination with the drugs influencing removal and a metabolism of uric acid.

Side effects

During treatment by Nitsergolin such side effects of drug as can be shown:

Application instruction of Nitsergolin (Way and dosage)

In the application instruction of tablets of Nitsergolin it is told that drug should be accepted three times a day to food in a dosage of equal 5-10 mg. Duration of a course of treatment, as a rule, makes 3 weeks, however, at urgent medical need can increase about several months.

Lyophilisate before use is dissolved with sodium chloride (0,9%) and entered intramusculary twice a day in a dose of equal 2-4 mg. The dosage, as well as duration of therapeutic treatment, depend on character and severity of a disease, and also on a condition of the patient.

Patients with diseases of kidneys are recommended to accept drug in the minimum dosages.


The symptoms signaling about overdose are hypotension, an orthostatic collapse, and also allergic reactions. Besides, when exceeding of the recommended Nitsergolin's dosages expressiveness of side effects amplifies.


Nitsergolin increases efficiency of anxiolytics, hypotensive and antipsychotic medicines. Colestyraminums, and also antacids reduce absorbability of drug a stomach. The idiosyncrasy can arise at simultaneous use of this medicine with adrenostimulyator.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Nitsergolin in the tableted look is included in the list B therefore medicine should be stored at 25 °C in the place protected from light and children.

Lyophilisate should be stored at a temperature which is not exceeding 10 °C in the unavailable place for children.

Period of validity

2 years for Nitsergolin's tablets and 3 years for the powder-lyophilisate intended for intramuscular injections.

Special instructions

At administration of drug it is forbidden to take narcotic drugs and alcohol. In order to avoid hypotension, especially at the beginning of drug use, after intramuscular introduction of Nitsergolin patients should remain some time in horizontal position.

At drug intake it is worth refraining from control of vehicles and from occupations by the types of activity interfaced from need of instant psychomotor reactions and to the increased concentration of attention. Elderly people need correction of dosages depending on creatine level in blood.

Nitsergolin's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Such drugs as belong to analogs Nitsergolin:

  • Nilogrin;
  • Nitsergolin-Fereyg;
  • Sermion.


  • Nitsergolin of 4 mg lyophilisate for ampoule injections No. 5 + the NaCl 5 solvent of ml No. 5moskhimfarmpreparaty to them N. A. Semashko of joint stock company
  • Nitsergolin of 10 mg No. 30 tabletkiobolensky FP

Drugstore of IFC

  • Nitsergolin por.d/in 4 mg No. 5+ rast - NaCl 5 of ml No. 5, Mikrogen of NPO Fguprossiya
  • Nitsergolin por.d/in 4 mg No. 5+ rast - NaCl 5 of ml No. 5, Moskhimfarmpreparata of Semashkorossiya
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  • Nitsergolin of a tablet coated 0.01g No. 30galichfarm (Ukraine, Lviv)


  • Nitsergolin of the tab. p / about 0.01g No. 30
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