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  • Latin name: Nittyfor
  • ATH code: P03AC04
  • Active ingredient: Permethrin
  • Producer: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Israel)


1 ml of lotion contains 5 mg of active agent permethrin.

1 ml of cream contains 10 mg of this active ingredient, and also cosmetic cream with the conditioner as an auxiliary element.

Release form

Lotion and cream.

Pharmacological action

Antiparasitic drug.

Nittifor possesses the actions expressed protivopedikulezny and insecticidal.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Permethrin is active active ingredient of medicine Nittifor (it is used semi-percentage water spirtovy solution of permethrin and cream of 1%).

Permethrin interacts with transmembrane natrium channels of nervous cells of parasites that leads to disturbance of their polarization. Repolarization braking, in turn, blocks transfer of nervous impulse. As a result — paralysis of a parasite and his death.

Nittifor showed the efficiency concerning larvae, eggs (nit), and puberal individuals of pubic and head louses, mites (including scabby) and fleas. Works also against other parasites of family of arthropods.

Drug is used locally, the skin surface processed by medicine within about six more weeks keeps traces of the main, actively active ingredient.

Indications to use

Drug scope Nittifor — treatment of a pediculosis (activators — Phtyrus Pubis, Pediculus Humanus Capitis and P. Humanus Corporis).

Therapies all known forms of this disease — both a pediculosis of hair of the head, and a pubic pediculosis give in.

Also permethrin is effective at a mange: in this case one procedure it can appear quite enough.


Nittifor is contraindicated in the presence at the patient of hypersensitivity to active ingredient, in the presence of acute inflammatory damages of skin in the field of intended application of medicine.

You should not appoint Nittifor when breastfeeding.

At pregnancy Nittifor to apply with care.

Side effects

Nittifor is had by patients rather well, and side effects — a rarity. However, it is impossible to exclude emergence of irritation of integuments in the field of putting drug, their hyperemia.

Allergic reaction can be also shown in the form of rash, the small tortoiseshell and strengthening of an itch.

The Quincke's edema as one of the most severe forms of manifestation of allergic reaction, can take place at treatment by a medicine in exclusively exceptional cases.

Nittifor, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Medicine in the form of solution (lotion) (bottles on 60 ml) or cream with the conditioner is issued (bottles on 115 ml).

Both in the first, and in the second case it is necessary to use drug only locally in a defeat zone.

Solution is applied with a cotton plug in not divorced view of hair of an affected area of a body (it is used at a pubic pediculosis and a pediculosis of the head): single drawing requires from 20 to 60 milliliters of solution. After putting medicine it is necessary to close hair a towel or a kerchief and to wait before full drying of solution (on it can leave about forty minutes). Further it is possible to wash up the head (at damage of hair of the head) usual shampoo and to comb hair a dense hairbrush. The last procedure is necessary to remove the dead of louses.

If there is a probability of repeated infection (as a rule if it is about school, such risk is present), it is recommended to process hair drug after washing of the head. It will allow to prevent reproduction on hair of the parasites who again got there. It is also necessary to make disinfection of all linen (bed, towels) on which parasites could remain.

At a mange apply cream Nittifor. It is applied on a skin surface from the head to feet, left for long time (till 14 o'clock) then wash away. As a rule, single carrying out procedure appears enough. As well as at a pediculosis, it is necessary to process carefully all next-to-skin and bed linen of the patient.


Features are not revealed.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

In the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

Till two years.

Special instructions

It is necessary to avoid diligently Nittifor's hit on any mucous membranes (a conjunctival cover of eyes, mucous an oral cavity, a nose, generative organs). If it was not succeeded to prevent hit — mucous carefully wash out under warm flowing water.

Is to the recommendation and medical personnel which work with drug: it is recommended to use rubber gloves.

It is necessary to apply drug in well aired room.

Consultation of the doctor prior to therapy by medicine is obligatory in the presence of accompanying skin pathology.

At a skin itch which remains more than 4 weeks after treatment of itch consultation of the doctor is required.

Reactions of hypersensitivity demand the therapy termination.

If the patient swallowed a drug quantity, it should make a gastric lavage urgently.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs it is possible to call means: Pedeks, Pedilin, Permethrin, Permetrinovaya ointment, Permin, Higiya.

About Nittifore

The effective remedy for fight against louses, at sufficient drawing a medicine on skin is efficient destroys nits. Generally helps at once. It is easy to use a medicine and simply.

Contain in negative reviews of Nittifor the comment on emergence of dandruff, a bad smell of means, inconvenient packaging.

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